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Bloglines Issues?

Is anyone else having problems accessing their feeds on bloglines today?

I’ve been trying to log in (from a different computer to normal) and can’t see any of my feeds after it logs me in.

Interested if this is an isolated issue or not?

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  • Lee

    No problems here – my notifier just alterted me to your post, logged in a read it as usual

  • Acting a bit weird – no feeds displayed in the left-hand window. Hopefully just a temporary problem.

  • Same as Andy. I find if I minimize the window and get on with something else for a while, when I click it back it’s OK. It’s slow that’s all.

  • works fine, even with your Feed.

  • Everything gone here too.
    I do have a kind of current backup, but I have several feeds halfread and marked items in it, would be a hell if I had to go again through those ~700 feeds. :(

    And it seems as if feedburner has problems too – you just have zero readers.

    (Fits into my week – bloglines away, half crashed hard disk, one of my domains not reachable because they probably changed something and so on – and it is only tuesday morning …).

  • Heh feedburner stats look ok here. Still no bloglines.

  • Lee

    Think I spoke too soon, not working for me either now!

    As Nicole mentions, Feedburner stats are showing zero across quite a few sites at the moment (although when Nicole first posted that, they were still showing fine for me).

  • I had the same problem. No feeds listed in the left sidebar. Of course I made the mistake of clicking on the feeds folder, which pulled up all my unread feeds in one massive ugly list. Whoops.

    I did find that logging out and logging back in brought back the list of feeds.

  • Grrrr. Bloglines has been down for way too long. Totally unacceptable!

  • You have to give them some slack? I am not sure where they’re based but if they are central-to-west coast US, and don’t have 24/7 technicians, it might be a while until they see there’s a problem. For a free service, they usually do OK.

    Particularly with free services, it’s eggs and baskets analogy time. Make sure your feeds are accessible elsewhere (even if not totally synched) for cases like this.

    (Like I’m the lecturer…) :)

  • I am having the same problem, I am frustrated to the point where I am looking very hard @ Lektora instead. I have had to many issues with bloglines of late…

  • Bloglines performed maintenance last night (after midnight on the US East Coast time zone). Must still be having problems.

  • My Bloglines is back (checked 3.40pm UK time Tuesday)

  • It’s back up now

  • jim

    Mine has returned too… for a while my lists were empty also.

  • Oh I want such a feedburner return too – before Darren had 540 subscribers, now he has 620 :)))

  • I was having problems earlier in the day, the left frame not displaying and behaving bizarrely. Seems alright now, though.

  • Bloglines explains the problem.

  • Ben

    Mine was acting strangely all day yesterday (I was experiencing the problem you described). Without my feeds I felt blind!

    I think it might be the scourge of later night maintenance, US time, that hits us Aussies in the middle of the day.

  • Yeah, had the same problem… Now it looks like working fine…
    More and more problems bloglines has. I saw some error message a week or two ago and couldn’t access bloglines..

  • Bloglines is currently working on a “world-class blog search facility” which the CEO promised by “summer”. No doubt that’s causing a few problems.

  • had same issues, all feeds disappeared then back but as ALL read

  • Works for me well.