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Blogger Earnings – How Much Money Can Bloggers Earn?

Posted By Darren Rowse 9th of May 2007 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

I get the question of ‘How Much Can Bloggers Earn?’ quite a bit.

Paula Neal Mooney has put together an interesting list of Bloggers and the Salaries that they make from their blogging. It’s a list that I suspect has taken her considerable time to put together.

While this type of list is pretty difficult to put together accurately (some bloggers talk about their earnings explicitly while others are a little more general – and I’m sure there are many bloggers not on the list because they don’t disclose earnings at all) it does show the type of money that some bloggers are making.

My own place on the list is one of the more ‘vague’ ones. Paula estimates that I earn between $120,000 and $1,200,000…. she’s right :-)

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. I may never see myself on that list, though it would be a good goal! in my whole time blogging, I’ve made a total of $15US in ad-revenue ;)

    Yay me!

  2. I hope someday I will listed on that list,, Now I only have few visitor to my blog… Darren, so that’s your income? No wonder you earn that much :) This blog is really inspire me and you have so many blogs that give you so many revenue!

  3. Once again, I’m impressed, with you, Darren, and also with this Paula Neal Mooney — what a cool blogger chick! Very interesting–

    I’m all googly-eyed from reading Group Writing Project submissions, just from today’s list — Wow! Gotta bet back to it, I think I’ve still got about 25 to go…

  4. Darren, you really earn 120k to 1.2 million? What have you done that make you rich like this? omg…I need to tell my mum now!(J/K)

  5. That is an impressive list. I can say I made over $5 and under $1 million ;)

    How’s that for vague??

  6. Wow that is indeed a whole heck of a lot of money. What am I doing wrong? Did I pick a topic that isn’t good for blog revenue or do I just update too infrequently? I’ve made a total of around $22 since September 2006.

  7. I made slightly less last year from blogging. ;)

  8. Well – thanks to you, Daz, I’ve made the jump and have included ads on my blog… using textlink ads, auction ads and adsense. My goal at this stage is to recover hosting and domain name related costs (I’ve got over 10 parked domains now).

    I’m concerned that my audience (small but growing) is a little too tech savvy to even see the ads (blocking software etc)… time will tell.

    Meanwhile – first round at the Melbourne meetup is on you! :)

  9. My initial goal was to cover my ISP hosting fees, which is about $10 a month. My first month running was just under $7 so I’m not too far off. Starting small but setting goals and reaching for the stars. One day I might even grow up to be like Darren :)

  10. My initial goal was the same, to cover hosting costs, and maybe lunch every day. My first blog has been up just over a year now, and in the past 2 months has earned me a little over $600 each month. Not quite making a living, but it’s a start. I plan to start more, and hopefully make it my career. It’s just a question of where to go from here.

  11. SEOmoz…

    Reading Sponsored reviews article 8 Must Read Blogs for Pro Bloggers I found several good blogs to start reading. I already visit Problogger and a couple of others, but one I have come across before but forgot about is……

  12. […] email updates.Thanks for visiting!I just came across Paula’s list of blogger salaries (via ProBlogger). She’s got a great compilation of blogger earnings, projecting one-year figures with some […]

  13. With about 15,000 daily visitors to my site ( http://johnbokma.com/ ) I make over $700/month with AdSense. I hope to get to over $1000/month later this year. I have about 1600 pages online, but about 50% are not content rich (a lot of comments pages have 0 comments, etc.). I probably can do more with better AdSense positioning, and adding more ads, but I prefer to focus on content for now and getting more inbound links (PR has been 7 for ages, want to see if I can make it 8).

    Good content, networking, and some understanding of SEO, are a must in my opinion. If you use the right software it does the latter for you so that leaves just 2.

  14. Seriously, my goal is just to get out of the red from domain/hosting costs. Amazing how well people do just from blogging.

  15. I’ve made $10 in my first three weeks. I’m rollin

  16. […] Published May 9th, 2007 Blog , Career , Web , Work , Life , Technology There is money to be earned by blogging. This led me to the list that Paula Neal Mooney has made. Must have spent quite a long time on […]

  17. Oh my God.

    I just got on my knees and thanked Him that you linked to me, Darren.


    And John Bokma, thanks for spelling out your income. You’re gonna be on my next list!

  18. Jeez, I earn more than most the people on the list. Shows that there is a lot of room at the top but a large mass of people near the bottom.

  19. […] Problogger Darren Rows takes a look at how much bloggers really earn […]

  20. Some or most of those on the list don’t earn a living from blogging. They just happen to have a blog. So the title is a little inaccurate I think.

  21. It is so overwhelming to learn that many bloggers actually earn money that reach to a million! Gosh! I never thought it could be done, but Darren confessed that he earns 120,000 to 1,200,000 dollars! (wait is that in months or years?)

    Gosh. To think that kind of success is only made possible because of ads, links, traffic, and a bloggers hard work.

    I really should do some work if I would aspire to get those digits.

    ^_^ Just thinking out loud ^_^

  22. wow, ok now i’ll have to start reading alll your posts from back when you started problogger, gotta study successful people, guess 120K a year is quite successful! :)

  23. Congrats on making the list, Darren !! Good Luck….

  24. @Paula Neal Mooney – Thanks Paula! I’ll do my best to write a blog post on it later this week, also with stats and growth figures. I probably could do much better if I researched more ways to make money besides AdSense but I try to focus on content writing which to me is already a major task not only because English is not my first language.

  25. Yeah, blogging could be a lucrative source of income. I know a few people who’ve been raking in the dough from blogging alone. And the best part of it is you get to work from virtually anywhere.

