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Discover how to Dominate Your Niche with Video Blogging [and Win an iPad]

Posted By Darren Rowse 5th of August 2010 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

rapid-video-blogging.pngYou can’t ignore video. It’s everywhere online these days – but are you using it well?

Youtube is one of the biggest search engines on the web, almost every product that is launched these days has accompanying videos from the product makers and bloggers are embracing it more and more as a way to communicate with their readers.

The problem is that many bloggers don’t know where to start.

Experienced video blogger – Gideon Shalwick – has this week released a great report to help bloggers through many aspects of using video on blogs to make money. It’s called ‘Rapid Video Blogging: The new Way to Easily Dominate Your Niche through YouTube‘.

Gideon gave me access to his report a couple of weeks ago and I found it so beneficial in my own use of video that the day I read it I created 4 new videos for my own blog AND offered to write the foreword for it!

This 90 page report covers the following:

  • 7 steps Gideon has used to dominate niches with video
  • How to create high quality videos – fast
  • Tips for Setting up a YouTube Channel
  • Why Video is better than Just Text or Audio
  • How to Optimize Your Videos for Maxmium Impact
  • Tips on Videos
  • How to Monetize Videos

In addition to the eBook Gideon’s put together 3 videos to accompany it (it wouldn’t’ be an authentic video resource without some vids!).

Also – Gideon tells me that he’s giving away 3 iPads to anyone who downloads his report and leaves a comment on a video on the download page. So far there’s less than 300 comments so you’ve got a better than 1 in 100 chance – pretty decent!

So if you’ve been looking to learn more about using video to grow your online business – check out Gideon’s free report today.

Update: apologies but the initial link I used went to the wrong page – I’ve now updated it.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. I’ve never tried video blogging, but I’ve seen you and a few others get astonishing readership because of video exposure in youtube, vimeo and others. Will surely try that out.

  2. Darren… I ask my followers the same question. Why aren’t they doing video? Google favors youtube. People seach youtube. Video is much more persuasive than b+w print.

    I started youtubing about taoism and yoga 3 years ago… quite by accident, I’m the best known youtube philosopher. if you google daoism, there i am.

    I recommend spending 10 minutes every few days and do a video. Eventually, you’ll dominate your niche. Youtube/yogameditation

  3. I think video blogging is the next big thing in the “Blog evolution”. Given all the technological tools that we have to date, it would be a travesty if we do not put all the tools we have at our disposal into good use. As with everything, you need to have a “hook’, something that will make the viewer enticed / interested in your video blog. If that cant be done make sure that your wit / commenting is enough the viewers to actually stay glued to the video blog.

  4. Video marketing is the best method to adopt by any businesss as videos moves as the most reliable sources to your business. People are not aware that video marketing can be done even with a simple power point presentation to your product and also which is very much easy to create! Recently after Youtube had extended the video time limit it has become very much convenient to video marketers who prefer taking videos more than 10 minutes. So that means you gotta more chance to show what you are! I hope more and more video marketing channels to be adopted by businesses

  5. Darren – Video is one of those great ideas that never get fully used.

    I personally think that video – in blogging – or otherwise are one big wave that’s just waiting to happen.

    Every now and then, the question of rich media pops up – and I am surprised how easily almost everyone overlooks video. It’s hidden in bright sunlight.

    You’re got a recipe to blend video with the rest of content on ProBlogger – and the idea of also putting up the transcript is fab!

  6. I suppose Video blogging does make you stand out from the crowd, but it requires a certain personality and more time than traditional blogging methods

    I’m not always certain you get the rewards either that make up for producing all those video blogs, not in the early days anyway, unless you promote like mad

  7. Haven’t tapped into video blogging yet, but it’s not too far off. Yaro does a great job of utilizing his video posts.

  8. I’m looking forward to reading this and watching the videos. I’ve been doing screencasts more often on my blog and am planning to do a lot more with video.I am finding that many of my readers prefer watching a video vs. reading a how to.
    I going the hard way though and have spent the last 2 weeks trying to edit in Linux and I think I have it figured out.
    I do I wonder though, if I have a face for radio. :)

  9. Coincidentally enough I’ve been video blogging the last few months for another blog of mind and, although it’s going pretty well, some extra advice couldn’t go astray.

  10. I have been working to use more videos in my web site and also use you tube to send birthday and anniversary wishes on facebook. I have been thinking about using it to blog or to explain things but I am still working on a strategy and approach to use it. I think you are definitely right the trend is to use video to get your message over. It is much more powerful than black and white print!!! Thanks for the article!!! Marilyn

  11. I have used videos to support content on my site. However, I never tried relying on them totally. My niche indeed have full scope for video blogging. Looking forward to read the report. I am sure it’s a great opportunity.


  12. I´ve been reading through this report now pretty much. I like it! There are some nice ideas in it and I thinki I need to pick up Video Blogging soon, there aren´t that many bloggers on education and college lifehacking that make videos.

