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Blogging at work

Posted By Chrispian 7th of June 2005 General, Reader Questions 0 Comments

I just read Blogging On The Boss’ Time and it got me thinking, how many of us “Probloggers” who still have day jobs blog from work? I know many companies are starting to monitor blogging activity, but part of my job is actually blogging at work. But I find at times I’m blogging on my own sites. Usually I restrict this to very short posts, slow times, or something that just can’t wait. I’ll often post something at lunch, but that’s my time.

Personally, I try to blog whenever I can but I try not to take advantage of my employer. I don’t want to get dooced, after all. So, I thought I would ask, how many of you post from work (your day job) and does your company have a blogging policy?

  1. Yikes, I’ve been caught red handed!
    The company I work for is way too small to have a blogging policy (I doubt anyone there even knows what a blog is,) and while I definitely blog on work time, it is accepted by my employers that I have a lot of down-time (waiting for the computers to do their thing,) so it’s not such a big deal. Sometimes though…yes, I must admit it, my work can suffer because my mind is on something else…blogging!

  2. If I see something interesting, I’ll send a post through email. I try not to do it often though because it could easily get out of control.

  3. I try not to..but it can’t be helped…shhhh..don’t tell anyone! :)

  4. I must admit that I have created a post or two while at work but I try to keep this to minimum. Usually I will post over my lunch break or right before I go home for the day.

  5. Even on lunch break my past employer did not condone “blogging” or basically any online activity…

  6. I try not to blog at work, but have done it very sporadically. What I’m really guilty of is finding blog material while at work. One of my job tasks is to monitor what’s being posted in the news sites for our clients, and, while I’m there, I make notes into my posting “idea” file for posts.

    My employer does have an internet use policy, but it doesn’t specifically mention blogs.

  7. In a couple of my previous jobs I had so little to do that I ended up posting a lot from work. It graduated from having a Blogger window hidden behind everything else and typing in it when no-one was looking to actively spending all day surfing and culling news stories.

    Oddly enough it wasn’t very satisfying. Sure, I got “paid” to blog, but I’d rather have been given something to do (related to my job and a bit challenging) at work or blog full time at home. At my new job I’m kept busy all day, so there’s no work blogging. This has affected the number of hours I have to post, but I feel less guilty about what I’m being paid to do.

  8. My “day job” is actually a night job. While I’m at work, I’m the only employee there. There are certain projects and things that I have to take care of, of course, but once things are done I’m either reading blogs or posting in my own, and in the past, I’ve even recorded podcasts.

    My employer does not have any kind of internet use policy, but I have let them know the URLs of every place that I have a blog. This way, it makes it easy for them to find out what I’m writing about, and “when” I’m writing. If they wanted me to stop posting while I’m on the clock, I would. I’d just have to turn on the TV, like anyone else who works the same shift. Until then, the TV stays off.

  9. Since the company I work for is small we don’t have a blogging policy, but the boss doesn’t mind us using the net for personal business for as long as it doesn’t interfere with work.

  10. I’d made 2 post in my blog when I was alone in office just now. :P
    Same as other, my company doesn’t apply any internet use policy. As a web programmer, my job make me easier to blog at working hours. Although I think its unethical.

  11. Yeah – I definitely blog during work, but then again part of my job is blogging. The way I see it is – by maintain my own blog helps to refine my blogging skill which in turn helps my employer.

  12. Well, think i’m the only one here who goes to school…

    So…no, i don’t blog at school, the PCs there are too crappy, and i can’t concentrate, but i do visit my blog from time to time, visit other blogs, and see what’s new..


  13. Hell to tell you the truth some of my best posts were written during a lunch break. I don’t write too much as I am supposed to be working but if I find myself without something to do I’ll write about it. For the most part if I have an idea at work I give it a title, leave myself a breif note of what I wanted to talk about and come back to it later.

    But if I have time I will write and no one cares. The life of a programmer at work is different. I either have too much work or none whatsoever. It’s feast or famine; lately I’ve been having more days where I haven’t had much to do.

    Our policy is don’t ask don’t tell. We have a ethics and fair usage policy. However, every single person there including my boss has a very loose interpertation of this.

  14. I do most of my writing away from work, sometimes on paper, but tend to publish it at any time of the day, usually before or after work, or when I remember. I often blog at lunch too, when I catch up with the news.

  15. I think I fall into the same category as most of you. I try not to blog at work (yet here I am, commenting, lol). But when I have down time, or a story just can’t wait, that kind of thing. Mainly though, I send myself notes or bookmark things I want to blog about.

  16. I do a little blogging at work, but only when I have nothing on my plate that needs immediate attention. Even then, I try and wait until my lunch hour, or do it very quickly.

  17. I never ever blog from work. They do provide a computer with net access in the break room (we’re not supposed to go surfing while we’re working) but I never use it.

    It’s an old habit of mine. If you use work equipment to produce something and particularly if you’re doing it during your working day, they have a claim on what you produce.

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  19. I do most of my blogging at work. I took this particular job to do so. (I monitor research on third shift and, although there are nights where my responsibilities keep me going all night, I have that liberty.

    I am soon going to leave this position for I need a job with medical benefits. (This position is "as needed", so I only work when there is research being done.) I will miss it. Frankly I wish I could blog full-time.

    I agree however, you should not take advantage of your employer’s time. My situation is rather unique.

  20. If my employer would find out how much time do I spend on my personal blogs than he will kick me out of the office in a split of second.

  21. Add me to the “blogs at lunch or whenever I can’t help it” crowd. I occasionally write something the night before and post it later, but, I probably need to stop doing that.

  22. I dunno who blogs from work… but I’ve seen people have accessed my blog from military, government, business, and industry networks… so I’d say an important flip side to this question is do you/ what do you read at work?

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