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Blog World Expo and New Media Expo Merge Into One Event

Posted By Darren Rowse 11th of December 2008 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

This makes a lot of sense to me – Blog World Expo and New Media Expo are merging into one mega conference in 2009 (New Media Expo has been sold to BWE).

I remember thinking halfway through BWE this year that a lot of the content being covered wasn’t strictly about blogging. There were lots of sessions exploring other types of social media that related to blogging. I wasn’t complaining – but it wasn’t strictly about blogging.

2009’s BlogWorld & New Media Expo will take place October 15 – 17 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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  • Yay! Too many of these things.

  • (just misses the brass ring) :-)

    Thanks for the dates, Darren.

    Markin’ it on the ol’ calendar.


  • This was my first year at BWE08. I had the opportunity to meet you and learn a lot from a great group of presenters! As for next year….see you there! Wouldn’t miss it!

  • Sweet, I am hoping that this year I can attend. It is one of my goals for 2009.

  • I think this makes a lot of sense. In fact, I think a few more conferences could probably stand to consolidate like this–the conference calendar is getting a little ridiculously crowded.

  • Had a great time at BWE08! Wondering if I should try and get back to it next year or go to something like SXSW instead… ideas? Social media corporate focus for me.

  • Michelle – SXSW was great this year also. If I were to pick from any I’d put it and BWE right up there. BWE is great for me as it’s right on topic for my niche – SXSW was much much bigger but less focused. Great for networking but overwhelming.

    The other conference I’d love to get to is Lockergnome. Not sure which I’ll get to next year – if only they were all on one after the other I’d be able to get to them all but its such a long way to go from here in Australia.

  • this kinda of thing hard to be find in my place,
    what can i do just read about it..

    wow, you willing to go all the way us, from Australia..
    it along journey though..

  • thank you for the post Darren. You are absolutely correct. We were already covering topics outside of blogging and this merge continues us down that path to being the conference for all forms of social media.

    And Lockergnome is great btw! I went last year. Chris, Ponzi and their team do a great job!

    SxSW is great too. As Darren says much less focused on social media but still a lot of fun!

  • Thanks for the feedback! :)

  • Too bad I cannot attend any of these expos since I live in India and they are far away from here.

  • This sounds like blogging’s version of the National Association of Broadcaster’s convention — known in the biz as “NAB” and is also held in Vegas. That said, I suppose we’re “Narrowcasters” Or “Long Tailers.” ;)

    Anyway, this sounds like honkin’ huge conference. Still, I’m considering going – maybe. My blog will be a little over a year old by then. Will fairly new bloggers like me get lost there? Or are the programs just an excuse to socialize and network? Or is it a trade show for plug-ins and hardware? What should we expect? Thanks!

  • I guess this is going to be a good time to go for the first time. Can’t wait for it. I’m going to be the first wedding photographer to have 30,000 unique visitors a month. Boo-ya to that…by peeps

  • Rhonda you nailed it on the head! I often describe our event as a cross between NAB and ComicCon 8).

    We are no where close to as big as either one of them…..Yet =p

  • NAB meets ComicCon. :) I love it. Thanks for the smile, Rick.

    DH goes to NAB every few years of so. I’ve never been (scheduling issues.)

    One year, one of his colleagues wore a pedometer while he was on the convention floor (or should I say “floors” since the trade show spills over to the Sands Convention Center, too.). Anyway, he clocked 16 miles of walking in one day.

    Back on topic — I imagine that NAB will start adding an online element, if it hasn’t already, because broadcasters now have websites and have been experimenting with online outlets. Blogging is just another aspect of that.

  • sounds very great event…… with many sessions about social media,thanks