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Blogging Data We Can All Learn From

The BlogKits 2005 Blogging & Advertising Survey is about to close up. Here’s the best part. I’m going to release the raw data from this study on next week for anyone to download and analyze as they see fit. So if you haven’t taken the short survey yet, please do, it will benefit us all in the end. There’s some amazing data in there.

Here’s a sneak peek. 80% of bloggers agree that advertisements are ok on their own blogs. 16% of those who answered were neutral on the statement, with a measly 4% or less saying they don’t think ads should be on their blog. I know for a fact that number was probably less than 30% just two years ago.

On the same note, 76% of bloggers feel that their readers are also ok with ads on blogs. While 15% stayed neutral, only 9% or thought different. Who reads blogs? Well, a lot of bloggers read other blogs. So it’s safe to assume that bloggers are also blog readers.

Finally, one of my most favorite questions. “I am more likely to click on an ad in a blog that I enjoy reading?” 84% of the respondents agreed to this question, while 10% stayed neutral and less than 6% disagreed. Seems like common sense right? The data would concur with that statement.

  • “I know for a fact that number was probably less than 30% just two years ago.”

    Which number was less than 30%? I assume it was the number of bloggers who were OK with ads on their blogs, but it wasn’t quite clear the way you structured that paragraph.

    Can’t wait to see the survey results….

  • Waiting. . .

  • Ken

    Advertising like Adsense I don’t see as a big problem because Google isn’t pushing a product upon us and it’s based on what we are writing about at the time.

    I have to look at the wording, survey results can be skewed by how a question is worded and how the surveyee interprets the question.

    Thanks for the offer of allowing to look at the data and not charging us up the wazoo for it. =)

  • Initially I didn’t like ads as a reader. I initially felt it interfered with the content. Now that the ads are more relevant to the content and seem closer to the design of the web page, I feel they’re less obtrusive. Compare AdSense to TV commercials. “.. on the next Fear Factor” followed by “For heavy flow days, I use PlugIt.” I’m curious to see what the sampling size is.

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