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Blog Mentoring Program Launches

Posted By Darren Rowse 22nd of June 2007 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

I’m really excited to see Yaro Starak finally launch his Blog Mastermind Mentoring Program in the last few days.

I’ve been chatting to Yaro about this program for at least a year now and cannot believe the amount of work he’s put into developing it. He’s done so much research, written so much content, recorded so many interviews and has really honed it all into a program that I believe will help many bloggers striving to make a living from blogging.

You can get a taste for Yaro’s style from his free Blog Profits Blueprint which I’ve previously linked to – but the full mentoring program will give you a lot more – including regular e-lessons via email, a 10 part audio series, access to a members only forum, blog case studies (audio and video), extreme makeover advice on your blog, interviews with Yaro as well as some bonus interviews with Pro Bloggers (including one Yaro did with me).

The cost – $47 per month (but only for 7 days until it goes up). While this might seem like a significant amount of money – my theory is that it’s an investment in learning the tools of how to make a living from blogging. Yaro offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee – if you’re not happy you get your money back. I trust Yaro to do this (I know where he lives).

Having looked over what’s on offer for the $47 I’d recommend checking it out also. Take a look around and see what you get and if you don’t start learning from it you can cancel your next month’s membership at any point.

The thing I love about Yaro’s style is that he’s actually built a blogging income from blogs that don’t consume him. Yaro does work hard at his blogging – but he keeps perspective and balance also both in the style of blogging that he does but also the work/life balance thing (he even has time to exercise, have friends and travel – I’m so jealous).

The Blog Mastermind Mentoring is a program that I’d recommend for beginner to intermediate level bloggers. It goes over the basics for those just starting out but explores some of the more advanced techniques.

This won’t be for everyone – but if you’re serious about making money from blogging it’ll be one resource to check out. Learn more about it here.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. I’ve signed up for the Mentoring program and as someone who is yet to start my own blog I’m really excited by what I found on the other side. Yaro has put together some easy to understand tutorials and I am confident that I can implement what he’s suggesting. Well worth checking out.

    Like you, I figured that if I didn’t learn anything from it that I could get my money back or simply not renew my membership, but from what I’ve already learned I am sure I’ll be staying with the program for some time yet.

    My wife paid tens of thousands of dollars for her degree, I figure I can afford a few hundred over a year.

  2. Yaro is a good guy. I’m sure this will be a great program.

  3. “NB: This post does contain affiliate links – however I stand by the review of Yaro’s program.”

    Out of curiosity, what the heck does “NB” stand for?

  4. NB == “Nota Bene,” literally “note well” in Latin, usually used to mean “please note.”

  5. I’ve been waiting for this ever since I read Blog Profits Blueprint and didn’t hesitate to sign up when I got my email.

    I needed something like this.


  6. Andrew D says: 06/22/2007 at 12:17 pm

    Eeek! The design of that site gives it some credibility issues. Looks like a get-rich-quick scheme.

  7. hi darren.. this sounds interesting..thanks for the post…maybe I could learn more about blogging online..

  8. Andrew – yeah it’s a typical sales page, not really designed for cynical bloggers like ourselves – however it’s what is behind the sales page that really matters.

    Those who have signed up – please feel free to give us some initial impression reviews here. Thanks for your Tim, sounds like you’ve got just the right attitude to get the most out of something like this. It’ll be definitely something where people get out of it what they put in.

  9. I signed up. I’d call myself perhaps an intermediate blogger, but I’m thinking I”m going to get al ot out of this.

  10. I just signed up too. I’ve been hovering around the 1000 readers a day and am hoping Yaro can help me over the hurdle. :)

    So far, I’m still poking around and getting my bearings. I’ve found MP3s (several hours worth), a video and my blog lesson number 1. Lesson 1 starts out with the basics so novices will probably head over to his subscriber forum to hit him up with a question or two.

    I’m looking forward to working through the process.

