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Call for Prizes – Group Writing Project Coming Soon

Posted By Darren Rowse 28th of July 2008 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

200807281643.jpgIt has been a while since I’ve run a group writing project here at ProBlogger so I thought it might be time to another one (if you’re new to ProBlogger and don’t know what a group writing project is I’ll describe it below).

While I’m getting things ready I’m looking for prizes from up to 3 sponsors.

Last time I ran a competition like this we had a lot of prizes and as a result didn’t give sponsors as much of the limelight that they each deserved – this time I’m limiting prizes to just the three best ones.

What do you get for the prize you donate?

  • You’ll be linked to and have your site/service described in the announcement post of the group writing project
  • You’ll get promoted with a thank-you to on each daily update through the week of the project
  • You’ll be promoted again on the final day of the project and again on a compilation page of all entries.

All in all you’ll be mentioned and receive promotions each day for a week on ProBlogger. You’ll be one of 3 sponsors receiving this treatment so your exposure will not be diluted.

Last time we did one of these projects we had 893 entries and it got a lot of buzz around the blogosphere. It’s a great way to get word out to bloggers about your site, product or service.

What prizes am I looking for?

Previously we’ve had prizes that have been anything from trips/accommodation through to Nintendos, to laptops, to cash, to iPods etc. Really anything goes – however if you’re going to submit a prize idea you need to know the following:

1. the prize needs to be deliverable to people internationally at your cost. Please consider shipping costs or be willing to offer a cash prize to an equivalent value if you can’t ship outside the USA.

2. last time I did this I had 100 or so submissions for prizes. This time I am only choosing 3 – so those prizes selected will probably be among the most valuable. While it’s not all about how much the prize is worth I want to give my readers the chance to get the best thing that they can out of participating. It’ll also get you more attention if you do.

3. please no blog hosting packages or ebooks. While these are relevant to bloggers I get hit with 30-40 or so offers for this type of prize every time. While I’m grateful to it I find that readers respond well to fun prizes (think gadgets, cash etc).

How to Submit The Prize You’re Willing to Donate

If you’re willing to donate a prize please do so via my contact form with the following information:

  1. Please include the word ‘prize’ somewhere in the email so I can filter the emails and make sure I see them all
  2. Your name and email address (address will remain private)
  3. Your Company/Business/Blog Name
  4. The Site that You’d want to promote if your prize is chosen
  5. The Prize
  6. The value of the prize
  7. Confirmation that you’re willing to ship it internationally

You have 48 hours to submit your prize suggestion (I’ll close this at 8pm Wednesday night Melbourne time). I’ll then contact the 3 that I’d like to use with further details.

What is a Group Writing Project

Put most simply a Group Writing Project is a group of bloggers all are challenged to write a post on a similar theme on their blogs. The themes are broad (we’ve done things like ‘Top 5’, ‘reviews and predictions’, ‘lists’) so that bloggers blogging on a wide range of topics can participate. Once they’ve published their post they come to ProBlogger to let us know where it is.

The project runs for a full week. On the first day I announce the topic and then on each day during the next week I publish a list of bloggers that participate. At the end of the week random participants are selected to win a prize. You can see the last project here.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Yes, it will be fun, I guess. I will await your announcement, and see if I can participate.

  • It’ll be more than fun. I’ve participated once in Daniel’s group writing project over at Daily Blog Tips. Almost won…. Oh well another chance here! :D

  • I participated in your previous, group writing project and enjoyed it a lot.
    Looking forward to hear about the topic :-)


  • Looking forward to this, it will be my first group project!

  • Darren
    You’ve helped me so much and I would give anything for you.
    How about a FREE 125 ad on my potpolitics PR3 site for a YEAR.
    That’s the best I have to offer.Wish I had a $1,000 to offer
    I’m in on the writing also thanks>i’ll follow instructions with an email right now thanks.

  • Great idea! I am looking forward to hear more about this.

