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Combination Adsense Ads Appearing

Posted By Darren Rowse 25th of May 2005 Adsense 0 Comments

There are more reports today from Adsense publishers who are seeing combination ads with both ‘adlink’ ads and normal ‘text ads’ in the same adblock.

Quick Online tips talks about it here and Blog Logic here. Here are a couple of screen captures as examples of what people are noticing.


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  • this is good. having the best of both worlds is better.

  • I dunno yet. I’m still to make a real descision on how I feel about AdLinks…I’ve been watching their performance, and they haven’t do so well for me.

  • Ryan – I hear your lament. However, the ad links combined with normal ads seems much more viable, because they’re incorporated with ads that are already being displayed and allow visitors to change the ads to topics of interest without actually leaving your site. With this in mind, my first conclusion is that it can’t hurt. Of course, I don’t have any hard data to prove it, so take it with a grain of salt.

  • It depends a lot on your site of course, but the AdLinks to me are the kind of thing I’d like to add to some sites even if it were just offered by Google as a “free service” and paid nothing. (Shhh!!!! Don’t tell them I said that.) It’s a little mini-content block that updates itself with the latest appropriate links. Of course, a lot depends on not overusing the four letter word “b!%g” in your site or all you end up with are links about that instead of links about your actual content. One more reason not to blog about blogging unless, like this site, your blog is actually all about blogging.

  • One more reason not to blog about blogging unless, like this site, your blog is actually all about blogging.

    Maybe. At least AdSense works on an article-by-article, or page-by-page, basis – so only the posts about blogging should get hit this way.

    As an aside, I’ve noticed a lot of mobile phone ads recently – this is from a UK perspective on a UK site. I don’t mind – they’re probably higher-paying ads – though they may not always be as targeted to my content. I think Google lags somewhat, as I wrote one post about a mobile phone about a week ago.

  • AdSense is general:
    This is where I sound like really small fry (because I am) – this is probably not conclusive, but whatever Google are doing may be havign a positive effect on my clickthrus. On one blog, if I got one click a day I was lucky – yesterday I got 3 clickthrus. I know that may be jumping the gun, particularly as I may have done some extra promotion and got more visitors in. I’ll see what happens today. All I can say is, if Google are doing thing sthat increase clickthru, good luck! It might just be working, even on lower-traffic blogs like mine.

  • I did see somewhere a favicon ad on the leaderboard ad style.

    I don’t remember the website address but it’s there on my Flickr account.