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Posted By Darren Rowse 24th of July 2005 Advertising 0 Comments

warning: read to the bottom of this post to the update

I just stumbled upon another new blog advertising network – BlogStar Network.

They present themselves as:

‘a mesh of influential blogs and bloggers who are open to and accept association with corporate sponsors and advertisers. The Blog Star Network recognizes and utilizes the power of Consumer Generated Media to allow corporations to communicate their message through Blogs by way of advertising, testimonials and product reviews. Bloggers and Blog owners are compensated for their participation in corporate communications based on reach and involvement.’

Whilst they don’t go into too much detail it looks like an interesting service that I’d like to know more about. Digging into things a little more – the people behind BlogStar are MindComet – ‘The Relationship Agency’.

Of course MindComet are the people behind Blog in Space – a service that offers to transmit your blog into space so aliens can read it. Hmmm – not sure people wanting to take blogging to aliens are the type of people I want selling my advertising!

update: a little more digging today and I find that Blogstar seem to be arranging for companies to pay bloggers to post about their products. The worry to me about it is that they don’t have any disclaimers in these posts saying that they are paid for comment type posts. This doesn’t seem right to me and isn’t something I’d recommend bloggers really get into.

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  1. hmm.. interesting. If I can get an advertiser who pays me every month, then why not? I submitted my blog so let’s see how fast they respond.

  2. Interesting to say the least. I’m also applying to see if they’re up to it and they can get a mass up quickly for it to work.

    Although the alien aspect you mention with their background makes me look that extra hard at their credibility.

    Lets wait and see.

  3. Yes, looks interesting to me too, so I filled in the form and I’ll see what happens. I don’t expect too much though as my site is still very young (though already popular)

  4. That makes me nervous as to how reputable they might be. I can understand the novelty of having your blog beamed into space, but the same company doing advertising. I personally will take a wait and see attitude and see how other bloggers fair before considering them.

  5. I for one will wait to see the results of my fellow bloggers when it comes to blogstar. Feel free to e-mail with how its going with blogstar. I already have google adsense, wirefly.com, amazon.com, mediaplazza.com, and paypal donations for the monetization of my blog. Not sure I want another advertising medium on my site. Although getting paid just for displaying someone else’s ad is appealing, its about quality not quantity for me. And the sites that I have mentioned for my ads are of high quality. I might change my mind if my blog is sent into outer space, the aliens come down to visit me, and annoint me with blogging powers above everyone else. (ha ha)

  6. What do you have against aliens? They need information just like the rest of us. All the better to conquer and divide. ;)

  7. I’d expect that their advertisers will be a combination of tech oriented and pop culture stuff. The beaming your blog into space thing is just a fun novelty concept. It’s the same sort of thing as a guy in a chicken suit outside a chicken restaurant – cheezy but it draws attention.

  8. I’ve applied here too, but haven’t heard anything back from them yet. Been a few weeks too.

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