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Posted By Darren Rowse 22nd of August 2005 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

Jeff Jarvis at BuzzMachine has announced in the past day or two that he’s decided to put ads on his blog in a post titled Open for business. I’ve often looked at his site and wondered how he’d do with Adsense and/or BlogAds – I guess we’re about to find out. Jeff’s reasons for putting the ads on the site are twofold:

1) I don’t make as much as I used to.

2) I want to learn how ads work and because I talk about the topic often, I realized it’s time to get my money where my mouth is.

Good luck with the Ads Jeff!

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  1. Hmm, interesting, I have always wondered about ads on blogs, I take a great interest in your work here Darren. It is slowly changing my views on Ads and blogs :)

  2. what the? I think he needs to read Problogger for tips on ad placement, he’s not going to have a lot of success with the current setup I’d think.

  3. I don’t understand the love/hate going on in the blogging world with ads on blogs – it’s like we’ve sold our soul to the devil. I read about it too often. Like Darren’s recent $10G+ AdSense income announcement he made – Boy did the knives came out on that one – how dare he make a living from working 12-15 hours a day – me thinks lots of jealously might be at play.

    As long as the ads (AdSense,Amazon,Affiliates) are seperate from the content and identifyed as such then there should be no problem … it’s as if bloggers aren’t supposed to try and make money from their blogging efforts – it just doesn’t make sense.

    I’d say, if you can make money from your blog then by all means go for it.

    I hope BuzzMachine goes for it and makes some decent income.

  4. Martin,

    I’ve wondered the same thing. Why do people turn into ” hater’s ” when you attempt to get paid for work ?

    It’s a blog. They have to go there ON PURPOSE. Rather than just staying away, they want to cry, they want something to be negative about. They can’t make any money, so they don’t want anybody else doing it.

    I’d suspect most of those are the ” I live with my mommy ” type of blogger’s, although probably not every one will fit that stereotype. Other’s are just skewed with their world view, have no ambition and/or work a menial job with no future and want everybody else to be as downtrodden as they are.

    The rest…awww heck, why do we even care. Let ’em hate. Success is the best revenge.

  5. Anyone that can make themselves a decent income with blogging deserves their success (as long as it’s through content and not spamming). Personally, I hope BuzzMachine does great with the ads.

  6. […] Yesterday I mentioned that Jeff Jarvis has made the decision to add Ads to his Blog (BuzzMachine). After posting this I emailed Jeff to let him know that I’d be happy to give a few free tips on how to get the most out of his Adsense ads. I’m yet to hear back from him (I know he’s a busy guy – so I’m not offended) but as I thought about what I’d suggest to him I thought it might make an interesting case study post here at ProBlogger as part of the 31 Days Project. […]