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BlogBurst Announces Rewards Program

Posted By Darren Rowse 9th of November 2006 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

Blogburst-1BlogBurst has come out of Beta testing and is entering into a ‘commercial offering’ and has announced to it’s bloggers that they are instituting a Rewards Program.

For those who don’t remember – BlogBurst is a system that gives bloggers exposure in main stream media’s online sites. They sell your content to online newspapers which until this point ‘paid’ you with a byline and link back to your blog.

Now however they’ll be paying their Top 100 bloggers with a payment system that is quite different to anything I’ve seen before in the blogosphere. They are basing their rewards program upon a system like the PGA leaderboard where there is an amount that will be paid out each quarter which will be split between the top 100 in a prearranged way.

Position 1 will earn $1500, position 2 $1250, position 3 $1150 right down to positions 81-100 earning $50.

It’s an interesting model and will of course appeal to their top bloggers and put offside a lot of the smaller publishers.

The actual numbers seem smallish to me (remember they are paying these amounts for 3 months rather than monthly) but then again I’m not privy to knowing how much of a blogger’s content is actually used in that time. If it’s just a few articles then it’d be fine but I’m not sure I’d want to be seeing my content appear on other sites regularly for around $16 per day ($1500 divided by 90 days).

I can see some bloggers are already concerned about the new system on the blogburst blog announcement for a number of reasons including that payments are currently only open to US based bloggers (as a non US blogger I know this would be frustrating. While I understand the complexities of international rules around tax I’m sensing quite a bit of frustration from the non US blogosphere on these types of issues lately (exclusive beta tests, ad networks not counting non US traffic, publishers being removed from ad networks for non being US based etc).

It seems that they are not keeping aside money earned by non US publishers for future payments which would have been one way to satisfy their high performing overseas publishers.

Having said all that – this is the first version of BlogBurst’s rewards program and they do indicate that they are working on issues of non US publishers and will add more slots to the leader board as they grow so hopefully publishers will be fairly compensated in the future.

Hat Tip to Leigh and Michael for letting me know about this.

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  1. Either I am missing something or there is no way to submit their invitation request form!

    Can anyone tell me how to “submit” that form? There is no submit button!!

    – Alister

  2. I am missing something too, my content showing on other sites as FULL posts and not only summary ? won’t that affect my page ranking in search engine for duplicate contents? furthermore why would anyone even bother visiting my blog after having had the opportunity to read the full post?

    Just my $.02

  3. :( i’m sorry for my multiple posts obviously something wrong with my browser sorry again

  4. @ alister : you have to push the ‘get’ button first so they can spider your rss feed That is why :)

  5. @ Antoine Khater … The agreement is that you have full feeds so they can use full posts and not the summary. Which means no one ever clicks through to your site (Well at least not in my case). I was invited to add my movie blog a while back with the usual flattering “your blog is unique and offers quality content” spiel. It’s always nice to be recognised and as Pluck is not just another fly by night network I agreed. I didn’t really check much after that and only remembered I was a member when I used excerpts and was told it needed to be full feeds all the time. I finally checked to see if any contented had been used and it had been on what seem to be area’s of fairly large regional newspapers in the US. Nobody has clicked through from them as far as I can tell and I’m not particularly happy about spending hours writing for someone else to then sell that content on with no chance of remuneration because I am in Europe and never likely to be in the top 100

    So it’s back to running partial feeds for me as I don’t see any benefit in this deal for myself at all.

    That’s not to be negative to about Blogburst it may well be great for others and they are clear about how the system works, but in my case it’s a very one sided deal.

  6. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. But, as always, your post are very well formed and researched. Thanks a lot.

    Terry J. Snipes, Jr.

  7. “to it’s bloggers” should be “to its bloggers” : )

  8. hahaha! Did you look over the blogburst badges page? At the bottom they have a badger badge. And mentioned it was a typo but included the badger as a badge for those who requested a badger. Funny.

    I don’ t know. It looks as though it may be a good place to start if you want to be part of a network. Nice looking site.

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