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  • That almost looks like a joke… but I fear it isn’t. Hmmm, I’m sceptical.

  • :-)

  • Shoot, no pmachine version. Guess I’ll have to pass.

    ; )

  • It’s a joke…but a pretty good one. I managed to laugh 3 and a half times, would have been 4 but the 4th one was partially a cough.

  • hehe – quite amusing. Only sad part is that there are a number of automated blogging programs out there that are actually trying to spam Google.

  • That is sad, bloggers being reduced to no more than a, fly cheese toliet tower the sand wind hits hard, script. Sad, steal the base and look to the upper down, thing to see.

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  • Yes, it is the revolutionary system for the hoodwinking the readers of the blog, but would it work for the Manolo?

  • very funny, at first I thought you were talking about an alternative to ecto. I tried out ecto for windows and found it seriously lacking (it doesn’t seem to be developed or focussed upon as heavily as the Mac version).
    Does anyone know or recommend an ecto alternative?

  • Not knowing ecto, and 100% what it is and does; I can’t be totally acurate. But judging by the screen shots and the breif about I think w.bloggar might be what you are looking for.

  • I looked at Ecto and thought it was useless. Have a look at Blogjet, it’s reasonably priced, works well, and can integrate with your browser.

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  • I assume it is a joke then? Duh. Thing is I know there are tools that can emulate/simulate others wriitng (if only badly). It probably won’t be long. I’m starting to get a little nervous – I thought I could easily tell what was a fake and what was real – now I’m not so sure.

    To be honest the main reason I was sceptical is that I don’t believe you (Darren) would use such a tool. I’m all for time-saving devices, but I (and I guess you) would feel very uncomfortable letting any machine try to guess what I’m going to write next…

    Heh, even I don’t know that half the time. (Ringing endorsement for my blogs, eh?)

  • You should try poloblog instead! The first blog entirely generated with the megaHAL engine, it browse other blogs, copies and merges their sentences, complete with links and all.

  • Auto Comment Maker (Part of the Auto Blogger Suite)

    Have made comment, autoblogger does good. Create comment for blog and keep people reading your nose. See the content quality it is mailing to your machine box.

  • Haha, I didn’t even realize it was a gag until about the subtitles “Portuguese dumbass” lol

  • Thanks guys, I’ll check out blogjet and w.bloggar. They seem to be better programs than ecto for windows.

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  • Autoblogger has alot of automated things goin on. Im not sure i will use it yet. I saw a similiar tool from comment hut, do the search. It seems easier to use and gives you a list of blogs you can post on. They want like $100 for it ,screw that. I sell all kinds of products on my site. So i can use hundreds of keywords. Even if i get a few results from each keyword it will add up to a long list of blogs i need to post on. This Autoblogger sounds like it could take some of the pain out of blogging for backlinks.

  • Dear friend,
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