  11. I signed up already. I read his e-book Blog profits blueprint that is great e-book that gives me ideas.

  12. It seems like bloggers always post why they are so successful (or not), I can’t imagine being mentored on things that have been floating around the blogosphere for a few years now… but then again, maybe I’m wrong?

  13. I downloaded Yaro’s free e-book a while ago and I’m surprised he is using that 1990’s sales letter.

    I have personally learned to skip offers as soon as I identify the usual pattern.

    I am sure the program is great, Brain recommended it, you are recommending it. Now, what is the problem with trying different sales letters. Why associate yourself with scammers?

    Even Michael Fortin acknowledges those long sales letters are dead.

    I think Yaro should split test with a different sales letter and measure results.

  14. Hamlet, are you sure about Michael Fortin?
    Those sales letters, continue to exist because they work. Because they create a squeeze on the consumer to either buy or leave (there are simply no other options). To infer that product is spam or low value because of the format of the sales page is just plain silly.
    Many, many, many very high quality products are sold using this format, including Michael Fortin’s Copywriting service.

  15. I’m sure the program will have some great information, but what could there be in there that isn’t already out there on blogs like this one?

  16. I agree with Hamlet, those sales pages all look the same and they all sound like dodgy schemes trying to get you to buy something which isn’t really worth anything (I’m not saying that’s the case, but as soon as I see that sort of sales page in my browser I close the tab because I expect a professional service to have a professional sales page). Obviously they must work because people keep using them and making money as a result, but I think they look cheap, tacky and unprofessional.

  17. This seems to be something that I will join, and I don´t think that the price is too high.
    If the program is all that it seems to be, we will all probably be earning way more than the $47 a month.

    I am just wondering, is it possible to earn money as an affiliate as well? I can see that Darren is an affiliate, but is the program open to all members to become affiliates?

  18. Thanks for the great write-up Darren! I really appreciate it.

    For those who don’t like long sales pages I’m sorry to thrust one upon you.

    Ironically, as a customer I generally don’t like them either, however as a marketer they do work.

    I could have put a very short page up and made all the people who don’t like long sales pages happy, but then I would lose all the people looking for answers to questions they had and decided not to join because of that.

    It’s a tough call – and yes, some testing is the best way to answer this question, which I will do over the coming months, but first I have to make sure all the students who just signed up can get in and access their resources and of course keep the great content coming too.

    Thanks all – now I’m back to work!


  19. Terra,

    Having a mentor with proven results is perhaps the most powerful way to get the results you want in the quickest way. You can hunt and peck all over the net or go straight to a good source for answers and feedback.

    In my case, I could read all of tips in the world but what I really need is a second pair of skilled eyes to look at my blog to point out the strengths and weaknesses. That’s what I hope to gain from Yaro’s mentoring program.

  20. There seems to be a lot of blogger-to-blogger business going on lately.

    “I’m not mad at cha!” -2Pac? LOL

  21. Mentoring programs work in the real world as well as the blog world…I think this is fantastic and an investment in yourself is an investment in your future.

  22. This sounds like a great opportunity. The general tips exist on blogs, but the critical appraisal of my blog would be great after I’ve installed ads. Also, I would probably enjoy some hand-holding when I’m installing the ads, ugh.
    I guess I would risk it out on my own using free advice on sites like this, and spend the money on other things.

  23. I’m always sceptical about people who claim that can make EASY BIG money monthly (even daily!), yet theyhave to take the trouble and time to come out with a program or module to SELL and MAKE MONEY out of their books, DVDs, seminars and training. If money seems to come so easy to them, why do these people still want to waste their time to SHARE their SECRETS with every Tom, Dick and Harry.

  24. I come off as a cynical guy when it comes to sales pages (as you can see in my link), but Yaro practices what he preaches and he does offer a money back guarantee. So it’s probably a fair investment, provided you do something with it (95% or so need not apply).

