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Change your Blogging Voice – Battling Bloggers Block

Posted By Darren Rowse 29th of November 2005 Writing Content 0 Comments

Blog Tip 17. Write in a different voice

It’s easy to get bored and stale with one tone of writing so it might be worth mixing it up occasionally and experimenting with a new voice.

While you don’t want to do this all the time (it’s important to establish a voice and develop some consistency in a blog) – it can be refreshing to do from time to time.

Write something in the third person, write a rant, inject some humor, write a fictional scenario etc. Change your voice or tone a little and you might just find it creates a bit of a spark in you (and your readers) that spawns a whole new aspect to your blog.

I noticed the impact of changing your voice a while back when I let loose with a little bit of a rant post – I got email from a couple of readers saying that they saw a different side of me when I did it – a bit of a change from the ‘nice/goodie goodie’ label I seem to get from time to time. I also found that it got me thinking in a different way – something that brought a bit of energy back into my blogging.

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  1. Great, you seem to read my mind:-) I’ve changed my style for test just today – from that “goodie goodie/ultimately positive” style too to a little little bit ironic/harsh(but just a little). I think it reflects me a bit better…and hey, I really enjoyed writing my post.

  2. […] Blog Tip 18 – Change up your posting form – In the same way that it’s easy to get ’stuck’ in always posting in the same voice – it’s also possible to get stuck in always writing in the same form or genre. […]

  3. This is great reading everyone’s comments about this topic. I am currently taking many courses at college where I have to blog. In my newswriting class, we talk about blogs that help with articles. I think that your voice on your blog tells you a lot about the person.

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