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Blog Goals – Group Writing Project

Posted By Darren Rowse 5th of June 2006 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

200606051534I’ve written on a number of occasions on the topic of developing goals for a blog over the past few months.

I’ve also written on a number of occasions about making some of your blogging goals public as a way of adding accountability and motivation to reach them. I find that when I write something on my blog about what I want to do that I’m much more likely to actually follow through on it.

Each time I’ve written these things I’ve had readers write to tell me their blogging goals and even to suggest that we create a space where people can post them. As a result I thought ‘blogging goals’ might be a good topic for another ProBlogger group writing project (the last one was on Habits of Effective Blogging).

So this week I’d like to invite you to write a post on your blogging goals as part of a group writing project.

To participate, here is the process to follow:

1. Write a post on blogging goals

  • Be as creative as you’d like – take it in any direction you want from writing a long list of your own blogging goals, through to sharing just one or two of them.
  • You can write it in any form you like (last time we had poems, rants, humorous posts etc).
  • Consider calling your post something a little different to ‘blogging goals’ as last time we had 80 submissions, most of which had similar titles. Your title is a key to making people come and read your post.
  • Ideally it’d be great if you could write it on your actual blog but if it’s completely inappropriate to do so I’ll post them again on ProBlogger on a ‘page’ (not a post) with a link back to your blog.

2. Let me Know about your post

  • Once you’ve posted your post simply let me know about it by sending me an email via my contact form.
  • Make sure you include your name (as you want it to appear in my list), your post title and the URL to your post (not just to your blog’s front page).
  • Submissions must be received by me the the end of Thursday 8 June (as long as it’s still Thursday where you send it from I’ll accept it).

3. I will post 2 links to your post

  • In the day or two after you let me know about your post I’ll post a link to it in two places. Firstly there will be a daily (ish) list of the submissions from the last 24 hours. Secondly there will be a central list of all submissions for the project so we can see everything on one page. From what I could tell last time – people did visit the posts that were submitted – some bloggers seemed to get more traffic than others depending upon what day they submitted and a little on how their title read.
  • I’ll post my final list of submissions on Friday.

4. Surf Surf Surf

  • This is where you take over. Surf the submissions received. Leave comments, make connections with other ProBlogger readers and enjoy reading what others have to say.

5. Link Link Link

  • There is no formal ‘judging’ as this is not a competition. Instead – I encourage you to surf through the submissions at the end of the week and announce your own winners on your own blog. Name a top 5 or so and share the link love.
  • Probably the best part of the last group project was the amount of inter-linking I saw happening between participating bloggers as a result of their posts. It was obvious that people found new blogs through it and that the benefits of participating was way beyond getting a link from me but flowed on to a lot of new connections and links between other bloggers.

PS: if you want to use the blog goals graphic above you’re welcome to do so.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. I can’t turn down a blogosphere linkfest! Count me in .. or in other words check your email :-)

  2. […] Another project has surfaced at Problogger.net this week. Darren challenges everyone to come up with their blogging goals and post about them for all to see. I enjoyed participating in the last project (Habits of Effective Blogging) and look forward to the results of this project as well. […]

  3. Hi, ich denke, du nimmst es mir nicht krumm, wenn ich das hier auch einmal versuche. Schaun mer mal. Lg. Meinhard

  4. […] Moving forward with my plans for Pittsburgh Homes Daily By PHD Darren Rowse over at ProBlogger is encouraging those who blog to set their blogging goals.  While I would hardly call myself a pro blogger, it’s something I follow to get ideas and see what other bloggers are doing.  So here are mine: […]

  5. Great idea!
    Can we use your graphic this time too? I felt that it was a great way to get a community feeling among the posts last time. But I also understand if you don’t wish to be the graphic designer for the whole of the web. Especially since you don’t get paid for it:)

  6. […] Secondly, the networking aspect. Darren’s initiative was effectively an opportunity to showcase the potential of quite a number of budding bloggers (budgers?). But back to the business in hand, and a brand new collaborative writing project from Problogger – this  time, the subject will be all about ‘blogging goals’.  I’ll give a good thought to this one and will definitely parcipate with a good offering. Link Here […]

  7. please feel free to use the graphic if you so desire – but don’t feel any need to do so if you don’t want to :-)

  8. Blogging Baby Steps…

    I am fascinated by Steve Pavlina and Darren Rowse and their success in the blogging space. I love Darren’s success because I feel it is a niche in which I could have been a top player, but I missed the boat. I love Steve Pavlina’s success …

  9. kimson says: 06/06/2006 at 12:42 am

    Hi Darren!
    I’ve been lurking on your fantastic website for about a month, now it’s “hands-on” time for me! I’m new to blogging, though, so I hope it won’t be too much of a flop… Anyway, I’ll be sending you the link to my post once I am finished with it.
    And I jump on the occasion to say that ProBlogger is an amazing source of information, on which I have already learned a huge amount of priceless things; thank you for sharing!