  • Thanks Darren for such
    great blog projects!

  • Sounds like an awesome idea. Can’t wait to see the themes and the prizes.

  • I’m pretty new to Problogger – and to blogging really – and I’m quite excited about this Group Writing project. We’ll look out for updates and information about when it will begin!

  • Hey Darren..
    I’m waiting for the project.!!
    Hope we have the good time,while participating in the Group Writing Project..!!

  • Huh. That was a bit odd. “Please don’t send us prizes unless you can wow our socks?” Or did I misread the post? It kind of makes me suddenly feel very poor.

  • I am eagerly expecting to participate in this…

  • Sounds great I hope to be doing something like this soon on my own site, it is interesting to see how you get the prizes.

    Hope all goes well and I hope to be participating in the group writing project.

  • I’d really like to participate in a group writing project. I’ll do my best despite english is not my mother tounge.
    I will await your announcement…hoping it’s after the 16th of August

  • Hmm, I WOULD, but the best I could really do would be something along the lines of handspun yarn, and I’m guessing that wouldn’t really do most of your readers any good (grin).

  • What a fabulous idea. I haven’t been blogging long enough to have been around for the last time you did this, but this time I plan to jump in with both feet. Both typing fingers?

  • I can’t wait to give it a go! I love reviews, Top 5’s, and how-to’s.

    Darren why don’t you do a “recipe” challenge. It doesn’t have to be food, but but more of a “how-to” post written as if it was a recipe.

    You’ll have the how to steps and a list of “ingredients” or “supplies/resources” needed.

  • great project darren, but i don’t have anythink, maybe i’ll thinking for 48 hours. i really want to donate for this project.

  • Looking forward to it. I’ll announce it on Group Writing Projects as well.

  • would love to participate in something like this…how do I get in?

  • you come up with the coolest projects. i am still working on all the twitter love…

  • Liz

    I’ll be interested in seeing what the topic is!

  • Sounds like a great endeavor! I’m looking forward to participating and seeing more great content from fellow bloggers!

  • I started my blog when I entered the Top 5 contest. I get traffic on that post every day since then. Thanks Darren for the boost to get me started.

  • Wow, another Group Writing Project after so long. That’s gonna be good.

    BTW Darren why choose only 3 prizes, it could be 5 or 7 of the best clubbed together for the top 3. This would mean more prizes and more excitement.

  • Looking forward to seeing what the topic to write about is. When does it start?

  • i’d love to participate. great idea.

  • I’m really, really excited. Thanks.

  • Great idea! I wasn’t a part of the blogosphere the last time you ran this project so I’m looking forward to participating this time.

    I might have a prize that I can submit. Let me try to put something together and I will email you.


  • I’d been new to the blogging world your last go-round, and still clinging to the side of the blog pool…but this time I’m ready to jump into the water! Look forward to this.

    I’m thinking of a prize to email you about — right now it could be 3 wellnesscoach sessions (value of $ 595 U.S)….but people would have to pay the international long distance calls….so I’m still noodling the idea around. I’ll keep you posted. – thanks again, Erica

  • Yay for writing projects! I just used my spare funds for the prize on the raffle I’m having so I’m afraid I don’t have anything to offer right now, but maybe by the time the project starts I will have something to contribute.

  • A writing project? I look forward to it! Hopefully the topic will be something that will allow me to participate.

  • Will be participate too! Well, just wait for my submission, heee heee…

  • Cool, sounds fun.

  • Very exciting can’t wait to see the topics.

  • I’m excited about the group writing project. And btw, I LOVE the weekly newsletter. It’s hard for me to keep up with ever post in my reader, and the weekly newsletter is perfect! In the next few months while the kids are in school, I really want to focus on improving the blog. Thanks.

  • Darren, I love your writing projects!

    Last time with the Top 5 post it was so fun–I found tons of great blogs and got great exposure for my blog and my post.

    I’m looking forward to hearing what the theme is…