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Dave’s State of the Blogosphere

Posted By Darren Rowse 7th of August 2006 Pro Blogging News 6

Slide0002-6-TmDave Sifry has posted another State of the Blogosphere post based upon the stats that Technorati is tracking. Highlights this time around include:

  • They are now tracking over 50 million blogs
  • What they are tracking is now 100 times bigger than it was 3 years ago
  • It’s doubling in size every 200 days (a slow down – but considering the numbers not really)
  • 175,000 blogs are created each day (the old 1 blog starting per second stat is out dated – it’s now 2 per second)
  • 70% of pings that Technorati gets are from spam blogs
  • Daily posting levels are at about 1.6 million posts per day (18.6 per second)
  • English has retaken the lead as the most spoken language (Japanese is only 1% behind)
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  1. I think that the blogosphere will continue to grow this way for many months to come. In third world countries, Internet has still remained a thing for the rich people. So, when ordinary people of the third world countries join blogging then you can expect to have even a faster growth.

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  3. I have noticed a lot of growth in blogging in Asia. Countries like China and India have healthy blogging communities and with billions in population are bound to continue growing. I have recently been getting many hits from Singapore which seems to have gained an appetite for blogs, especially as they speak English. If Adsense is introduced in these countries the blogosphere is bound to explode in size.

  4. If you look closely at Technorati most of these “blogs” are spam. You can see it’s a lazy attempt by people to get rich quick. There’s too much, “throw up a blog with adsense and make $20K a month” ideas going around.

    Technorati has a real problem on its hands.. It’s going to choke in spam really quickly if something’s not done!

    – Bryan

  5. […] Congrats again to Dave Sifry from Technorati on another excellent state of the blogosphere report, however, as usual, most reporting on it get the reporting WRONG again, even b5media’s own Darren Rowse: these are numbers they are TRACKING PPL! not the sum total of the entire blogosphere! There aren’t 50 million blogs out there, there are probably something closer to 300 million now (I haven’t counted them for a while). […]

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