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Boost Your Blog #4: Optimize Other Key Pages

Posted By Darren Rowse 2nd of September 2011 Writing Content 0 Comments

Continuing our discussion of things you could be doing right now to improve your blog, today’s tip is:

4. Optimize other key pages

Yesterday, we talked about pages on your blog, and it might also be worthwhile looking over some of the other key pages on your blog. For example, the About page is one that, on many blogs, is read a lot by new visitors. It’s also a page that many bloggers forget to keep up to date with new developments.

I recently looked over my own About page and realised that while I linked to my first ebook, I had made no mention of subsequent ones. As it’s such a highly trafficked page, I was potentially missing out on sales as a result.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Hi Darren, i feel you are spot on with this point and i appreciate that i got reminded of this important aspect by reading this post. It totally makes sense to optimize important pages. +1.

  • Amazing as always! Thanks for sharing these great tips. I really need to work on revamping my About Me page.

  • Hi Darren

    I never optimize the about page, but now, I will try this

    Thanks for the scoop

  • Hey Darren, looks like you need to update your About page again, I don’t see a mention of the last book “The Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing”.

    As for optimizing pages, I believe you should do it to every page, make sure everything from your home page, post pages, category pages, about and contact pages and even the 404 pages, sitemaps and disclosure pages can use some optimizing.

  • We should maximize whatever elements that have in our blog.

  • What should the About page be about? Yourself? Your blog? or both?

    • depends a little on your blog I suspect. For me here on ProBlogger its about me and the blog. On my photography blog its less about me (as I don’t personally brand that blog) and more about the blog.

  • Oh Gosh, i just remembered one of my blogs running for about 3 months now still has COMING SOON when you visit the about us page…

    Thanks for this post, I am working on that today…

  • One thing I’ve learned to do is go back through and actually READ my old posts (most of my content is evergreen). I try to do 2 a day and keep track of where I am (I post 3x a week, and have about 200 on the site, so I get to each about every 3 months now).

    It’s rare that I DON’T find something that needs fixing . . .

  • Nice post Darren.

    We especially do this for our ‘Advertise’ page. Companies and PR firms use google too. If they want to advertise in finance, you have to imagine they may search for ‘finance advertise’. So if your advertise page ranks high, you may attract more revenue.