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Blogarithm – Blog Email Subscription Tool

Posted By Darren Rowse 19th of October 2005 Blogging Tools and Services 0 Comments

Blogarithm is a tool that you can add to your blog to give your readers the option to subscribe to it via email. It’s a good system for those readers who have yet to discover or adopt RSS and news aggregators.

I’m probably not going to use it because I generally encourage RSS readership and/or newsletters for my readers to follow my blogs via – but it could be worthwhile for some.

If you’d like to test it just add (what else!?) and your email to the form on blogarithm’s front page.

If you use it – let me know how you find it.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • There is another new service called FeedBlitz ( that does the same thing. I stumbled upon blogarithm recently and was wondering which service was better. FeedBlitz also works fine with FeedBurner statistics (i.e. no. of subscribers is added to the no. of statistics shown by FeedBurner).

    Am thinking of trying out Blogarithm to see if it offers anything new/better. 1 think I dont like about FeedBlitz mails is the garish orange colour that they use as well as inability on the blogger’s part to make the emails text-only.

  • blogarithm is kind of new, the website is dodgy and i’ve tried the service and find it un-attractive, i like the whole idea of people subscribing to your blog thru email.

    take a look at their site, they’ve got google adsense place at certain location, kind of weird that there is no paid service and their main source of income is the ads display at their site. How long would company like these last?

    he registration is resonable, but they don’t really allow you to customise the html code to your liking. other than that, its okay. should give it a try.

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  • I’ve used Blogarithm for about a year and a half. It’s fine for web sites that aren’t up to RSS speed. However, the sites I monitor via Blogarithm predate the popularity of RSS.

  • Darren, completely off-topic but are you having trouble with your email – my emails to your are returning back undeliverable

  • I actually read all of my RSS subscriptions via IMAP email, though I subscribe to the feeds and a custom script emails them to me rather than any service like this. I’ve tried a LOT of the aggregators out there and none of them are as flexible as Thunderbird or Outlook on IMAP. The filters, views and organization are way better than any of the aggregators that I’ve tried: online or desktop. I’m not just stuck with read/unread and maybe delete. I don’t have to read by any predefined group or one feed at a time and because it’s IMAP, it persists between sessions and on different computers.

    If there’s an aggregator that has real flexibility in working with feed items, I’d love to hear about it.

  • Darren, sorry no luck on both emails ( & – keep bouncing back.

  • not xhtml-compliant. this is a bit of an issue.

  • sorry Darren, doesn’t appear to be anything to do with you – I’ve tried other different emails and they all bounce back.

    just installed adsl this morning, must be an issue there (can recieve emails but not send) – sorry for the inconvenience

  • I envy those of you who have demographics that are technically savvy, unfortunately a very large segment of my visitors have not clue what RSS is or how to use it.

    Without email feeds I would miss a very large part of my audience.

    I am continually amazed at how many of my techie friends still have not discovered the word aggregator.

  • I use feedblitz on my site and it works beautifully. Blogflux also works well

  • Is this any different than RMail? I use that on my sites.

  • Thanks for mentioning us, Darren, and for all the great feedback! We’re doing our very best to ensure that our subscribers (and the bloggers who recommend us to their readers) have the absolute best possible experience.

    I’d like mention a few things that folks might want to consider:

    1. Though we’ve recently major some major enhancements, with some more big ones on the way, we’ve been doing this for over 3 years now.

    2. We’re essentially an RSS reader via email (for now). What (we think, anyway) is so cool is that we also work with blogs and other websites that don’t have RSS! For the 10% or so of blog readers (and about 60% of blogs) that have figured out RSS, it’s fantastic. We’re trying to help out the other 90%. With us, you get the benefits of RSS, etc, without having to worry about a feed’s URL and whether or not the blog even has one. We love RSS, too – we just think the answer to more people using it is to integrate it into what they already do, not make them have to learn a new way of doing things.

    3. We’re as xhtml-compliant as having google ads allows us to be. Everything besides the ad code is completely compliant.

  • Yes, Max is right. I was wrong. I copied the code to my site and it seems to be perfect XHTML stuff. Well done!

    I personally don’t have found an issue with AdSense, but maybe some formats are causing trouble. I keep this in mind.

  • We recently started using FeedBlitz ( and we are very pleased with their service.

    Not only does it work as advertised, but we’ve found the company to be very responsive as well. They even implented a feature we suggested.

    As Varun mentioned, FeedBlitz it integrates well with Feedburner.

  • Certainly for wordpress blogs i prefer to keep control of everything myself as there are some excellent plugins that do the job nicely. At present i use
    Subscribe 2 which works like a charm delivering via email posts instantly and I also use Subscribe to comments 2 which allows visitors to automatically subscribe to comments on an individual post basis.

  • Thanks Darren. This is very interesting. I tried FeedBlitz but the inability to control when the posts are emailed was a bit of a down side. By the way in a recent vote, 25% of my site visitors said they’d like to be able to get posts by email. Then again this is a cartoon site -so I can see why.

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