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Blog Goals and Resolutions for 2006 – Open Mike

Posted By Darren Rowse 1st of January 2006 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

Happy New Year friends. While I’m actually writing this post a week in advance of New Years Day I can just imagine what I’ll be doing today as I am on holidays.

The morning will probably involve a sleep in after a late night – but at least part of the rest of the day will be spent with ‘V’ my wife looking at the year ahead. We have something of a tradition where we spend some time on New Years Day (usually over brunch) dreaming a little about the year ahead and even setting a few loose goals.

It’s actually a fun exercise and something we do with a humerous and light hearted spirit but something that we actually keep ourselves to.

Our goals cover a wide range of areas from physical (health/fitness) to financial to spiritual to relational (both our own relationship but also the friendships we have with others) etc.

The goals are not things we whip ourselves over in the coming months when we fail – but they help us to focus on the year ahead and move into it with a positive outlook.

So – my question dear friends – is what are you blogging goals and resolutions for 2006?

What do you hope to achieve, avoid and attain this year? You might be thinking on a number of levels including traffic, networking, earnings, incoming links, numbers of posts, numbers of blogs, other ventures etc.

I’d be interested to hear what you’re planning for the new year so step up to the Open Mike, take the floor and tell us about how you see the year unfolding.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Heh I don’t know where you want me to answer so I’ll answer in a comment.

    I really just want to create and maintain a few sites that will receive lots of traffic and visitors and maybe earn a bit more revenue than 30 cents a day. And I’m trying to get more time to work on the sites.

  2. My resolution for 2006 is to actually have some goals for my blogs, my podcast, and the other projects I’m working on online. I started my blog, http://www.mckeay.net/, as an experiment that has lasted 2+ years, but now it’s time to actually try and accomplish something with it. My goal for this year is to multiply my traffic 5 fold by the end of this year. I currently receive about a thousand hits a day. And I’m starting a second blog for ComputerWorld, http://www.computerworld.com/blogs/mckeay, which I’d like to see receive at least that many hits.

    For my podcast I want to continue working on the quality of my recordings and improve the content. I’m currently seeing less than 100 downloads per podcast, and I want to see at least 500 per by June.

    And last, but not least, I want my blog and podcast to be a money producer instead of a money sink. That would make my wife a lot happier, which is always one of my biggest goals.

  3. I’d like to have the discipline to write every day.

  4. I write a personal site. My goal is to encourage beginning writers to continue. To watch them grow..
    I know that sounds sappy so.. I guess I also want to make a billion dollars or something..

  5. My blog resolutions for 2006 are HUGE.

    1. Increase traffic to http://www.pinkeyedjim.com by 10% each month.
    2. Sell sitewide links on above site.
    3. Get my other site, http://www.cookingwithweed.com up and running for sure.
    4. A whole new online business idea that I’m currently writing a business plan for.

    I’ll make all large announcements via my linked site. I’m rather excited because I expect my life to improve dramatically once I implement these changes.

  6. mine is a bit general – but im cooking up a few features and gimmicks for cellphone9.com to involve readers more.

    as to HOW im going to do it, it’s all in the drawing board.

  7. […] Added Note:Darren at Problogger.net seems to have read my mind as I just noticed that he posted a open post about what other bloggers have set as goals and resolutions for the new year. Fits right in with the theme of this post. […]

  8. My goal is to consistently write good, engaging content. Everything else stems from that.

  9. To quadruple the traffic to http://www.leftlanenews.com over the next 12 months :)

  10. To be a pro blogger ! sell products on my blogs, and maybe write blogs for a company.

  11. To find something interesting worth blogging about, and to drastically improve traffic/profit/content/design… I might as well start again ;-)

  12. My wife and I have some pretty ambitious goals for 2006 that involve putting up 1,000 pages of content for the 5 web sites we are working on.

    Our main goal is to have our web businesses in place to earn us $300,000 in 2007.

    One of our web sites is http://www.vacation-cabin-rental.com

  13. Very nice tradition you have there.

    As my blogging goals:

    1.- I expect to finally be able to find a niche in the spanish speaking world.
    2.- Be able to finally overcome writers block so I can really create good content that adds value to the people that visit my blog
    3.- Be able to create good and lasting relationships among my readers.
    4.- Create another blog that will be focused on a business that I will be putting some energy and effort into this year.

    That’s it for now.

    P.S. This comment actually gave me the idea of making a post out of this resolutions for my spanish blog.

