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Blog Juice Calculator

Posted By Darren Rowse 12th of October 2006 Blogging Tools and Services 0 Comments

My Blog Juice
Text Link Ads have created a new toy for bloggers to play with called the Blog Juice Calculator (aff) which gives your blog a ranking on how much ‘blog juice’ it has in comparison to other blogs in your niche.

They measure your blog juice by looking at Bloglines subscribers (40%), Alexa ranking (15%), Technorati ranking (30%) and Incoming links from Technorati (15%).

It’s more about fun than anything – although being able to see how your blog ranks alongside others is interesting.

This morning when I checked my ranking was 8.5 but now it’s down to 4.2 because it’s not pulling in my Technorati information for some reason (not sure if it’s a technorati issue or a TLA issue).

update: actually it lists problogger twice – once at 8.5 and once at 4.2. I guess that means I’m actually a 12.7!

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Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • It shows a 4.1 if any of the fields are 0 for whatever reason.

    If you type in random nonsense urls it will give them a 4.1 rating.

  • And Darren, Digg banned their website for some reason.

  • Ohh, thats cool my site is listed in their as one of the default blogs, cool calculator.

  • For some reason it shows my bloglines subscribers as much lower than the actual number. I guess it doesn’t combine the results for all your main feeds. Pretty cool tool, though.

  • For some reason it shows my bloglines subscribers as much lower than the actual number

    James, my point too.

  • That’s gotta be the most stupid and useless tool I’ve ever seen!

    (translation: poor ranking here)

  • (oh. but what will stop people from placing their own banner on their own site? Hmmm) Like.. THIS

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  • Jon

    Yet another way for me to feel inferior at the hands of a statistic :)
    …mmm…unless I put ProBloggers badge on my site…now I feel like a blogging super-hero.

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  • oh, i can’t find my blog here

  • Wow, my blog is… low on juice.

  • Hello, Darren, Darren here:

    My blog has been around for a couple of years, but I’ve only recently paid much attention to things like its ranking (adding AdSense will do that to you). Anyway, my blog juice readout shows no Alexa ranking. Never heard of it myself. How do I get noticed there? Anyone know?

  • Heh cool, I’ll have to try this out.

  • Darren – to way you get onto Alexa is to build traffic. They track people using their toolbar to get a relative number of people surfing to your site which they then compare to how many people surf to other sites. I guess you need to get some Alexa toolbar using readers :-)

    Not sure how much traffic you need for it to kick in.

  • That’s neat, but they really need more categories (just as they do for their text link calculator).

  • Thus starts another quest. Thanks for the info, Darren.

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  • oh nice…. 0.1 … oh well *back to garage …. tinker tinker*

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