  26. Thank you for the heads-up on this one. It is amazing to see the amount of income some of the bloggers make and the various strategies they have made to get it. I also shared mine in my blog and hope to adopt what others have done to increase it further.

    @Paula – keep it up!

  27. I’m one that actually made the list, although I am way down there near the bottom. As Gaman noted, I do not make my *living* from the blog income yet but you have to start somewhere.

    The first few months that I was running my blog I was not really making anything, a few AdSense clicks here and there but not much else. The increase in earnings started as I added new sources of revenue to my site, such as Text Link Ads and Kontera. I’ve even sold my first private ad placement this past month.

    Thanks to Paula for making the list and to Darren for sharing the link. I’ll be working diligently to get my name rising through those ranks!

  28. Congrats, Paula! That’s something I couldn’t do when I entered Darren in the Bloggers Tournament earlier this year. =P

    So, Darren? $120k? Or $1.2M? =O Or…oh…none of my business? Ok. That’s cool too. =)

  29. I’ve made between $10 and $30 a month, in advertising on my site (http://bpmonaco.com/). You give me something to hope for, Darren.

  30. I must be doing something wrong.

    I get free hosting for my site (it has unlimited bandwidth too) so I don’t have any operating costs but I still cannot get the traffic needed. I took off my AdSense from my main page because at over 9 months of blogging I’ve made a total of $15 US? yea that makes me want to do advertising ;)

    I need like a Blog Gawd looking over my shoulder I think!

    Perhaps it’s time to do up a contest in exchange for reviews to see what it is I can improve on and what I am doing right……

  31. […] ProBlogger) von BloggingTom, abgelegt unter BloggingPermalink | Trackback URI print it! | yigg it! | wong […]

  32. Blogging could make you a lot of money, but in no way is it a walk in the park. Consistent posting, branding, and constant interaction with people online could get your blog rolling.

  33. I’ve made between $10 and $30 a month and my goal is to complete 100 in next month


  34. I only around the 700 unique daily visitors per day .. I’ve been blogging since May 2005 – and it’s coming up to my 2-year anniversary.

    I finally posted what my earnings are on my HART-Empire Network blog and it would appear that I am making about $14.05 USD PER DAY blogging! Woohoo!

    Of course, that is equivalent to 0.3 chargeable hours of my non-blogging business (18 minutes).

    But if you follow Darren’s blog – you’ll see that diversity is the key to earning income, and the money is in the archives. Besides the potential for (what I hope) exponential earnings .. I also have inventory and assets – the blogs and other sites in my network.

  35. I see more an more high profile bloggers not using adsense or hype “ad blasted blogs” and apparently still doing very well. Is Text-Link-Ads a viable blogger monetization model?

  36. […] stumbled across this, on Problogger.net. It seems that Paula Mooney has compiled a list of the salaries of top bloggers (and webmasters), […]

  37. I’m curious, I wonder what the traffic correlation would be for the amount of income such bloggers generate, wich might answer the question of how much traffic would you need a month before you could safely quit your day job. I’d like to see an income stream of $2500-$3000 a month (after taxes) but I have no idea how that translates trafficwise for me to achieve such a goal.

    In the meantime, I’ll just blog for the sake of blogging. :-)

  38. Rian, I got all confused, because I hadn’t posted a comment on this blog entry. (My name is Rian as well ;))

    In any case, my earnings are about $100/month and steadily rising, placing me near the bottom of that list, but not in last place. :)

  39. I am averaging about $1.60 a day at the moment. I think I almost make the list on that!

  40. […] Paula Neal Mooney has compiled a list of blogging salary. It’s not a good list really, untrustable facts and lots of misses here and there… but hey, what a great linkbaiting effort, Paula even got a mention from Problogger. […]

  41. When I first started with online advertising in June 2005 I was earning on average about 50 cents a day with about 300 impressions a day. Now I’m up to about $50 a day with 9500 impressions a day

  42. […] 列表中的 Darren Rowse 是非常著名的部落客,他的部落格提供许多实用的部落格资讯,他说这个列表对于他的收入评估正确。 […]

  43. I’ve started to disclose my online earnings on a monthly basis. I think if everyone did this it would make it much, much easier to estimate the average income of a blogger, and might help people understand what to expect.

    take care,

  44. I am in this business for just 5 months.

    After I have given up free blogspots and making real handwritten content I earn min. 1500$ just by blogging in 5 top domains. Next aim is to pass 3000$ level in next 6 months. My only concern is that the sources are mostly sponsored reviews, i am afraid one day it will not bring much :)))

  45. Very good list Paula made, but I really think it is mission impossbile to gather extensive list of bloggers’ ernings. A lot lot more people are earning a lot from their blogs and are not in the list. Part of it is that they have niche blogs that she did not discover, part of it – that they do not write in English for example. I have a blog in Bulgarian and is all about online shopping. It is live for 6 months now and I have easily made over 700 euro (about USD 1000 for that time). Now I am starting similar project in English (www.worldwidelivery.com) and, as I have expected, it wll take more time to gather respect and become popular.
    My point is – do not underestimate non-english blogs, because they do not have the competition some of you have.
    Have a great time earning online! A best of success everyone!

  46. I read through Paula’s list. I wondering how to calculate the Blogger’s income. Just the ads revenue on blog or do they include freelence journal writter income or other e-commerce income.
    Blogger on Paula’s list go very extreme. Either making a lot or making almost nothing. Does it refelect the net traffic had a similar character?

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