  14. Although I have a number of blogs, and a staff of bloggers to write on them, I also have 3 or 4 blogs that I do myself, and don’t let others write on them. They are on subjects that I am passionate about, and prefer to keep them my personal domains. I write consistently on all of those blogs, except one. On the one in question, it is a subject that I am VERY passionate about, and talk about with friends daily. I even sort of “evangelize” on this subject. However, as strange as it may seem, I have a problem motivating myself to write on this blog regularly! On top of this, the blog in question is on a subject that has the potential to make the most money for me! I don’t know why I seem to have a “personal block” when it comes to writing on this site, bit it is my goal to maintain my other sites, and break that block that seems to exist. I know that if I can just post daily on this blog, I can make good money from it, and also promote a subject that I care deeply about!

    What does the Nike ad say? Just do it! Now, if I can only make that happen.

  15. I would like 10,000 unique visitors a day, and a pagerank of “7.”

  16. 1. to diversify my blogs
    2. to increase traffic to all my blogs
    3. to write excellent stuff
    4. to establish myself as a Malaysian problogger
    5. to be like you :)

  17. I’d like to create more info products to sell and spend less time trying to create content for a site that only has contextual ads for revenue !

  18. To provide value and let 2006 be part of my legacy, long after I am gone.

  19. Improve the blog hence
    Increase traffic hence
    Increase revenue.

    Do more cardio and weights

    Finish my masters degree

    Find work / or / become a pro blogger (yeahhhhhhh right.)

    Find a niche

    Get a life

    Pretty high hopes eh? :)


  20. increase my traffic

  21. I have created several blogs, love to create them. But, my biggest objective for 2006, I think is to figure out which are my top choices among my blogs for my main focus, which are the best niches to exploit.

    I’m not at all sure I’ve even got a good money making potential niche among them. I’m pretty sure I can do all the rest, write the posts, build traffic, etc. But, without reallty good niche choices, it’s not going to work. Like the supposed three requirments for a successful retail business (location, location, location) I’m thinking that the top three requirements for successful problogging are niche, niche, and niche.

  22. I just started a new blog, and my resolution is to keep the damn thing going longer than just 6 months, unlike my last blog…

  23. just launced my newest blog: http://www.lipoandsuction.com
    my aim is to earn $1000/month with that blog =)

  24. Growth of 15% traffic every month in my blog, it already jumped by more than 200% in the last few days, let’s hope that’s not just a temporary buzz =)


  25. My goals are to:

    1. Increase traffic
    2. Build visitor loyalty
    3. Increase traffic

  26. Maintain the gradient of my earnings trendline. The numbers under the trendline are still quite low- a 30 day average of $2 a day across all income streams and all blogs- but the gradient is nearly 1 in 3 so if I can maintain that I’ll be making a (low) living wage by Easter.

    I have a few projects lined up for the niche blogs to create original content and set them apart. I doubt I’ll get them all done, but they are-

    Build a bike (or recumbent trike, I just bought some cheap plans for one) for the cycling blog- http://spinneyhead.co.uk/2wheels/

  27. Ooops. Hit the enter button at the wrong time.

    My plans, continued-

    Get a crop from the allotment for the gardening blog- http://www.spinneyhead.co.uk/Dig/

    Build lots of models for the modelling blog- http://www.spinneyhead.co.uk/Scale

    Make some videos for the extreme sports blog- http://www.spinneyhead.co.uk/gravity/

    And write a novel.

    I also want to get a lot more contributors for my global blog Spinneyworld.

    It’s a lot of stuff to do whilst keeping up with all the relevant news and doing a day job, but I’d rather aim high.

  28. 30 cents a day, $2 a day. Wow, actually pulling in some money. LOL.

    My goals are to:

    1) Start Some New Blogs and Niche Blogs.
    2) Get into nichecraft with some new blogs.
    3) Increase my visits to at least 1,000 per day.

  29. Chris Vorelli says: 01/02/2006 at 3:56 am

    My goal was to make $300 day by Dec 15 2005 and I achieved it 1 week early, goals do work trust me. It’s keeps you focused toward the end result. For 2006 I want to make 500$ by Dec 15 2006, which Im sure can be done since I increased from 100$ day in Dec 15 2004 to $300 day Dec 2005. Also I was to create a blog and learn all the ins and out of the blog world. I make money using James Martell methods, it’s sort of the way Darren does it but not completely. I like the community feel of blogs, so my main focus is to make the shift and continue making another 200$ extra per day by the end of this year.

