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Designing with Colour – Tips

Posted By Darren Rowse 1st of November 2006 Blog Design 0 Comments

Fss Colour 2 03 ThumbMark Boulton is running a helpful series on Five Simple Steps to Designing With Colour which those of us who are ‘design-challenged’ might find helpful.

He’s written two posts so far at here and here.

Mark is also putting together a book called Five Simple Steps – Designing for the Web which will no doubt be a good read (Mark’s someone who I read regularly and admire the work of) . It’s due out around Christmas time but you can sign up for a $5 discount.

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  • If you put what he teaches together with this tool: you can actually get some results pretty quick.

    Im so shit at color it’s not even funny, but that does help.

  • Rt

    I often wonder how important color design is to adsense success. I often change the colors of the ads and the background page but it is hard to measure success because results take so long to vary and often seem random. Oh well.

  • Darren, put this link on your mental Rolodex (it’s worthy of it’s own post in my opinion.)


  • btw…Yes, Mark put together two very useful pages. Thanks Mark.


  • I have read in different sites about which colors seem to attract viewers/readers. On sales pitch sites, I often see red used quite a bit to attract the eyes.

    But then again, who wants to design their site to reflect that of a sales pitch…. looks too much like a commercial.

    One of the things I do is to look at home design magazines and see which colors are used in a living room or even bathroom design. I look for home designs that are inviting and copy those color palettes to a web design.

    One example was of a design I did for a friend. He’s an unpublished book author and wanted a page design that reflected the colors found in a home library or studio. This is what we came up with…. it’s still under construction.

    But I felt the colors were inviting and went well with his site’s topic.

    Jjust a little secret I thought I’d share…lol

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