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BlogBeat Purchased by Feedburner

It’s been an interesting weekend culminating in the announcement this morning that BlogBeat, the feed-based stats service has been purchased by Feedburner.

I’m a big Feedburner fan so my initial instincts on this news are good. I think there’s a valuable market for stats by feed and I would add them to my collection of stat programs. From the press release, it sounds that the features of BlogBeat which have thus-far been a paid-for service will be integrated into Feedburner’s StandardStats – a free service. So for all of you who paid for BlogBeat are entitled to a refund.

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  1. Should be a great addition. Feedburner is hustling.

  2. […] It was tough to miss this news. I saw it in my Feedburner account, and then saw it mentioned by Problogger and TechCrunch. Word travels fast in the blogosphere. The acquisition looks good for FeedBurner, who is really on a roll. They have a ton of great stats features for RSS feed management, and now they’re going a bit further into the whole realm of blog stats. […]

  3. Feedburner is such a valuable resource for bloggers and it keeps getting better.

  4. FB is, for me at least, indispensable! And their customer support is second to none!

  5. is that the good or bad news for bloggers?

  6. Jeff Turner runs BlogBeat – I’ve spoken to him on numerous occasions and he seems like a great guy. He donated a 1-year subscription to BlogBeat for a writing contest I recently completed (of course it’ll be free now, but it was still nice of him when he donated it months ago!)

    He’s worked hard, build a good product (which I do use) and I think he’ll add great things to FeedBurner, which I’ve also enjoyed as a great service.

    There’s lots of stats-related software out there but I think someone can do a better job of things and take it to the next level. Jeff and FeedBurner might just do that.

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