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Prize Update

Posted By Darren Rowse 11th of September 2007 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

PrizesA quick update on the Call for Prizes that I put out earlier today.

  • There have been quite a few offer to donate prizes already – thank you to those of you who have already submitted something.
  • I will continue to accept ideas until Friday so you’re welcome to submit something until then
  • Prizes so far have been pretty cool – but I won’t make decisions on them until the weekend so if you’ve sent in a submission you won’t hear anything back for a few days yet
  • We don’t need any more ‘keyboards’ or ‘mouses’ donated
  • We don’t need any more hosting packages, setting up of blogs/design

Interestingly prizes are coming in from a large range of people and companies ranging from individual bloggers wanting to get some extra attention to more established small companies.

While the prizes donated so far are great and I will definitely be able to use many of them – I’m particularly looking now for a few premium prizes that will really get people’s mouths watering. In return these premium sponsors will get some extra special attention through the project.

To submit a prize – see the Call for Prizes for the process to follow.

Lastly – if you can’t donate a prize – fee free to suggest some prizes that you’d like the chance to win in comments below. A few potential sponsors have been asking for ideas! What is your wishlist?

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • nintendo wii’s or sony vaio laptops would be a pretty cool prize.

  • How many prizes will you be accepting Darren?

  • I’d really love to win an ergonomic chair, something like Darren and others use, as the one I’m using now is passable but I could do with something much better.

  • MillionDollar Journey – depends on the quality – but I’m looking at accepting quite a few.

    Andy – good idea. Might be hard to ship around the world – but a very practical gift.

  • A vaio laptop would definitely get my mouth watering. A copy of Halo 3 would be cool for someone to offer who doesn’t have a ton of cash for prizes. I’d like a site redesign for my personal blog, though, that would be nifty.

  • Some thing like a camera, printer, pc,a free internet connection, Books or softwares can be given as prize. If someone want to give some thing big, a house will be sufficient. A life time earning device like a website will be great to get.

  • Reviews of my blog or website from internet marketers or SEO experts would be awesome prizes.

    So would business-related books, and even e-books.

  • @MJD: A good prize I think would be this chair from Gaiam. I love the idea of using a balance ball as a chair, but using a regular ball doesn’t really work. :D With that chair, it’s actually a chair that incorporates a small inflated balance ball. It looks pretty luxurious actually ^_^

  • A bike! Everyone wants a bike! :)

  • I think it would be great if one of the premium prizes were a considerable advertising campaign for your blog. Either an AdWords campaign, banner space at a prominent blog, that sort of thing. Someone who knows more about that stuff can add detail ;).

  • A laptop! Who doesn’t need or want one of those even if you already have one.

  • I would definitely love to have these : iMac, MacBookPro, Any other Laptop, iPod Touch, iPhone(maybe along with the unlock that released yesterday)

    These would get anyone’s mouth watering…

  • Those are all very tactile prizes. I think Darren is more waiting for an all-in trip to Google headquarters and a grand tour of the company. (+ the inside story on some google secrets of course ;)

  • Jul

    A round-trip all-expenses-paid trip to Australia. :)

  • Yep the shipping for a chair would be hard, though I guess if it was to a country that had Amazon or A N Other company, the donating prizegiver could order it via them.

    I’m actually at a point now where the technology aspects of my blogging are pretty much covered (at present) but the working environment could be improved.

  • @Jaseem: ooh yeah, a house.

    One nice big one on the outskirts of London would do me. Got any millionaire prizegivers, Darren? :)

  • A laptop would be awesome.

  • I just of something else – Perhaps you could give away $100 credit for the jobs section on ProBlogger.

  • Max

    I would love a short term Web Marketing Initiative. Like a month of Optimization, Link-Building, and suggested SEM tactics form an established online Marketing agency.

    Like even if they could give an hour or two a week to my website or whatever.

  • Paid stumbles – as Skellie suggested
    A really big flatscreen.
    Free coffee for a year.
    10 high quality articles on blogging.
    A Digital Camera.
    External hardrive
    Loads of cash

  • Skellie’s got a great idea–a great banner on Problogger would be a delightful prize!

  • Blog Job.

  • What about shares in Google?

