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Posted By Darren Rowse 23rd of September 2004 Blog Design 0 Comments

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My post Where are the Blog Designers? got a bit of interest yesterday and a number of Blog Designers let us know about themselves and gave examples of their work.

I thought I’d give them a little exposure here:

As previously mentioned Cre8d Design is a personal favorite of mine. She produces clean, fresh and stylish blogs and logos and was recommended by a number of commentators in the previous post.

Dydimustk has designed his own great blog and a number of others. (links in previous comments)

Alan Creech also has a growing portfolio of blogs that he’s designed. (links in previous comments). Alan has designed a number of blogs in my own blogroll.

Tim also is offering his services and recommends May Star Designs.

Chad is a web designer who is willing to take on blog designing jobs.

Iggie Krug has been doing blog design and logos for a while now. I’ve seen a lot of Iggie’s work around in my blogroll – good stuff.

Kevin at Sakamuyo is another blogger willing to take on work. He also recommends Sekimori for professional blogs.

Tim from E-Church does freelance design at Turtle + Interactive and is willing to take on blog work.

Jordon Cooper works for a company that does blog design and has developed blogging software. (links to examples of his work in previous comments)

Dan is also happy to do blog design.

So there you have some blog designers – perhaps there are more out there than I thought.

Having read the comments there I have some theories as to why there are so few people specializing in blog design professionally.

– A lot of people feel they can do a reasonable job themselves.
– Most people know someone that knows someone who will do it for free (or very cheap).
– People are not willing to pay much for something that they can get for free and then ‘tinker’ with.

Feel free to add your own ad for your services below.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. I’ve been designing and revamping blogs for two years now. With the advent of every “new” CMS comes a small cadre of people who want something different from the herd. Then eventually, they all seem to “get it” and start doing their own coding.

    What’s a designer to do? I’m just now posting a diatribe about blog design on my WordPress blog, so expect a trackback from me.

    And, please add me to the list of willing designers!

    Joni Mueller

  2. An Itch to Scratch and a Bone to Pick
    Matt Mullenweg, boy genius and one of WordPress’s developers, had this to say in a discussion about the Kubrick theme/template:

    One of the things I like about Kubrick is that it’s very easy to make it your own (not look like every other site o…

  3. Blog Tip 3 – Blog Designers
    My post Where are the Blog Designers? got a bit of interest yesterday and a number of Blog Designers let us know about themselves and gave examples of their work. I thought I’d give them a little exposure here:…

  4. Someone pointed this out to me today. My partner Joelle and I have been specializing in blog design as well as commercial website design together since 2002. Our focus is on professional blogs and websites but we’re happy to work with anyone!

    There are many talented blog designers out there, a little digging will lead you to them! We’re in good company. Thanks for the post!


  5. christian says: 06/12/2006 at 8:35 am

    Well i learned html and know css. They were both easy but im only an ameture and could do a basic clean design. Other people know it to so how do I make my self look appealing to my local town. Also what is word press i use note pad. Other than that what better charge for the whole website or per hour. Oh yeah some one plz email at [email protected] if they would like a free website design to show off but i need recogintion.

  6. I am a blog designer. I offer linkware for Blogger, Premades for Blogger and WP and also custom designs at very reasonable prices.

    Moodswing Creations

  7. Its pretty simple to create a blog .. isnt it? Spent some bucks, and a few days later … Oh yeah I have a blog!! But its a tough ask if you try to do something in a so-called ‘free server’. Yup, a bit of support from the forums and thats it … the rest is up to you.

    Webttips is an attempt to do something unique. Am trying to build a place where people can come and share a bit of their findings, innovations and discoveries on web development.

  8. I know this is an old post, but I found it on google and just wanted to say thanks, some of these guys are still around and doing great work.

  9. Yep, I was doing some ego surfing and stumbled onto it. Sadly my contact information is in need of updating. In January 2006, I rebranded my web design shop as Pixelita Designs, took on a fantastic, creative graphic designer as a partner and created an LLC. I also ditched babygotblog.com (a friend now has it), and am blogging under http://www.joniverse.com.

    It’s increasingly difficult to find paying work as a blog designer. So we release free blog themes and get some work from people checking us out, usually folks with a high profile blog and some money to spend.

    But good to know that the more things change, the more they remain the same and this great site is still here! :)

  10. I think your last reply very important. I like it.
    Why do you suggest this work?


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