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Blog Action Day – October 15 2007

Posted By Darren Rowse 17th of August 2007 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

Action 125X125There’s a nice project happening in October called Blog Action Day that is attracting a bit of attention today after it’s launch.

The concept is pretty simple – bloggers around the world all committing to post on the one topic on the same day. The first day is October 15 (it’s going to be annual) and the first topic is ‘Environment’.

I’ve signed up to participate with both ProBlogger and Digital Photography School, as have many of my favorite blogs. I would encourage readers to consider joining in.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. hi Darren,

    I think this is going to be a great thing, and I’ve registered my site http://makecollegebetter.com

    I plan to write a post about how college campuses and students on those campuses have an excellent, unique opportunity to raise environmental issues awareness.

    This idea has raised some thought provoking comments on zenhabits.net, one of my favorite sites. People are wondering if this will seem like one big lecture… or if people will get annoyed to read the same thing over and over again. Still, I think it is a good idea.

  2. Thanks for the heads up!
    I’m signed up! :-)

  3. Sounds GREAT!!! I will sign up now.

  4. I signed up earlier this morning, anything for a good cause.

  5. Very interesting. I’m in (if I can remember)…it’s always nice to unite for a common cause.

  6. I’ve signed my blog up at http://youneed2see.com as well as a couple of other sites my network runs. So many people do so much will make a difference, even if it’s not huge, this is somebody every single person can make a difference with.

    Don’t just blog about it though, tell your friends and family and get them involved. The more the merrier.

  7. Thanks for the write up Darren, and thanks for participating!! We’re getting quite a reception and I just spent the last two hours approving some 250 new blogs. They’re coming in at about 20 an hour now!

    Again thanks for the support!!

  8. @YouNeed2See

    I think you make a great point about not just blogging.

    So many times us internet and blog junkies think the only things that can be done must be done online! But a little good old fashioned word of mouth still works. In fact, I’m sure any of our friends or families will have a much greater chance of listening to us than a blog reader.

    Yet, the fact that this online idea just presents the idea to talk with our friends/family shows that online campaigning can be effective!

  9. Thanks for that. I’ll be signing up as well as advertising it on my blog.

  10. Cool idea. I think I’ll do that as well.

  11. Signed on Domestik Goddess this morning. Blog Action Day is a genius idea with no discernible ‘down side’ — and it’s rather cool when you think that every blogger who participates is helping to make a bit of blogging history!

  12. I think blogging is great. I’ve done it for a couple of years and I’ll probably sign up for this day if I am still in the country. I do however think that bloggers do need to make something happen in the real world. Do something.

    Blogging is well and good, and believe me you can raise awareness through blogging, but just as photography provokes emotion but not reaction, blogging may be doing the same thing. I hope to see a lot of encouragement toward actual activism in the blog posts.

  13. I hope the word gets out a little bit more. Darren, I would like to request that you put up an ad on your sidebar for this. Your blog is visited by a lot of other bloggers and is the perfect place to get the word out for the next month besides through a post. Hope you read this post and do it. Maybe someone could 2nd my idea!

  14. I signed up yesterday and wrote a review.
    a blogging history started!

  15. That’s an awesome idea!

    I wonder how people will figure out how to make money off of this special day??

    …………. Only time will tell….

  16. The concept is great to protect environment.

  17. This is a great idea and it is fantastic to see it getting so much support across the net.

    My blog (iwillchangeyourlife.com is signed up!

  18. What a great idea ! Thanks Darren for the tip, http://www.preblogging.com , my blog, will be taking part too !

  19. Count me in… :)

  20. Sorry, but this is a complete cop-out. I support the sentiment, but the action is all wrong. A load of bloggers sitting in front of their computers is the laziest possible way to achieve any environmental goal.

    Why not devote some time to going out to real people and starting a discussion about environmental issues? Speak to your employer and make suggestions for how to reduce your environmental impact. Get rid of that ginormous car you don’t need.

    But inconsequential blather across the web? No.Doesn’t work for me. The web’s still too impersonal and it’s too easy to make the right sounds but actually do nothing about it. Who’s going to check up you anyway?

  21. I’ll definitely be taking part in this. Thanks for making me aware of it.

  22. Great news! Let’s Go to sign up, now.

  23. This is cool, especially because one of my blogs is all about environment stuff (family footprint). I will be participating!

  24. Great, sounds good. It will be great to be able to write about a different topic for a day. I signed up.

  25. …thanks for spreading the word, Darren. I’ve signed up and plan to post up something on one of my blogs.

    a mango in your palm…

  26. Thanks for the tip! I’ve added myself to the site.

  27. I signed up for this and I hope it works though I have a feeling its just going to be a bunch of buzz with no action taking place but Id love to be proven wrong.

  28. I signed up a few days ago after hearing of this. Looking forward to the good it will do :-)

  29. I just signed up with the “Fernstudium-Rundschau” . It’s great that also non-English-blogs can participate (mine is german).

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