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Changing Clocks

Posted By Darren Rowse 29th of October 2006 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

A friendly public service announcement for those engaging in global communications….

Daylight Savings started here in most parts of Australia over the weekend. I’m told it also ended in many parts of the northern hemisphere.

While it signals the start of summer to us Aussies I generally find that over the next few months that quite a few of my North American friends seemingly ‘disappear’ from my instant messenger interactions – simply because the times no longer line up in a convenient way.

It looks like there’ll be some late nights and early mornings ahead!

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  • Starting in 2007, DST will start earlier (mid-March) and end later (first Sunday in November instead of last Sunday in October) in the United States. Canada is following suit… Not sure of others.

  • By the way, it’s pretty interesting that DST is starting in Australia, but ending up here. Makes perfect sense, but it’s interesting all the same.

  • yeah.. it makes me sleep 1 hour longer.. :p

  • Here in egypt it’s last thursday in sept and last thursday in april

  • Personally I wish Daily Light Savings never ended but there was some pushes to make it longer here in Australia too and to try to get all the states to have it (I think WA are strongly considering it but Queensland are saying something about it causing cancer).

    I actually got caught out yesterday. I fell asleep early (after busy day with sons birthday) on Saturday night and forgot to change the clocks. On Sunday we were meant to be going out for lunch at 12. I went to my computer and noticed it said 11:45 when all other clocks said 10:45 and then it hit me. We were only about 20 min late.


  • Phillip don’t you know?

    Not only does daylight saving cause skin cancer but it also causes the curtains to fade and it puts the cows off milking too.

    It’s true – just ask a couple of Queensland premiers and they’ll tell you!

    Actually the truth is that when live somewhere that it’s already perfect you don’t have to fiddle with clocks :)

  • You might find this funny, but it’s never occurred to me that other parts of the world take part in this madness. I don’t so much mind the falling back of the clock in autumn, but that springing forward part sucks!