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Comparing Blog Platform Trends

Rachel’s done a fascinating little comparison between 5 blog platforms using the new Google Trends tool. The following graph plots the amount of people searching for each platform in Google since 2004. See if you can work out which platform is which before you head over to Rachel’s blog to get the all important color key that reveals which one is which.


Find out the result here.

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  • I love drupal, but it is the Linux of CMS. It can be so cryptic that it makes you want to kill people and break things. I think the only reason its so high is because you have to scoure the Internet to find things out.

    Drupal = Linux of CMS/Blogs
    WordPress = Windows of blogware (everyone uses it)
    Expression Engine = Mac of blogs (pretty and simple, but popularity isn’t as big as it should be)

  • raj

    Checking blog platforms popularity was the first thing I did. The light blue line is WordPress, if I remember correctly :)

    I agree about Drupal. I love it, but it’s frustrating because not every domain host supports the necessary database privileges.

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  • The last time I set up a blog it was with WordPress and I had to fix the code behind it. I don’t know about the latest version but that version (1.5 I think) had some bugs in the code that affected cross browser compatibility as well as causing some validation problems. In other words, I found the code to be in a mess.

    As I was able to fix the code I may give the latest version of WordPress a try when I set up another blog but I’ll be comparing it to the latest version of TextPattern.

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