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Creating PDFs in OSX

Posted By Darren Rowse 28th of January 2006 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

If any Apple users have any experience with creating PDF files I’d love to hear from you.

I’ve tried creating them through Word vX and it does it fine but am having issues getting the PDF’s to pick up the hyperlinks as live links. All the other formatting seems to work out fine – it’s just the links that are not coming through.

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  • Probably the same issue as using Word in Windows. Don’t print to PDF distiller, press the (red?) PDF button in your Word toolbar.

  • I create PDFs in MAC system X by choosing Print, then when the print dialog box opens choosing “save as PDF.” Works great. I use an Epson Stylus Photo R200 ink jet printer.

  • Go to your print option and select the PDF tab. You can create the PDF there and save it where you want it. Very easy to do.

  • yeah I’ve been doing the that Pat and Grant but links are not being picked up. They ‘look’ like links (ie they are underlined) but they don’t actually function like them. Very strange.

  • Darren, it’s the exact same problem with links in Windows. Did you try my suggestion?

  • In OS X, can’t you just print to a PDF from pretty much any app?

  • I agree with Rachel! try doing that. it should work. printing to pdf from print treats it as a normal print out. while print to pdf from the tool bar – should take everything into consideration including internal crosslinks etc.

  • Well, if none of the other suggestions work, try out OpenOffice at http;//

    It’s a complete open source office suite that spits out PDF’s with clickable links on Mac or PC’s

  • Here’s a free olnine conversion tool


  • That’s not software, but I’m using Writely as my word processor. We even can save a document as PDF. I love it!

  • Ken

    I think links have to be done one by one using the full version (ie $$$) of Acrobat. That’s how I do it but would love an automatic way if there is one.

  • Printing as a PDF always strips out links, no matter the app, IME. It doesn’t matter if you’re using, Word, or anything else. The only way I’ve been able to successfully make PDFs that contain the links is by using the method Rachel suggested.

    Am I the only one wondering if the majority of commenters read the actual post and previous comments before they post, or what?

  • thanks all – can’t get that red pdf button on my version of word for some reasons so I might try reinstalling it.

    thanks again all


  • I think I’ve worked out what the problem is.

    The red PDF button is actually an add in from Adobe Acrobat – something I don’t actually have. Looks like I might need to grab a copy.

  • Darren,

    You can actually do without Acrobat to create PDF.

    Just point your browser here –

    The Adobe PDF online printer can also be installed locally


  • You should just get the full version of Adobe Acrobat…it’s worth it.

  • Based on, you will need either Acrobat Standard, or Acrobat Professional – I would think that standard would be fine?

  • Tomas

    Another good free source to PDF converter at

    It can also convert back PDF to DOC.