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Blogger.com adds New Adsense Integration Features

Posted By Darren Rowse 23rd of September 2005 Adsense 0 Comments

Blogger.com have just gone and made it easy for bloggers using their system to integrate Adsense into their templates by adding new features which allow easy selection and design of ads to blend into their blogs. Bloggers get a more automated choice of size and colors. They offer a variety of ‘match template’ options and ‘blend template’ options.

Users of the system are given the ability to preview how their ads will look before going live with their changes.

Read about it at Blogger Help : How do I put AdSense on my blog?

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  1. Blogger & Splogs?

    I may be reading too much into this, but the paragraph:

    If you don’t have an AdSense account already, you can sign up for it right here within Blogger. Just enter a valid email address, choose a password, fill in some contact information (so you can get paid!) and then Blogger will register your account for you right away.

    doesn’t mention anything about needing approval.

    It maybe because this is a page overviewing the method of adding AdSense to Blogger, and the AdSense rules still apply, but ‘register your account for you right away’ sounds a bit lax.

    Maybe I’m just paranoid? :)

  2. Is it possible at all to have a successful blog run off blogger? I wonder if I hosted my site on my own domain it would perform better. Traffic has actually dropped on my blog since I started it.

  3. I hosted on blogger when I first started and when I made the jump to my own domain I lost subscribers at first, but am gradually getting back to where I need to be.

    I don’t regret using blogger’s web app, but I wish I had started out on my own domain.

    I have 4 sites that I maintain, and 3 of those use blogger’s interface. The fourth is not a blog. I contribute, for a small fee per post, to 2 different blogs. They both use WordPress.

  4. I actually think this is a pretty interesting development, although I expect a lot of people will attempt to create multiple blogs and just click their own links. It seems likely that the number of spam blogs will increase too – it is now easier than ever to set up a splog, just to earn some cash from the ads. What do you think?

  5. I just saw that addition last night when I was moving some ads around on my blog. I use blogger but hosting is else where with my own domain. I found the interface to suck personally. I had already gone to the adsense page and created the ad with a new color scheme and copied the code. I went to blogger and updated my template. I then saw the new button for the adsense feature. I previewed the ad and it looked ok, but it would not publish correctly. The new ad was the only one that the adsense tool would select and it was trying to set the color of “Custom” but it was picking the wrong custom theme out of the 4 I have set. Well, after this rant, I just wish I could disable the feature and spend 10 seconds more grabbing the code from adsense. I have never had a problem with the themes of an ad until this new feature.

  6. […] Blogger.com adds New Adsense Integration Features source […]

  7. Forget adsense, bloggers need catagories from blogger.com!

  8. Yeah, Categories would rock. I made my own categories by creating posts prior to the existence of my site and just adding links to those posts to my template’s sidebar. But of course, I have to then go add links to each individual post in the category post. It’s tedious, but I really don’t see any better way around it on blogger. My blog is starting to make consistent money every day (not a LOT of consistent money) but consistent. I believe that I will move it to its own domain once I’m comfortable that it can sustain a useful cashflow. I’m not sure what that level will be, but I’m not quite there yet. I guess when I feel like it can at least pay for sustaining itself.

  9. Was that SMS Guide post up there just shameless spam to get traffic to his/her site? Man, that’s just wrong.

  10. Looks like it Matt – but in actual fact its just a trackback that didn’t pull in any of the text he wrote about.

  11. Hmmm…. uhh… I know I should know this because I see it all the time. But what’s a track back?

  12. No wait. Don’t answer that. I’ll go do some research. LOL I’m sure it will make sense when I find out what it is!

  13. OHHHHHHHH!!!!! That’s brilliant! I had no idea! And incidentally, I found out all about trackback by going to the google search bar, right here on your own site and searching problogger.net for “trackback”. As usual, you had already posted a lovely explanation of the term at some point in the past which made it all very clear. Now I get it.

    So… is there like an ettiquette rule involved for this? I mean, now I know what it is, but SHOULD you do that when you link to an article on someone else’s blog to let them know?

    Man, I still have a lot to learn! Thanks again, Darren for having so many of the answers here!