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Categories and Search Engine Optimization

Posted By Darren Rowse 4th of January 2005 Blog Design 0 Comments

I would add another point to the last post on why Blogs are Popular with Search Engines and comment that it is not only page structure that works well but often overall site structure. The fact that many blog systems like Word Press and Moveable Type allow bloggers to categorize their posts can actually help Search Engines spider blogs and give them authority.

I get quite a few hits to the category pages of my blogs. For instance, one of the more popular entry pages from search engines on this blog is my Adsense page. This is not because loads of people directly link to this page (I can only find one external link that does) but it is because that particular page is keyword rich (ie the word Adsense is all over it ) – not because I’ve rigged it that way but just because its in virtually every title and first sentence of each post. It is also a page that is linked to from every page on this blog in the menu.

One of the disadvantages that I see with Blogger blogs (without hacking them) is that they do naturally come with a categories option. Instead posts are only archived according to date which means that they miss some of the benefits outlined here.

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  • Hi Darren,

    Thanks for the wonderful information you provide.

    You speak about the fact that Blogger doesn’t allow bloggers to categorize their posts.

    I use a similar system –, but I could implement the categories in a very simple way, using

    Each category is represented by a tag in my account.

    After writing each blog, I post it to, using the corresponding tag ( or tags ).

    My weblog displays the links to tags implementing the categories, and also the corresponding RSSs.

    The visitors of my weblog have the possibility of browsing the blogs using the categories and also to subsscribe, if they want, only to a few categories, using the RSSs provided by

    It’s very simple, and it’s a mechanism which can be used under each weblog system without categories.


  • Keywords ARE important — check your meta tags for relevance!

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