  30. Hope you don’t mind, I borrowed the Idea of a Resolution list and asked my readers to add theirs also.
    So far I got 10% of the response you got (2).
    Not bad for a Beginner.
    If I can add to that Daily by 10% I should be OK by this time Next Year.

    Happy New Year to All.

  31. Increase traffic by 10% each month during 2006 by posting good stuff regularly.

  32. My goal is to post to my blogs more often. I actually have a lot of ideas for posts in my head, but they don’t make it from my head to the blog. I think perfectionism gets in the way sometimes. My resolution is to “just post it”!


  33. 1. To turn my horse training blog into a book
    2. To make more blogger friends and contacts
    3. To compel my readers to comment on my posts

    Darren, there is something about your style of writing that makes people feel very comfortable to comment. I notice that more about your blog than any other blog I read.


  34. To try and become more than a one figure blogger and recieve my first adsense cheque,

  35. […] Darren at ProBlogger wants to know blogger’s goals and resolutions for the new year. Here is what I hope to achieve by the end of 2006 and work on during the year. […]

  36. First of all I’d like to do the usual: More sports, get fit and a bunch of other things that you might as well read about at http://www.43things.com/person/gubbe .

    On the blog side I’d really like 2006 to be the year where I post a review on http://jakob.thusgaard.com of a device which can do GSM, GPS, bluetooth, IR, GPRS and is a smartphone a la Qtek 8310.

    I’d also like to split up the posts on http://china.thusgaard.com to reflect the individual days on our China cycling holiday back in 2005 and potentially make a blog for the diary about our France holiday in 2004…

    Nuff to do !

  37. I think my blogging goals for 2006 are similar to everyones but my biggest goals are to write more often and increase reader comments.

  38. I’m going to start a brand new blog! http://floorsense.com. ( I’ll bet you can’t figure out what it is about:)

  39. My goals for 06 are to:

    -Turn the blog I have just started (http://gentrysherrill.blogspot.com) into a $50 per day money maker by the end of the year, hopefully by continually posting engaging content and developing a regular reader base

    -Start other blogs that have a more defined niche, and build interest and readership in them

    -And to try to be a good person, of course

  40. Hey Darren,

    Happy New Year, mate. New Year’s Eve in Melbourne was a bloody hot :-(

    My blogging goals are slightly different: I’m actually going to blog less – I’m turning my blog into a once-a-week blog – it’s my own way to combat information overload and basically I’m turning my blog into a weekly column-type write-up (I’m looking more at it as building my name/rep).

    I am focusing on my ePublishing empire (okay, HQs is my home office and start-up capital is only $15,000 but so far my feasbility testing on niche publications shows I’m on the right track – ie: end-of-year turnover target: $250,000) – obviously, the backbone of this will be a blog (best marketing tool … ever!)

    Another resolution: (try) to stay out of any blog fights, bitching and general negativity that caused the blogosphere to become rather ugly in the later part of 2005.

  41. Hi Darren,
    my blogging goals for this year are:
    1) posting regularly on my blog about Usenet http://usenetfeeds.blogspot.com
    2) trying to start a new niche blog in my language (italian).
    3) working hard in order to move these blogs into something serious and profitable (I know that this is a looong term goal!)


  42. My goal is of course increase my readership and get more technical with feeds.

    Happy New Year

  43. Being the impatient and headstrong person that I am, I’ve decided to drop out of the day job and enter the world of blogging full time. I am not expecting to get rich quick, but I am hoping to develop a fleet of sites and blogs that will eventually replace my income.

    Okay, I know, it isn’t the most prudent thing I have ever done in my life, but it is my choice. Wish me luck.

  44. just keep posting every day…….

  45. Thanks Darren.

    You have done a lot of good with this site for 2005. For 2005, your site’s incredible content made me a couple of thousand dollars.

    I know thats not much in a years time, but now (using your advise) I may be able to quit my job in about another year depending on the growth of my blogs. One of my blogs grows exponentially every couple of months now.

    So thanks for 2005. I tell everyone interested in blogs about your site. And I look forward to your Problogger content in 2006.


  46. I plan to find as many avenues as I can to promote the world of blooging.
    I have a good start already with various Blogging Networks.
    As a matter of fact, Darren’s Digital Photography Blog has been nominated as one of a select few for our 1st Annual Best Photography Blog Awards.
    There are 2 categories:
    Photo Showcase and Equipment Reviews.
    Vote for one in each category!

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