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Blogger Cruise Adds Speakers

Posted By Darren Rowse 28th of January 2006 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

I just checked out the Blog Cruise homepage again and noticed that there are new speakers in the list. Headlining it now is Robert Scoble. Also added since last time I looked are Toby Bloomberg, Dave Taylor and John Nardini. The full list is:

A few readers have asked if I’ll be joining the cruise. I’m seriously considering attending and am just working through whether it’s the best time to be away from home with our family growing to 3 a few months before.

Who else is going? Have you booked yet?

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  • Okay I will pay for the babysitter. Let me talk to the one in charge…;)

  • Come on Darren, you’ve got to go…

  • hehe – hoping to

  • Rob – If Darren has gotta go, are you?

  • Scott, it’s funny that you bring that up.

  • OK I’m getting A-lister-itis – I must be the only blogger who doesn’t want to go! BFN members forgive me for my heresy! I think “headlined by Robert Scoble’ was what did it…

  • Hmm, I only just stumbled across this. I may be in that part of the world in October too (the northern part where there are all those people blogging, unlike down here – Australia), so perhaps attending is an option.

    I’ve never been on a boat cruise – sounds like fun!

  • Andy: I know what you’re saying. Personally I think Tris’s stuff’ll be more interesting than Scoble’s or mine. I’m actually thinking of skipping my own sessions to listen to his.

  • Heheh … please don’t think I’m painting everyone with the same brush – it’s the concept more than the individuals, and I guess I always had that potato wedge on my shoulder about anything or one connected with Microsoft (which I guess includes me as I have to use their SQL Server every day)

  • Yeah, come on Darren … I’ll buy you a fruity drink … or a good lager.

    Wow Jeremy… man, I’m blown away. Good thing that on the draft agenda you’re spekaing after me!

  • FMF

    Darren —

    I would LOVE to meet you and hope you do go. You’re my hero. ;-)

  • hehe – I feel a Bette Midler song coming on…

  • Andy – I understand that you may be “getting A-lister-itis”, but I would answer that with the notion that the blogging “A-List” is more a notion you have given to the presenters yourself than what we have presented them as. As I state on my latest post “I would not go so far as to state that we have a single headliner or keynote though. I am quite proud of all the accomplishments our presenters have had and feel that each in their own right is a keynote”. I would call “A-list blogger” a state of mind. We have just brought together those presenters that we felt represented the blogging community and have significant experience (with blogging) and insight to present the topics at hand. We hope that you will change your mind and join us, so that you may see this for yourself and join in our open discussion on board the ship.

    Jeremy – Well said. You are welcome to skip your own sessions if you want. Maybe record them now and we’ll replay them on board with a life size cut out of you (granted you must provide the cutout)? While that is happening you could be having a drink on the observation deck.

  • Art R.

    The perfect keynote speaker for this cruise?

    Manolo the Shoeblogger!

  • I certainly can’t compete with the “a-list” guys! So, I’m thinking .. a poolside session with rum drinks…if you don’t like my presentation you can drink more or jump in the pool! Seriously, venue aside, in addition to offering informative content, it’s a great opportunity for people within the “industry” to discuss some of the issues that are challenging us. I see those conversations as being as valuable as the sessions and happening more easily than if the conference were held in a traditional venue.