    And while I do make fun of the sales format, it’s a proven converter. From an investment standpoint, I would be more skeptical of promoting products who don’t use it.

  25. I signed up, I would consider myself perhaps somewhere between beginner and intermediate.

    So far I’m very pleased, the information is good, but I mainly subscribed for the step by step system, I for one haven’t seen another system like it.

    We’ll soon see if it works :)

  26. Wow. That site is truly embarrassing. If he spent so much time and money developing the system, couldn’t he have spent a few thou more on a site that looks 21st century? As I scrolled down, I expected to see the Ronco pitchman’s smiling face pop up. I’m betting money that you wish he’d change it Darren because after I read your report on him, I was expecting anything but that. I’ll pass.

  27. In terms of the sales page I do have a couple of thoughts.

    1. Long sales pages are probably not as effective as they used to be – but from talking to the successful internet marketers that I know well, in general they do convert better than short ones.

    2. However – when you’re marketing to seasoned bloggers I suspect that this approach doesn’t work so well. Most bloggers are a pretty cynical and hardened lot who become skeptical of ‘spin’ or ‘sales talk’. They respond more out of relationships, personal recommendations and actual helpful information. This is why Yaro’s free report has been so widely read – it’s genuinely helpful, personal and a good read.

    I wonder if perhaps Yaro should have gone with two (or more) sales pages – one that he gave to us bloggers to use (ie I would probably have felt more comfortable sending people to a page that was much shorter and that I personalize in some way (ie with a recommendation from me and an outline of what people get). A second sales page could have been given to those promoting to non blogging audiences or for him to direct traffic to from advertising.

    Just my two cents worth.

    I’d bet good money that if Yaro set up a landing page specifically for ProBlogger readers that was to the point, used my recommendation and built on the great free report that he’d see higher conversions from my readers than what he’s getting (although I should say quite a few of you have purchased and I’m hearing great reports from those who have).

  28. That’s a good idea Darren ;-)

    Perhaps some kind of special offer just for problogger readers too…

    I think in terms of bloggers who signed up most of them knew me already or at least read the blueprint, then bypassed the sales page altogether to join.

    I probably lost a few too who just hate the long page format.

    For those who are not bloggers/saturated with sales pages, the long format will likely convert better.

    But you are quite right, some form of short letter for the blogging community is a good idea.

    I’ll put that on the to-do list.

    My main focus now is getting materials to my students and responding to questions.


  29. Yaro and other’s questioning the sales page…

    The only way to know is to test, test, test. I’d almost be willing to bet money that if Yaro went with some professionally built site with flashy graphics and fantastic theme that people SAY they want, his subscriber count would go down.

    The reason I know this is I’ve tested it. I put thousands into a site for my software. It looked great, had eye-catching flash and flair. But converted at a measley .3% that’s point3%

    Only when I did the long sales page did my conversion go up to a standard 1.5% and in some categories as high as 3.4%. The reason: Graphics and flair don’t tell potential customers anything. If you land on my page, you get complete information of what you get in its entirety. A hot theme can’t do that.

    Yaro, sure, try Darren’s idea. I think it’s a good idea to test. But I’d track the results carefully before abandoning what you do have.

    No animals were harmed in the writing of this post…

  30. I truely thought about joining, I had every intention. But why would I join this money out of pocket program when Yaro could not even take a moment to visit my blog. I have been to his several times even left comments and messages on mybloglog. I can’t help but ask the question that needs to be asked. What’s in it for me? If it looks to good to be true then it probably is. Besides I’m not overly impressed with the site. Like AdrewD. stated in an earier comment “it looks like a get rich quick scheme.”

    No thanks not for me.

  31. Hi Again Deborah,

    You posted this on my blog too so I’m sticking a reply here as well…

    I’m sorry you feel that way. During the last few weeks since I released the Blog Profits Blueprint I’ve had many people ask me to come review their blogs. If I responded to every request I receive I would do nothing else all day but visit other people’s blogs and surf around MyBlogLog, which doesn’t move me forward – in fact I tell my students to spend more time writing their own content than reading other people’s – so I have to follow my own advice.