  • I agree, a laptop would be great – I specifically could go for a MacBook Pro!
    A vacation trip for two to somewhere nice (valid for a few months of course, to allow for planning).
    An ipod – one of those new ones that are coming out. gift cards – nice hefty ones…lol
    Advertising space on popular blogs with great PR

  • I think a unused NFL ProBowl Ballot from 1994 would be at the top of my list

  • How about a cruise courtesy of Princess Cruises?

  • Joe

    How about a personalized apprenticeship on Problogger? Darren and his readers feature and help out one blogger in all aspects of their blog. People can offer suggestions and services and guide one blogger in their efforts to acheive their goals.

    Kind of like the 31 day project, but perhaps a little longer and specifically catered to one person really willing to put forth the effort.

    Everyone would learn a lot in a real-world example and it wouldn’t really cost much. Anyway, just an idea. This may already have been done here at Problogger.

  • While not quite as flashy as some of the prizes above, I think a handful of guest posts from a well-known blogger would be a really cool prize.

  • A professional site design would be cool, as would a new laptop or a digital video video camera, my number one would be the site design though :)

  • A latest model bike or something like that. Search for latest inventions.

  • I would like an all expenses paid trip to Australia to spend a week as Darren’s shadow.

    My second choice would be to receive some premium link love.

  • Derek,
    I love your idea! I’ve been sick for a bit and not able to post as I’d like to. Who couldn’t use guest posts from an A-lister!

    Other prizes I’d like to add to the mix:
    a) 1 year paid membership to BlogMastermind
    b) $500+ gift certificate from
    c) Podcasting equipment pkg.–mic, mixer, headphones, pop
    filter, etc.
    d) 32″ computer monitor
    e) a travel package–round-trip to the Caribbean or Dubai perhaps ; )

  • Ouch…I am feeling really bad now. I just sent in my prize offer of M&M’s. LOL… I wish I had read all the posts before submitting it…I am a bit behind, so forgive me.

  • Wow, a 32″ computer monitor would move just about anyone into action! :D

    Although I’d take some M&Ms if given half a chance ^_^ especially the Peanut Butter kind.

    I think free adspace or a Job Board credit would be pretty cool too.

    What about Vlogging tools? Especially for people that already do Video Blogging but have older equipment.

    Amazon Gift Certificates or for electronics stores would be useful too. Especially the $500+ variety.

  • Laura

    Hmmm…a nice (large) gift certificate to…we geeks can always use the books ;o)

  • I’d love love love a Canon 40D. I’d sell my husband for it. Well, not really, but you get the picture.

    If that’s not possible, I’d go for some link love from ProBlogger.

    And a comment from Darren on my blog, just to know it’s actually possible, an A-lister commenting on a newbie’s blog.

  • sir, maybe you should give away some gadgets as prizes like maybe a laptop of any kind, smart phones, mp3 players, digital camera, computer hardware like huge flat screen monitors, hard drives, or any techie stuff.. i think most people love them. hehehehe

  • The most useful donation to me would be someone with experience in running a successful blog site for profit offering maybe an hour a week of their time for a number of weeks. I think that would be a very worth while prize. Time is a commodity that people forget the value of and experience beats most other things. (it really is invaluable)

    I also like the idea of guest postings from an A lister. However I’m not sure how many of them would actually be willing to do such a thing. I have to say it would be very cool to have someone like yourself guest post to a few readers sites. That could be an interesting experiment.

    BTW: offers anyone who has girly and geeky related content to guest post it on our site. All they need to do is send me a quick mail with the content that they would like to be posted, and include a link to their usual blog location (assuming they have a blog). :)

  • Hi Darren,

    given the timing of your blog’s anniversary, I’m sure that an iPod touch will just be the perfect gift… blogging in music, and reading your comments from any wi-fi zone…

  • money! gift cards
    Blog makeover
    Blog consulting + mentoring
    Links/Posts from A-Listers
    Paid Advertising campaign
    New ipod nano + itunes gift card

  • I think money. Money can buy anything and the winner don’t spend their money to accept things Or if sponsor give things, include shipping and handling.

  • I’d love a site makeover with ability tomake my own changes whenever needed.