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Posted By Darren Rowse 4th of June 2005 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

The 2nd Blog Business Summit has been announced – it’s just a few months away in August this year. I followed the last one closely online and would have loved to get to it partly for a number of the sessions which I really enjoyed but mainly because so many bloggers that I enjoy readers were there.

One of my goals for the next 12 months of blogging is to attend at least one conference (a challenge for an Aussie because of the cost of airfares). Blog Business Summit was one event I was interested in, so was Gnomedex 5.0 ( was close to going but it clashed with our holiday)….

So my question to you dear reader – which conference/s would you you rank as a ‘must attend’ for a ProBlogger? Which ones are you planning on attending in the next 12 months? Which have you been to previously that were worthwhile?

I’m not limiting it just to blog conferences – but any web related event that you think would be worthwhile?

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Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Well, if Israel was familiar with blogs, if blogs in Israel took bigger part of the net than it’s taking now, i would love to attend ANY conference…but…eh….all they do here is go to chats :S


  • You have raised some interesting points which I have failed to read but I just feel a sense of “I must leave a comment” on a like minded Inquisitive Blog Blogger thingy. Please do visit my blog at And make sure you bookmark it too or I’ll be rather unconscious. Good tidings and farewell.

    P.S. Adsense is the way forward but is not the be all and end all of website monitization. There are other tools out there for maximizing revenue from a Blog, however, some of them (for blogs) are about are useful as a box without a base. To truly make money from Adsense a person must steer clear of Blogs and instead move towards a more hard coded XHTML, CSS and SSI system of working. By using a Blogger it’s like having a slave really to do the work for you. I must say that people need to get of their touches if they really wanna make some money and score highly on the Internet. However, saying this, a Blogger is probably the first contact for the ‘average dude’ with a website. (An ‘average dude’ in America is defined as a 16 stone idiot just as a note)…but enough babbling and more ADSENSE, ADSENSE, ADSENSE!!!

  • I spoke at the last BBS and it was pretty good IMHO. I’d love to go to this next one, but I’m on my honeymoon – bastards picked the wrong date, lol.

    I’d say SXSW is pretty good, at least this last year they had quite a few session that I feel would benefit any blogger pro or not. The nice thing is lots of these weren’t really blog specific. There are sessions on business, design, content, etc. And it’s a great place for networking as so many people attend.

    ps – not sure what’s up with that last comment…

  • The summit was great last year. Interesting people. Interesting speaks. This year it’s in the best possible tech location, so I’m sure it’ll be even better. I’m thinking about attending, but right now it’s a toss up between the summit and Jupiter Media’s Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose (Aug 8 – 11th).

  • Being another Aussie blogger, there’s just about zero possibility of attending any blogging conferences … without being attached to a MSM outlet. And that ain’t gonna happen!

    But with what the Internet is today, geography should not be a problem. Any “serious” conference should have this facility of including anyone who wants to attend/contribute via virtually attending. That could be simply going live, providing hourly/daily wrap-ups.

    I’d be willing to pay to attend online say, if there was a live feed (audio/video/text)

  • duncan

    I agree with Martins comments, and on another related topic, what annoys me is how little time a lot of these conferences give in terms of notice, believe it or not travelling half way around the globe isn’t all that easy unless you’ve got money to burn, why cant they announce these thngs 6 months out?

  • -b-

    Thanks for your comments and we hope to see you all there. We’re sorry it didn’t get announced sooner.

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