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Blog Layout Continued – The Perfect Number of Columns?

Posted By Darren Rowse 1st of June 2005 Blog Design 0 Comments

Peter Flaschner has a great post on The Perfect Number of Columns which I think bounces off my post on Blog Layout (I say ‘I think’ because he doesn’t link to it – but was part of the discussion here in my post so I’ll take some credit! :-) ). He writes:

‘How many columns is the perfect number? I’ve seen passionate opinions voiced in favor of 1, 2, and 3 columns. People seem to have very definite opinions about which is best. I’m here to tell them they’re all wrong.

There is no perfect solution. The right number of columns is determined by two things: your site’s raison d’etre, and your audience. Asking “what’s the right number of columns” is like asking “what’s the best colour”. The answer in both cases is it depends.’

Peter then goes on to talk about some factors to consider when choosing your blog’s layout, in particular your own needs and those of your audience. It’s a great post if you’re thinking through blog design issues.

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  • Ken

    I never understood these discussions. Besides being a big waste of time, they never seem to lead to anything worthwhile.

    Instead of arguing what’s best, let’s argue the merits of each one and how and why it would work best in a certain situation.

    It reminds me of cameras, everyone asks me who makes the best cameras, and the answer is ALWAYS, “it depends on what you are doing.”

  • Darren: oh no! Now I feel like a creep ;)

    Ken: that’s exactly right – it depends. Because you have some expertise in your area, you know that the perfect camera depends upon its intended use. It’s a legitimate topic though, since many folks in this game don’t have that expertise (yet).

    My post does go over in brief some of the factors invloved in choosing a layout, but it doesn’t go into too many specifics. I’ve told Darren I’d write a post for him while he’s away; I think you just found the topic for me! Thanks.

  • Ken

    Hi Peter,
    Heh, yeah, I don’t mind the discussions about the merits of each one, I think it turns into the urinary olympics when someone says, well, this is THE solution.

    Like you mentioned, there is no such thing as THE solution. By no means was I attacking the discussion, just the fact that people were arguing over which is the best.

    I’d be curious to hear the merits of each one, I personally use 3 columns, but that’s just cos’ it makes sense to me.

  • Hi!

    I think it depends all on the stuff you like to have on the page.
    not all stuff fits to the navigation sidebar. Maybe you need another one.

    Just my 2 cents.