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Behaviors of the Blogosphere – Controversy Continues

Posted By Darren Rowse 13th of August 2005 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

Nick Denton has responded to criticism of the critique by Jason Calacanis of the Behaviors of the Blogosphere Study in an article at CickZ where he’s quoted as saying:

‘”I know it galls Jason Calacanis that his sites are about as memorable as Burger King franchises, and that none register among the top blogs, except Pete Rojas’s Engadget,” he said.

Denton added, “But Jason Calacanis misses the big picture. The study finally provides evidence for what we’ve all hoped for: that blog readers are younger and richer than average, and, one hopes, thinner.”‘

I’m not sure where the ‘thinner’ comment comes from – or is Nick preempting a ‘diet blog’ announcement?

Meanwhile Jason’s blog has become even more focussed upon the study (5 of his last 7 posts are on the topic).

Where will this all end I wonder? And is anyone taking any notice anyway?

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  • Lei

    I don’t know this Denton guy from the gum stuck to the bottom of my shoe but after that “thin” remark, I’d like to stomp on him all the same. What the #@!#

  • But Jason Calacanis misses the big picture.

    Errr, and he doesn’t?

    Try the big picture of millions of ‘ordinary’ people not on this self-obsessed, self-promoting ‘A-list’ who are really making the blogosphere something.

  • Indeed. I rarely read a single blog on the so-called “A list.” This sounds like a whole bunch of hot air to me, and I’m giving it all the attention it deserves: none.

  • More of the ” supposed ” majority thinking that anybody listens to them, when in fact, the only one’s who listen are the masses who do nothing, buy nothing, act upon nothing, etc, etc.

    Almost as bad as some Hollywood star or Boy Band member giving out political advice.

    A-lists and the such are perception, at best. And most of the time, it’s their perception and they made the list.
    Learned it from Trump, I guess.

    Un-link from them and don’t mention them and in 6 months maybe they’ll be gone. Let’s try it.

  • Nick Denton is right.

  • yes.Denton is right, I will try !

  • Both blogging companies are American, and it appears the majority of blog stars are American, too. As an experienced American, I can tell you that we usually only like having to think about two ideas at a time (sometimes less). We love a good head-to-head fight (that’s why all our movies end with one, preferably in an abandoned warehouse). Enter Denton and Calacanis. They are competitors in the same space. Pride and proof of method are at risk. I like both of them and their network of blogs. Both are interesting studies in how to set up and run a blog network.

    In the meantime, third and other choices, like Blog Herald, have dipped below the American “this or that” line of sight.

  • I see “thin” as a reference to the Burger King remark. i.e. Burger King (Weblogs Inc.) is fast food, so you are supposed to eat it (visit their sites) and get fat. If they visit his sites as he “hopes”, they are “thinner”. That’s how I read it, anyway. ;)

    As far as unsubscribing… if you subscribed, this is what you subscribed for: their views. That’s the point of their blogs. So, this issue isn’t something to unsubscribe for… unless, of course, you disagree with their views so much that you wish to no longer read their views! :)

  • Trouble is, we get to hear about their views even though we (OK I) had never relly heard or crossed their paths before. This gets put out onto the web as some major story, when really it’s just a spat between two self-promoted “A listers”. Sure, they’re successful at what they do, and yes some of this matters for ad revenue, etc., but surely there are more important things…

    I won’t be unsubscribing from their blogs on this issue, ’cause I was never subscribed in the first place.

    I’m sure a greater impact of international blogs will bring out international prima-donnas; and I have nothing against the American people (please don’t get that impression from me) – however, a wider, more varied culture won’t go at all amiss.

  • Maybe the both of them should sign up for the next space shuttle- that’s where this nonsense belongs.
    I’m with Andy on this- get over these 2 comics and move on………