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Conversations with an Adsense Click Fraudster

Posted By Darren Rowse 17th of May 2005 Adsense 0 Comments

Tim Yang posts an interesting conversation that he’s been having with an Indian Adsense Click Fraudster who contacted him to see if he’d be interested in making a quick buck via an army of fraudulent clickers in India. Here’s the first of numerous emails Tim was sent:


I got your email address from your site by Google search, while being interested in Adsense. At present you have 12 Adsense advertisements on your site. I have an offer for you. Which is that I am capable of giving you 1000+ different traffic to your site per day – and all of them would click on all the Adsense advertisements. For all these clicks you would be able to earn a good amount per day. My offer is that I would give you that 1000+ different traffic to your site in exchange of 50% of earnings of their total clicks. If you are interested, please let me know.

Thanking you, Sanjay Das.’

It is interesting that those running these schemes are becoming more organized and brazen in their schemes. This is the third instance I’ve heard of of this type of approach being made to bloggers. The concern is that genuine adsense publishers will suffer as a result.

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  • Yeah, that really is troubling. Hopefully this won’t have an adverse effect on those of us that play by the rules.

  • This seems like a very difficult problem for Google to tackle. They’ll need to be able to sift out the fraudulent clicks without totally shooting their own income in the foot. I wish them luck.

  • what is google’s response to this ? any emails sent to them yet?

  • this is sad.. my biggest fear is that google will completely block out ads to indian ips and people like me who’s primary traffic is from india will suffer

  • At some point, I’d expect Google will get wise to this and do the obvious thing…set some folks up with Indian email addresses to make this offer to publishers and see who bites.

  • Tom,. that would sound logical. The ‘honey pot’ idea.

    It’s worrying – there is always someone ready to cheat the system, and it will hurt both legitimate publishers and advertisers. If it becomes a huge problem (which I hope it won’t) then advertisers will surely fall away – who wants to pay for (effectively) automated clicks? I wouldn’t.

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  • By the way, this reminds me a bit of a clickfraud traffic exchange that I recently ran across (name not mentioned on purpose). They profess to drive a horde of ad clickers to your site in return for you joining the horde. Sort of like BlogExplosion and the like, except for the ad clicking angle. Anyway, I went through the signup process to see what sort of a scam this might be and, sure enough, I soon received a confirmation e-mail stating that, due to high demand, they are only currently only accepting ‘pro’ memberships — at a cost of $19.99/month! Needless to say, I didn’t ‘upgrade.’

    They even have fraud holidays, which they call Power Click days. In fact, yesterday was a Power Click day, during which they asked everyone to visit and click ads at ten or more member sites.

  • Ken

    I’m sure Google will start rooting these guys out covertly and overtly.

    This is Google, these guys didn’t get to where they are without some cunning.

  • This is certainly reason enough to try and diversify your revenue and not put all your eggs in the Adsense basket.

  • Anyone doing business with Google adwords should be investigated for fraud. Google Adwords is so weak ,how will you scam artists make a living when there ad scam is halted by the F.T.C.. Did you know there are over 1 billion adword advertisers. This means advertisers outway people searching the net,so you do the math oxymorons.

    Someone in the Know

  • I have ever been advertised with adwords for several months.
    But it’s do not work.

  • It’s funny, until Google notices they have a 78% CTR and bans them on the spot.

  • I am saddened by the fact that some Indians are resorting to such menial and fallen acts. It hurts my respect for my own people.

    Where has our honesty and dedication gone? Is this what we have been taught to follow by our elders?

    And I wish our Brother G and all webmasters good wishes to eradicate cheaters like this one Sanjay Das.


  • I bet google will know and disable your adsense account