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Blogging Goals – Reader Submissions Part 1

Posted By Darren Rowse 6th of June 2006 ProBlogger Site News 10


The submissions for the ‘Blogging Goals’ Group writing project have begun to flow in over night (29 already). Don’t forget that you can submit your posts (following the guidelines) up until Thursday this week. Here’s the first batch of submissions:

Please check them out – there are some great submissions already! I’m posting all reader submissions on the central page here.

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  1. Good work everyone!
    This first batch is excellent. Testament to a really great idea. Thanks Darren.

  2. Post your votes here:
    Please don’t vote for yourself. Be fair.

  3. Maybe this isn’t in the spirit of the game, but it might help to sort these roughly by blog type (politics, entertainment, etc), rather than just present a wall of blog links.


  4. Un blog sin objetivos no triunfa: Lista de los más osados…

    ¿Debe un blog existir? ¿Ganar 500 dólares al día? ¿2 millones de lectores semanales? Darren, de problogger, ha invitado a sus lectores a que los objetivos de sus blogs. El resultado es muy curioso……

  5. Hi Darren,

    Could you be kind enough to contact me. I have some information that I would like to query with you.

    Kind Regards

  6. Hi Darren,

    I have worked out what was worrying me. My mistake and all fixed.


  7. […] Problogger contribution: Blogging goals Sorry to interrupt my usual area of discussion but in hopes of getting more traffic and hits and helping my blog grow, I wanted to take a post to provide my submission as part of Darren Rowse’s Problogger Blogging Goals Group writing project. […]

  8. Yehuda Berlinger,
    You right. It doesn’t quite fit. Just took it down.

  9. […] This time I expect that we have much wider spread of goals than what we had with blogging habits. Therefore I am not going to make statistical analysis of submitted posts. However, I am going to write a comment on every single submission and give my feedback to you all (here and here). Oh, by the way, did you notice how Darren goes from numbers to letters? […]

  10. […] de mails, Darren de Problogger, nos invitaba a enviarle algún artículo, donde comentásemos los objetivos de nuestro blog, así que nos animamos a enviarle el artículo de previsiones de ingresos de BlogsFarm, que ha […]

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