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9 key ingredients for the perfect sales page
17th of January 2018 Darren Rowse 0 Comments

9 Key Ingredients for Creating the Perfect Sales Page

If you’ve created one of these 7 types of products to sell on your blog, or you’re going to start offering a service to your readers, then you need a sales page. The sales page is (not surprisingly) a page on your blog that’s all about your product or service. ...more
Blogging for Dollars
Pitching a sponsored post
11th of October 2017 Ngahuia Galligan 0 Comments

One Screenshot You Must Include When Pitching a Sponsored Post

If you’re familiar with sponsored content as an income stream, chances are you’ve been asked for a media kit or a proposal to do a sponsored post. Unfortunately, the world of sponsored post rates and assessing the value of your site is a bit like the wild, wild west. It ...more
Blogging for Dollars
9th of August 2017 Jerry Low 0 Comments

3 Ways to Make More Affiliate Income as Bloggers

This is a post by ProBlogger expert Jerry Low. Promoting affiliate products is still one of the most effective ways to make money from your blog. Jayson DeMers points to affiliate marketing as an excellent entry-level place to begin monetizing your blog in this Forbes article, because it is easy ...more
Blogging for Dollars
4th of August 2017 Ngahuia Galligan 0 Comments

Community Discussion: Should Bloggers Ask For Donations?

Bloggers calling for donations or reader contributions like “buy me a beer” or “buy me a coffee” have been around for over ten years, as has the debate over whether they should. Now however, with more mainstream media putting up paywalls, the growth of subscription based content providers and the ...more
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How to Get Your First Podcast Sponsorship
21st of July 2017 Colin Gray 0 Comments

How to get Your First Podcast Sponsorship

This is a post from ProBlogger podcasting expert, Colin Gray. Advertising is a sensitive subject for a lot of people. It’s a step into the ‘money stuff’, into earning cash from your loyal audience, and it can feel like sullying your beautifully crafted content. Who enjoys the sight of a banner ...more
Blogging for Dollars
17th of July 2017 Darren Rowse 0 Comments

202: Advice from a Veteran Blogger (Chris Garrett) on How to Build a Successful Blog

Veteran Blogger Chris Garrett on How to Build a Successful Blog Today’s episode is #202 and in it I have my good friend and co-author of the ProBlogger book – Chris Garrett on the show to talk about the changes in blogging since we wrote the book. Chris and I ...more
Blogging for Dollars
19th of June 2017 Darren Rowse 0 Comments

198: 6 First Income Streams Recommended for Bloggers

6 Recommendations to Monetize Your Blog In today’s episode I want to talk about making money blogging. More specifically, I want to tackle a question from a reader who has been blogging for a while without monetizing but is wondering which income stream she should try  first. I’ll suggest 6 ...more
Blogging for Dollars
24th of May 2017 Guest Blogger 0 Comments

Don’t Lose your Funds to Amazon – How to Stay Within The Operating Agreement

This is a guest post by Cathy Tibbles of WPBarista Recently a lot of warning bells were sounding around the internet because of some changes to the Amazon Associates program. Looking at Problogger’s experience and the success of several other bloggers using affiliate sales, this post will take you through the ...more
Blogging for Dollars
10th of May 2017 Guest Blogger 0 Comments

A Practical Look at Turning Your Blog into a Functioning Business

Following last week’s post on treating your blog like a business, this guest post from Anna Johansson provides some practical ways you can start turning your blog into a business. In many cases, blogging starts out as a hobby or creative outlet for someone looking to have a little fun ...more
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