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  • Thats interesting. Should be able to make way more money out of 850,000 page views per month – not necessarily though adsense type networks though.

  • I’m not sure but I think that traffic is over estimated, their rank is 44,758 in Alexa which mean usually a traffic between 100,000 and 200,000 page views monthly and not 850,000 ! I think its their hits and not PViews.

  • Sometimes, I wonder when people sell a popular site. Even if they don’t have the time to run the site, it still is possible to find people to run it for you.

    Sometimes for a fraction of the cost.

  • I wouldn’t say that an Alexa rank of 44,758 means 100,000-200,000 page views.
    I have one site that has an Alexa ranking of about 300,000 and gets almost 500,000 page views per month.

    Alexa is really messed up.

  • I am still relatively new to problogging as I have only been doing it for just over a year, but $500-$900 a month for a blog with 850,000 page views a month seems awfully low.

    I’ve heard more than once that blogs about blogs don’t do all that well with adsense but I would think that a site with that kind of traffic would have alternative methods to generate at least several thousands of dollars per month.

  • I’m inclinded to agree with the other posters that kind of traffic should be generating considerably more money not to mention if it’s bringing in that much or more money why not find someone to run it for you? 12.5K seems like a waste when you could potentially make much more per year.

  • sounds like some of you should buy it then if you think its not earing to it’s potential :-)

  • Darren,

    If Unmatched Style is still down around $12,500, you and the gang over at b5media should buy it, find a blogger for it., monetize it properly, and make your money back in 6 months.

    If I only had a blog network :)

  • Apparently the sale is already pending.

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  • How did this end? Anyone know what the winning bid was?

  • I would really like to know how much tihs ended for too. Can anyone help us out?

  • So how did it end? Did anyone find out? I am still interested

    check out the site, it is going to be bigger than ebay and amazon!

  • Online auctions are for people looking to get a good deals on what they purchase. Why should the seller have to pay high fees. Low prices, Low FVF, everyone is happy.

    You can also set private auctions on the site where you could have sold your blog to the people you invited in.

    Hope your blog sold for more then it was worth.

    Take care ;-)