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Blogonomics Blog Cruise

Posted By Darren Rowse 23rd of January 2006 Business Blogging 0 Comments

 Content Images Port Port Sequence Carib Carib Caw Fll 42C977F LgThe last few years have seen quite a few blog conferences but here’s one with a twist – Blogonomics – the world’s first floating blog conference!

I’ve been hearing about this one for a little while now and it’s just gone public – they’re actually running a Blog Cruise which takes off from Fort Lauderdale in Florida and sails to Mexico!

Confirmed speakers so far include Jeremy Wright, Jim Turner, Scott Goldblatt, Tris Hussey and B.L Ochman all of whom are great value bloggers.

The overall focus of the conference is Business blogging and the more details sub-topics include:

* Choosing and Developing Content
* Blog Metrics
* Return on Investment (ROI)
* Blog Marketing
* Using a Blog for a specific campaign
* Business Applications and RSS
* Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Monetization
* A Study in Real Life Business Blog Success

Sounds like a fun few days!

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • jim

    This is an interesting idea, hope it works out for them since a lot of times on cruises the ‘sea days’ are kind of dull (unless you really really enjoy gambling in the casino!).

  • Darren,

    Might you be attending?

  • I too knew this was coming. Now that it’s hear, I’ve got to say… ouch on the balance due by July.

    At any rate, I’m hoping my readers will sponsor me. To that end, I’ve begun softening them up. LOL. I’m not holding my breath though

  • Rob – I ‘might’….

  • I might be too :-)

  • There’s a strong possibility that by October I will have enough of my global domination pieces in place to take a few days off.

  • jim – The sea days are when our event gets rolling. By having a 4 day cruise, there is not too much time at sea. We have receptions, the conference, workshops, and such planned for those days. When you are in Key West and in Cozumel, we wish for you to enjoy those locations and have not planned content during the majority of those times. By having a cruise – we give you a conference and a vacation that your family can enjoy as well.

    Aaron – I understand your concern on the balance due by July. Right now, that is a requirement by the cruise company. I wish it were different (and am working to that extent), but the fact remains that July 1st is still 6 months away. We are all excited about such an event here at One By One Media and hope that all Problogger readers will be able to join us.

  • Thanks Scott. I understand about Royal Carribean>/em>… :)

  • Luke

    I’ve gotta beach house at Cozumel if you need somewhere to crash…hombres.

  • Lindsay

    Nice idea, but I’ll pass on signing up for a Caribbean cruise that lands smack in the middle of hurricane season ;P

  • Isn’t it the far end of hurricane season? Especially for Mexico?

    Luke: My wife and I’ll take you up on that if you want ;)

  • Lindsay – Valid point and one that we paid careful attention to when putting together this event. But actually, on a cruise ship is one of the safest places to be if you plan to visit the Caribbean during hurricane season. With today’s sophisticated hurricane information systems, ships can navigate around severe tropical storms or hurricanes. However, we might miss out on a destination if a storm is heading towards it.

  • this is to close off the italics (hopefully).

  • Thanks Jeremy :-)

  • Jeremy: That was my fault, apparently. :p

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  • Luke

    sorry jeremy that was a joke for the locals. i’m a long way from mexico.

  • This is indeed a great idea. It is these interesting ideas that bring fun to blogging.