    What I don´t like about the report how it is really trying you to sell something, there are links to join all the time and on every chapter promises what you will get in the paid course. I understand it, but it doesn´t read nice and well, there must be another solution to get some money from it.

    Thanks for sharing Darren!

  13. Video blogging has really captured my interest and is an under utilised resource. I have signed up for Gideon’s 92 page report and I haven’t been let down. If you want to be seen then this will show you how to exactly do that. Video blogging has many options and I am going to find out about them all and would recommend you give it a try real soon too.

  14. Contents, Video, Images. Every website should have all 3 of these. It’ll make it more fun for the read.

    I been on the web for way too long, and I when I get bored with reading contents, I’ll move to watching some video, and maybe look at some images.

    I just got to have them all. :)

  15. Great post just downloaded the it and activated my subscribscription can’t wait to get started!

  16. Hi Darren,

    Just finished reading Gideon’s report.
    WOW pretty much sums it up.
    I have done a bit of video blogging in the past but never really understood the in’s and out’s of it.
    I am much clearer than before.
    Looking forward to “Rapid video Blogging” to go live.


  17. Great stuff and thanks for pointing it out! I’ve been thinking of doing videos for my blog for quite a while now and this’ll be a great help!

    Anyway, I got the report and left a comment, now all that’s left is to read it … and, er … get a camera lol.

  18. I’m looking to make some new videos for my blog but i’ve been to into creating links and getting my SEO higher. I suppose if i get a good enough video it will go viral and give me better SEO for that anyway!

  19. I’ve received this email from several ‘gurus’ in the last few days Darren but since you’re talking about it then it must have some merit. Gonna go check it out…thanks!

  20. Darren, I’ve been interesed in using videos on my blog for some time, So this report sounds very helpful.

    I don’t whether this is covered in the report or not, but I don’t have a video camera yet and want to get one.However, there are so many options and features and ratings that it gets confusing.

    Does this report cover selecting a camera? If not, what’s a good way to get information without being overhelmed by it.

  21. I just started working on making videos for one of my sites this week, so this is useful to me. I hope to get good results for it, but it’s certainly a different thought process in some ways.

  22. Hi,

    Haven’t tried video blogging but I’ve seen it is gaining momentum. Not far from my shore. I’m in the midst of shooting one. See how it goes.

    Thanks for this amazing post.

  23. Hi Darren,

    One more thing. Is video blogging rank faster in seo or content blogging.

  24. Video blogging is FUN! I have made about a dozen videos and used to use YouTube but just can’t stand the format and the extreme commercialization – not to mention the 10 minute limit – so now I prefer vimeo!
    Reading the report now and hoping for that iPad :)!

  25. Nice idea but it seems not relevant to non native speakers like me. You need to have good english speaking skills to produce a good video. Thanks anyway

  26. I recently debuted in my first online video on my blog about producing video with digital cameras. I have 3 videos more waiting to be published soon. I don’t think video can be ignored these days which is why I’m coming out from behind the camera and starring in my own tutorial videos. Am I comfortable in front of the camera? Not necessarily but I can that as I do more, it’ll flow more smoothly. And by the way, I shoot my videos with HD capable point and shoot digital cameras (as well as DSLRs). No need for a video camera anymore! Thanks for this post. I’m going to download the report now.

  27. This is some great stuff Darren!

    Anything you endorse is good enough for me. And the FIRST post I tried using only some of Gideon’s techniques already got me tons of comments (a ton by my standard at the moment, that is!) Hell, even Gideon himself commented on it!

    Thanks for this Darren. This is some great stuff and I hope it improves my blog by leaps and bounds.

    That being said, any other reading you suggest?

  28. I believe video blogging is one of the best way to dominate niches. My sister was once a video maker for her client’s niches. And she told me how helpful it was for the niches. I found that video making is one of the in demands online jobs.

  29. I am pretty new to video blogging. I have done a few videos but want to get better with them. I will check out Gideon’s report to find out more. Thanks for this info. I hope it helps me to rank better w/videos.

  30. I am totally new to video blogging, but I believe it to be the wave of the future, so I know I’ve better get on the bandwagon. I’ve checked out Gideon Shalwick’s Rapid Video Blogging and it looks awesome. I’m just afraid it’s going to take a lot of time, effort and money to get started.

  31. I did not think I needed one more product on how to blog, but I was wrong. I had thought of adding video but now see that it is an absolute necessity.

    If you have a vibrant personality, you should show it off. My first experiences with online business was Clay Collins and now that I think about it, it was 100% video and I really felt like I knew him.

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention Darren!


  32. I think video blogging is the next big thing in the “Blog period”.I believe video blogging is one of the best way to dominate niches.One more thing, Is video blogging rank faster in seo or content blogging. It is the Key to Successful Blogging.

    Thanks for the post…

  33. Your web page is definitely full of remarkable facts and specifics and in addition is in fact incredibly enjoyable to read through.Properly completed:)

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