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Cost Per Keyword (CPK) on the Rise

Posted By Darren Rowse 13th of December 2005 Advertising 7

068672Interesting article over at eMarketer on the Cost of Keywords which has this interesting graph that plots what advertisers are paying for keywords.

What stands out to me in the graph is obviously December but also the difference between this July to September and July to September of 2004 where there has been a significant increase in what advertisers are paying.

I’ll be interested to know what this December’s graph looks like. I’ve noticed in this past week a marked increase in my average cost per click on Adsense.

Thanks to Tom from Scared Monkeys for pointing me to this article via email.

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  1. “Cost per click is up” is some kind of understatement. How about “Cost per click has gone through the roof”!

    Unfortunately, I’m not getting quite as many clicks — or ads delivered at all — as I used to.

    And I still struggle with the occasional irrelevant “Blog” ad appearing, and Google refuses to do anything about it.

  2. Well this is certainly good news. The advertising money is sure there, the rates are quite shocking!

  3. Very interesting findings. I’m intrigued to see a comparison of December 2004 vs. December 2005.

    Also, does anyone think we’ll see a crash in advertising soon, much like the Dot-com bust of 1999? Or is Internet advertising at these rates here to stay?

  4. Cost Per Keyword (CPK) Rising

    While I haven’t seen a huge increase in revenue myself this chart from DoubleClick shows that the Cost Per Keyword (CPK) is on the rise. Is this just cyclical are is it going to continue on this upward trend?…

  5. […] Found via ProBlogger and eMarketer. […]

  6. Elias says: 12/14/2005 at 4:23 pm

    You mean that I will be paid 25.5 in average if somebody click my AdSense? Really so much?

  7. Costs probably won’t go down because the internet is ever expanding. Which makes more money, Chitika or Adsense?

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