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Boost Your Blog #9: Create a Resources Page

Posted By Darren Rowse 7th of September 2011 Writing Content 0 Comments

Continuing our discussion of things you should be doing right now to improve your blog, today’s tip is:

9. Create a Resources page

One page on ProBlogger that has worked well for me is a Blogging Resources page (it is actually a page I need to update further).

The page serves as a starting point for bloggers when creating blogs, and includes a mix of free and paid resources (some of which are affiliate links to paid options). This page is linked to from numerous places on my blog. I’ve been thanked for it by readers, and it’s a page that has made me money over the years, too.

Hat tip to Dr Mani for the suggestion.

Do you have a Resources page on your blog? Can you build one today?

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Thanks for the tip, Darren! I’m launching a new site for language learning and that’s the first page I created. I’m aiming to write detailed reviews of all the language courses in hopes that readers will be more likely to purchase if they know exactly what they’re getting.

    I noticed you don’t have Genesis framework linked on your resources page. Do you want to promote a variety of themes instead of promoting one above others? Also, the Citrus theme link doesn’t seem to work.

  2. Great tip! I just started drafting my resources page right after you mentioned it.

    I can finally put all those saved links to good use!

  3. Building a resource page seems to be the next cool :)

    I believe its good for a right reason. When I read someones content and if it is worthwhile I start trusting that person.

    And if his niche and my need coincide Voila! you have a lead. A resource page helps show right tools to the reader. Hence +1 for that

  4. Thanks for the example of something simple ‘done even better’. I was happy enough with my equivalent version & like it much more after tweaking it a little as per your model. Ever get sick of playing ‘pace car’? Haha, thanks!

  5. I have been sparking discussion online for quite awhile. I’m sorry to say that I have to agree with the idea that if you don’t have haters you are doing something wrong. It is natural for humans to be jealous of other peoples success. If people don’t hate on you, then you are not successful enough. Plus I have found creating a heated debate online only helps to spread your name and information as far as possible.

    I suppose you could reach as many people by creating some absolutely excellent content, but sometimes causing drama is a much faster way to get the same results.

  6. Thanks for the tips and guides.
    I think this features will be a good turning point for my blog in future.

  7. Darren, good tip – I have had a ‘recommended tools’ page, I’m in the middle of updating it now actually before running some guest posting campaigns. Funny the timing of your series here correlates to my own clean-up job, and like you, I’ve managed to make some sales from the page (though it’s badly in need of some attention).

    I have some plans for furthering the resources side of my blog for an orientation of sorts for newbies, but have had that on my “to do” list for quite some time. So much to do, so little time!

  8. By the way, the “Citrus Theme” link on your resources page goes to an inactive site.

  9. Great tips! I had created my resource page on my blog sometime back but haven’t made the best out of it. Now that I have just learn something new from you, I shall do something worthy out of it. Thank you for sharing this!

  10. I’ve had my resources page for some time, it works great, and is one of the most visited pages on the site.
    A great place to mention all the products and services you use, at the same time earning a few $$ :)

  11. I am exactly trying to fill the content of the page now. Completely agree and love your little series.

  12. It sounds a great idea!

    The only problem is that on many websites I have found the resources page tends to be a links page!!!

    I would not like to really lose people to other sites?

    • @Terry – people will keep coming back to your site for that handy list of links, at the very least. If it is a great and useful list of links, you won’t lose readers when they click through – they should come back for more.

  13. Few days ago I also created resources page with all necessary things required for new bloggers. I am not using it for affiliate sales now that’s why only share that page if someone ask basic things related to blogging.

  14. Rightly said, apart from the affiliate aspects of it, I believe that its also a means of setting a SEO.take for example, bloggers like Glepp of viperchill and pat of smartpassiveincome. Google them out you will be surprised to find out that goodle.com will figure out their resource page.

  15. I had a Resource page on my blog and dumped it a few months ago … I’ve been thinking about creating a new one, but what I’m wondering is if a Resource page makes sense for every site. I can see where it would be valuable to this site because people come here to learn how to build and succeed in business. But lets take a personal development site – outside of original product created by the author, possibly a couple of affiliate products (but those that aren’t smarmy are REALLY hard to come by in this area), there’s really only books left … and even people who work hard at being successful with Amazon say their readers tend to click on books but end up shopping for other things. Hummm

  16. Thanks,

    I was actually thinking about this. I’ve collected several dozen links pointing to tools/info that solved specific problems while building my new blog.

    For example, who would have thought it would take so long to figure out how to put rounded corners on my posts boxes…

    I’m going to try to get this done this weekend.


  17. Your “resource page” can also be a well-laid out version of a blogroll in your niche. When I first started blogging, I struggled to find blogs written by other accounting students and professors. When you search for accounting blogs on google, you get tons of accounting software sellers popping up, or company blogs, which I wasn’t interested in.

    So my resource page is a list of links to accounting blogs, categorized by what kind of writing they do about accounting (do they write about being a professor, student, taking the CPA exam, working in the field, etc)

  18. What a great idea. I will put it into action on my blog tomorrow. I’ve been including resources in various posts. I’m sure having them in one handy place will save readers some time. A resource page may not make sense for every blog, but for a sewing blog it is a perfect fit. Thanks!

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