  10. Very well. Here’s mine: How I plan to take over the world



  11. Oops, sorry. I only just realized that I was supposed to email this. Please remove these comments and I will send via your email form.


  12. […] Darren at Problogger.net has launched another group writing project, this one involving a post about goals for your blog. I’d encourage everyone who reads this to also post about these goals, as I think it is a great idea for everyone, adding focus and clarity to your blog and allowing you to clearly state your intentions. […]

  13. […] It looks like problogger.net has started another group writing project, this time it is on Blog Goals.  I’m happy to say that I do have several blogging goals and will share them with you along with any helpful tips as well. […]

  14. This project (and site) gave me motivation to write a blog in response to this topic :) I’ve taken it in a slightly different direction towards the issue of motivation but that’s what goals are for. Hope you enjoy the read and thanks for the inspiration.

  15. I’ve writen about something that has been very powerful in my life and applied it to my blogs. Its called “the secret”.

  16. […] I posted earlier this year in a post entitled Ambitions for 2006, my “ambitions” for this year.  This week, Darren at Problogger has put up another writing challenge to write about blog goals.  So, with that prompt, I’ll revisit my Ambitions for 2006 and add a few more in the scope of the challenge. […]

  17. Shaving the Sheep: Blog Goals of the Boys Wear Pants, Men Wear Trousers Blog…

    So, Josh; what is your number one blogging goal?

  18. […] Over at Problogger.net, Darren Rowse (Go Aussie Go!) has put the challenge out to bloggers to get down and dirty with their hopes and dreams for their blog. As a newbie to the blogging game, I thought this was a perfect opportunity to crystallize my thoughts about where I hoped to take PsychSplash in the next 12 months. So, if you will forgive me the indulgence and lend me your mind for a moment (trust me, I am almost a Psychologist!), we will take a sojourn into the future and see how PsychSplash works in 12 months time. […]

  19. […] It’s all because of Darren Rowse’s Blogging Goals. May is determined that Mayvelous: […]

  20. Great Idea and i can see that for the next day to come it can be a step stone and platform for blogger to promote their site too! change link!

  21. What a coincidence. I decided to start a new blog today, and so what a better way to begin than stating some of my goals. Great idea. Thanks for all the work you’re doing on this site.

  22. Thanks for letting us use the graphic :)

  23. […] I am joining the Group Writing Project at ProBlogger.net making the effort to lead by example for myself, my clients and the readers who take a moment of there time to read my postings. The goals I will list below will help remind and guide me in order to achieve increased readership and revenue for my blogs. […]

  24. Hi Darren,
    thanks for another opportunity to get free publicity on your site. I have just submitted my entry and i sure hope people who reads it, would like it enough to drop a comment or two.
    Thanks again!

  25. […] Problogger.net continues to be a great resource. Great resources apperently attract other great resources. For example: here’s the first batch of submissions for the ‘Blogging Goals’ Group writing project: […]

  26. Increase my productivity…

    I have talked about the power of goals and how important it is to achieve your dreams and aspirations in life.

    Before you think about the big picture you should remember that small things is vital to achieving big goals. In my day job I worked as an…

  27. […] (This is a post in response to the Blog Goals – Group Writing Project by Darren Rowse, publisher of ProBlogger, one of my daily must-reads) […]

  28. […] The following post is inspired by the request at problogger.net for articles surounding the theme, “Blogging Goals.” In last weeks episode, I used Frank Lloyd Wright’s quotes as inspiration on the topic ‘effective blogging.’ This week, I’ll use another one of his quotes to start into the topic ‘blogging goals’ where I will argue that an important goal for any blogger is to avoid automation which ensures originality and prevents the loss of precious ‘blogging mojo’. […]

  29. the graphic does get a sense of community going and is a powerfull tool,

    and a great gift.


  30. […] Darren has kickstarted yet another group writing project in ProBlogger. This time about developing goals for your blog. […]

  31. […] ¿Tiene un fin determinado tu blog?¿Alguna razón especial, un objetivo, una meta? Darren Rowse ha realizado una consulta a sus lectores y les invita a declarar las metas y objetivos de sus blogs. […]

  32. […] Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about goals, but mostly they have to do with my business in general or how to grow my net worth. Inspired by ProBlogger’s Blog Goals – Group Writing Project I’ve decided to jot down some blog goals. […]

  33. […] Problogger.net, a great site for bloggers, is hosting a contest this month to find out what goals people have for blogging. If you’ve ever blogged before, you know that after the first couple of weeks the fun wears off and if you don’t have concrete goals set, then your blog can quickly dry up and go to waste. […]

  34. Fantastic idea. I can’t wait to sift through everybody’s posts. I’ll be back with some goals by Friday…

  35. Blog goals of a Third World Blogger…

    I can touch is that the vast majority of the professional bloggers are from the rich developed countries of Europe, North America and Australia….

