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Posted By Darren Rowse 5th of May 2009 Featured Posts 0 Comments

Yaro Starak has just launched his new site – the Membership Site Mastermind Coaching Program.

Last week I linked up to a free report that Yaro Starak had released outlining the way that he makes money from setting up membership sites (get the report here if you missed it) – as a follow up to that report Yaro today has just launched a great coaching resource for those wanting to discover more – Membership Site Mastermind.

You can get details of what the program entails on the sales page for MSM. He’s created a special video at the top of the page if you don’t want to read the very long sales page.

The program that Yaro has put together covers a lot of topics over the 6 modules that it runs.

  • Module 1 – Topic Selection and Preeminence
  • Module 2 – Traffic Generation
  • Module 3 – Human Resources and Technology
  • Module 4 – Content and Pricing
  • Module 5 – The Launch Process
  • Module 6 – Post Launch

There are also a variety of great bonuses including videos on the technical aspects of setting up a membership site, interviews with membership site owners, templates, a members only forum area and live coaching calls.

Yaro is a great teacher (most of the teaching in this is done via video/mp3/transcripts) – he produces high quality teaching resources – he shares in a very personal way with simple and easy to understand language.

Best of all – Yaro’s done what he is teaching. He’s built a business around membership sites that earns him a six figure income while traveling the world.

Signups Close on 11 May – you do need to make a decision on whether this is an investment for you in the coming week as doors close on 11th May.

If you’re considering membership sites as a way to build an online business – I’d recommend you get Yaro’s free report and consider this new coaching program.

Fast Action Bonus: Yaro is also offering a special bonus for people who sign up in the next 24 hours. It’s access to some training he’s doing called “How To Live The Two-Hour Work Day”. The training is being done live here in Australia in Brisbane but if you can’t make it to the live session you get access to recordings of the training.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • I’ll check it out. Yaro is one of those people I really respect. His writings are some of the most useful I’ve read. Very detailed and thoughtful.

  • I did happen to browse by his site only a couple of days ago, I think by following a Tweet, but for some reason it didn’t captivate me enough to have a proper look around. I guess it just goes to show that perhaps first impression isn’t all it’s suppose to be. Reckon I will go back and have a proper look at it. Thanks.

  • Thanks for posting this Darren.

    I’m going to preempt all the people who hate long sales pages who are going to leave negative comments, by saying right now – watch the video instead!

    The video has all the info you need, so just skip the text if you don’t like sales copy.

    I look forward to working with those who join via Darren.


  • I wish I lived in Australia to attent the live session. But maybe, you and Yaro can come to UK (Nottingham) :)

  • I wish I lived in Australia to attent the live session. But maybe, you and Yaro can come to UK (Nottingham) :)
    P.S. – Sorry, forgot to tell you great post!

  • I read the entire report. It was very well written and I got to learn a lot from it.

    Yes, setting up a membership site can be a profitable venture provided you know each and every aspect of your field and your strategy is supported by a fool proof business plan

    Even if you get 50 odd sign ups every month, you can generate a very healthy running income.

  • You guys have been really inspiring to me. As a Canadian student of motion image production, I’m hoping to cause a stir in the video-blogging niche with my classmates.

    I’m poor as f&%$ right now (you know how it is, being a student) but it’s AWESOME to imagine coming out of school in two years with a blog and potential content for a membership site. I have something now to keep my eyes on the target :)

  • I read his book, very informative.

  • To assure that you have a great number of members registering into your membership site, you require to deliver a persuasive reason for them to register with your site and not to register with any other amongst 1000s of membership sites. You want to find a specific system that would be likely to draw possible members to register.

  • Yaro knwos what is talking. Great stuff. The blog mastermind deal is a super deal.

  • Thanks for the good Ideas and tricks. I hope I can in my blog system operations…

    Best regards

  • adobe photoshop tutorial & graphic design

    i don’t know much about yaro’s product. Is it that useful for blogger? I want to know more about this product…

  • Thanks for the update.
    I’ll try to get hold of it before its late.

    Cheers :)

  • Thanks for the update but

    – I discovered that Yaro’s nose is not straight..humm this is giving me ideas. Lolz Yaro starak may have cracked the code or something but his nose is still not straight!!

  • Good on ya Yaro..
    It sounds like a good seminar and would be good to hear another money makers perspective.

  • I read his book , thanks for sharing that.

  • Honestly i wish to be like you and yaro. I hope that one day i will know enough to become as big as you two.

  • sam

    I would be interested in knowing where I can listen to the recorded version after the event, so many of these events are held in different countries. I would love to have attended. I will read what other people comment and hopefully get to listen to it.

  • All these coaching programs say the same things that we already know. There is no Big Secret.

  • Dave

    Nope, no website yet.
    Some how, I think I signed up for your course which I think is fantastic, especially for the price :-),.
    Seems I missed a few days lessons so I’ve got to go back and get them, how?
    I am trying to learn several things on the web at the same time that all tie into the same thing.
    eBay, Blogs, affiliates, websites, and money. ecommerce. The last is the reason I,m trying to do all this. My adequate pension turned into a small pension in this economy.
    I’ve had computers for about ten or more years and was happy talking to people and looking things up.
    It has changed to put it simply.



  • Hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and he can’t afford a haircut?

  • a lot of information that he can give to his member site and make more money with membership site…

  • Sabina

    Hi Yaro,

    I took yours and Gideon’s Become a Bolgger membership program and it is more than excellent! The teaching is simple, clear, practical and most of all inspiring. I love your calm and confident attitude as well as your honesty.

    You are the right teachers for me on the perfect timing.

    I conceder to take the membership site program and to add a payment for the mastermind program but is it similar to the Become a Bolgger premium?

    Thanks Again,


  • I agree with you that saying anyone can make a lot of money without much effort is very misleading. Most of the time that’s not true – especially for those just getting started. However, Yaro is a great guy who knows his stuff. He managed to build a system where he can in fact make a lot of money without much work. He practices what he preaches.

    It’s easy to be skeptical of over the top marketing language – I don’t blame you. However, I do read Yaro’s blog and was a part of his Blog Mastermind program. If look past the super long sales pages and hype, there’s actually a very good product there.

  • have given very good explanation and thanks for sharing …

  • You are right on when you say that saying people can make a large amount of money without much effort is very misleading. However, if you are willing to learn and apply yourself to your new craft (blogging, internet marketing, etc.) then you can be successful.

    I love the people who say “there are too many bloggers, so you cannot make any money at it”. There are millions of internet users, if a person can capture a small fraction of these people with their blog then they stand to make a large amount of money.

    Bottom line, you know what your talking about and are offering to teach other people. I greatly admire that. Keep up the good work and may you experience all the success you could ever want.