    I’m happy to visit the blog’s of my students and help them – in fact I’ll be doing just that this week, but when it comes to public requests for help there is only so much I can do!

    Anyway, I don’t think you would benefit from my program if the cost is turning you away or you think it is a scam, so please feel free to follow the information in the Blog Profits Blueprint, which is completely free and very good, if I don’t say so myself ;-).

    Good luck with your blog!


  32. Thanks so much for making this post! I downloaded the audio version of the Blog Profits Blueprint and I am very impressed. Yaro has a all his ideas together on how to monetize blogs well. I’ll definitely be using some of his advice.

  33. Yaro,
    Thank you for responding to both of my comments, that along with your recent visit to my blog means a lot in terms of my considering your leadership. I am not one to follow blindly because someone in the blogsphere says they are the guru of blogging and I should pay them for their information. I have read and implemented several of your techiques outlined in the Blog Profit Bluprint and for now that is what I will continue to work with. Thank you for your time.

  34. I downloaded the Blueprint and will be reviewing it and working with it over my holidays where I can concentrate a bit away from the day job. I have been burnt in the past with a similar program so I want to make damn sure that this will help and not hinder my confidence and future success.

    That being said, I do plan on working to grow my blog from a hobby to something more and I could use a mentor, especially since my flip from Typepad to WordPress seemed to have really affected everything from my Feedburner subscribers to my pageviews to my Adsense earnings. I am sure that a music blog can be a successful full-time venture. I am certainly willing to do the work.

    Looking forward to contributing some positive feedback on the Blueprint and then we will see about the full course.

  35. I would like to say that I am willing to try anything once as Yaro says if it sticks then stay with it. If it doesn’t reverse gears and go back and try something else.

    At first I was going to give up because I didn’t get the Word Press platform and how to get my plug in’s to work. Then I was like I am not going to quit I am going to keep going because quiters never win and winners never quit.

    I am lucky to have been in the right place at the right time for this program and I am working hard to utilize everything Yaro is teaching us in the program.

    My friend Cindy of GoWorkOutMom has blossomed in her blogging skills since she has been on Yaro’s program.

    I heard about Yaro’s program from Wendy over at emoms and I took the plunge I am glad I did. I really think people need to not focus on the instant gratification process rather the long term picture of all the experience they could gain from this to make themselves a credible authority in their blogging.

    Everything I have going with my mini empire on the internet is a success in terms of focusing my energies towards my niche. Just the other day I got a comment from a reader who said the enjoyed reading my blog because I offer comprehensive material.

    Money would be just a bonus in this I am loving the ride.

  36. I’d love to hear a follow-up from this.

    How are all the members doing now?

    I personally think it is a good idea for any newbie to get involved in these membership sites as it will help guide their efforts.

    Three others I know of are:

  37. james says: 11/11/2008 at 3:24 pm

    just because some of you were scammed before doesnt mean every program on the internet is scam. most of these programs have 100% money back guarantee so if you dont like what you see then ask for your money back.

    so please dont go around and call it scam before even using it.

  38. Yaro seems to know what he is doing when he talks about blogging! I’ve been on his newsletter and it’s got some good info.

    his blog is doing well so you know that he knows something!

    David King,


  39. This sounds like a great opportunity. The general tips exist on blogs, but the critical appraisal of my blog would be great after I’ve installed ads. Also, I would probably enjoy some hand-holding when I’m installing the ads,

  40. Having a mentor with proven results is perhaps the most powerful way to get the results you want in the quickest way. You can hunt and peck all over the net or go straight to a good source for answers and feedback.

  41. […] ago Yaro Starak launched a great new Blog Mentoring program called Blog Mastermind. When I first announced the program the reaction to it’s launch was mixed. Quite a few readers signed up, others […]

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