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Be a Better Blogger – ProBlogger/b5media 1 Day Conference in NYC – June 2007

Posted By Darren Rowse 27th of April 2007 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

Problogger Meetup-1Do you want to improve your blogging? Do you live near New York City (or are you able to get there? If so, this is a post you’ll want to read.

I’m really excited to announce that in just over a month ProBlogger and b5media will be holding a 1 day event for bloggers who want to take their blogs up a level and meet other bloggers who are working on the same thing.

We’re still working on the exact details but plans for this one day event are firming up enough to announce them so that people can begin to make plans to attend.

These details are not confirmed yet so don’t go booking any flights if you’re planning on flying in – but here’s what we’re aiming for.

Date – Saturday 9 June 2007 (the day after FOOA – so if you’re planning on attending that, stay an extra day).

Time – 10am – 4pm for the training part of the day and then from 7pm for a Party

What – I can’t announce the speakers at this point but will say that I’ll be leading a session and that there will be an array of other speakers and panelists over the course of the day. We’re still confirming who’ll be presenting and what their topics are but we’re aiming this event at beginner to intermediate bloggers who want to learn from professional bloggers. We’re aiming for a mix of topics from some of the technical aspects of blogging through to a session on finding readers through to a session on monetizing blogs. Details to follow.

The sessions will largely be a presenter talking on their topic for 30 minutes and then 25 minutes of questions and answers.

The evening will be similar to the last ProBlogger meetup in NYC. Networking, drinks, food and fun. This will be open to both those who attended during the day and others.

Cost – We will be charging for the event but it won’t be big dollars as we want to keep it as affordable as possible and are just hoping to cover costs. We’re confirming the location in the next week so once we’ve done that and have costed it out we’ll be able to announce this also. My hope is that it’ll be somewhere in the $60 – $70 range and that that will include lunch.

Where – Somewhere central in NYC.

Who – 100 Bloggers. This is an estimate and the final number of tickets available will depend upon the venue – but we will probably be capping the numbers at 100 bloggers. The ProBlogger meetup that we held in NYC a month back attracted around 70 attendees so we’re pretty sure we can hit the 100 mark. When we announce that tickets are going on sale there will be a first come first served system.

My hope with this event is that it will be:

  • informative – I’m not interested in any ‘fluffy’ sessions – I want ‘how to’ and practical stuff
  • fun – yes bloggers can let their hair down
  • a chance for lots of networking and collaboration
  • attendee driven – lots of Q and A
  • informal – I’m a pretty casual guy and hope that while there’ll be a structured schedule that it’ll be relaxed

Interested in attending?

We’re not taking bookings yet – but if you’re interested in coming along please express that interest my leaving a comment below with your name. Also make sure that you leave a valid email address in the email field of the comment form so we can email you when we announce how you can book.

I’d also love to hear any suggestions that you might have for what sessions/topics you’d like to see covered on the event. While we’ve already planned a lot of what we want to do – if there’s a groundswell of requests for something we’ve not included we’ll do our best to adapt the program.

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