  36. […] INTRODUCTION Darren is having another blogging community event. This time it is about Blogging Goals. I already wrote about my motivation for working with log homes, but maybe it is time to tell you why this site is here and what are site’s goals. […]

  37. […] How This Applies to My Blogging Goals First off a quick thanks to Darren for posting about blog goals and sending out some link love to all those who participate. His post spurred me to finish this underachieve to success post. […]

  38. Title: Take This Job and Shove It

    I am new to blogging. A friend of mine does internet marketing for a living and recommended I try it. I started on April 21 and I must say I enjoy it a lot more than my current job.

    My goals are:

    1. To get my blog to start making enough money to where I can focus more of my time on it to make it better and more profitable. I would like to quit my current job and get a part-time job and focus on blogging and expanding to other topics out side finance.

    2. To provide personal finance information to people who need it and help them make good financial and investing decisions.

    3. GET OUT OF MY CURRENT JOB! (Or did I already mention that)

    Since my blog focuses on personal finance I do not have a blog post on my site for this, but my blog is: http://finance4dummies.blogspot.com/

  39. […] Darren Rowse at ProBlogger has us at it again. This week’s project is on developing goals for a blog. Two weeks ago many contributed to his challenge to write about The Habits of Highly Effective Blogging. I’ve had some interesting and worthwhile feedback from my contribution here on my birding site and also on some followup articles on this blog. I’ve been thinking seriously about my long term goals with my blogs (I currently have three – see the links). […]

  40. If I Don’t Keep This Blogging Goal, You Can Have My PEZ Dispenser…

    Darren Rowse is at it again with another smart group blogging project.  Last time the theme was habits of highly effective bloggers; this time it’s blogging goals in general.In the spirit of Darren’s call for variety, and in a last-ditch……

  41. […] Darren’s got another group writing project happening, and I’m just about to miss the deadline. (Thank heavens he let’s us use local time when determining “end of Thursday.”) This project is on Blog Goals. Well, I run a personal blog and a few professional blogs, and the two types have very different goals. Why don’t I talk about both. […]

  42. […] This post was written for the ProBlogger “Blog Goals – Group Writing Project”. You can read all about other people’s goals, and a whole host of other goal related information. Be inspired! […]

  43. […] Darren Rowse, who runs the monster site, Problogger.com, recently put out this little challenge to have bloggers write about “developing goals for a blog”. Darren occasionally will put out “group writing” offers with the bait that he’ll include a link to your article if it is pretty good. The guy gets so much traffic that it is almost crazy so people tend to covet a link on his blog. I purposely missed the deadline for two main reasons (not counting my lack of direction lately). […]

  44. […] When I read about the Darren Rowse’s “Blog Goals – Group Writing  Project” I thought that I would re-evaluate my own blogging goals as well as offering a goal setting formula that is taken from my book. […]

  45. […] If I had something better and more productive to do right now, I would not be writing this entry. The reason I am making this post is because I have been motivated by this group writing project on ‘blog goals’. The motivation is gaining a link on problogger, and having not much better to do (despite examinations starting the end of this week). Similarly, my past blogging bursts of creative energy can be attributed to other incentives which I perceive to benefit oziz and my satisfaction, such as ranking in Google for certain themes I write about. Alternatively discovering sources to write up about gives me the motivation to make a blog. Recently I dugg up this site which is community news website. At other times (seemingly during the gloomy winter season) I just want to get something out of my head and onto a computer screen. Writing does help to clear up your thoughts. However, this can conflict with my readers’ interests who are looking to read something mildly interesting. Post-Christmas life is more than dull. I apologise now for that crap. […]

  46. I enjoyed this writing bit…Posted my top five and other noteworthy’s…thx again for the opportunity to be included in this project. Cheers!

  47. […] There was actually a post below about my blogging conspiracies, that was actually done to support the group writing project proposal by Darren Rowse at problogger. It’s actually a good thing to layout the purpose why you blog.. But the temptation to go astray is strong enough. I am trying to keep myself focused with the goal but somehow I am running out of idea about what I should talk about.. That sounds scary, isn’t it? This is one of the moment that I feared the most actually. Maybe I should go and take a vacation a while. Hmmm… […]

  48. […] ProBlogger has an ongoing series called “Group Writing Project”, and a recent assignment, “Blog Goals Group Writing Project”, caught my attention: I’ve also written on a number of occasions about making some of your blogging goals public as a way of adding accountability and motivation to reach them. I find that when I write something on my blog about what I want to do that I’m much more likely to actually follow through on it. […]

  49. […] Funny thing this is. About one month ago I decided to start this blog. I’ve got some pretty reasonable goals in mind from what I can tell by the feedback in the group writing project I participated in on blogging goals. I certainly didn’t expect the kind of results that I had, and I’ll probably be the next edge case that has a little more attention for awhile before everyone moves on to the next flavor of the day that made more money than it should have. […]

  50. […] Okay, weird headline right! But all will be explained later in this post which I have submitted as part of Problogger’s Blogging Goals Group Writing Project. […]

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