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Australian AdSense publishers Get EFT at last

Posted By Darren Rowse 2nd of May 2006 Adsense 0 Comments

I just had an email from AdSense telling me that they’ve just enabled EFT direct deposit payments to ALL Australian AdSense publishers. They had previously made this available to some publishers but I’m assured it’s now an open thing. The set up process takes a few steps but once it’s done it’ll cut down a few trips to the bank and delays in cashing cheques.

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  • Woohoo, I’m with you there Darren… it’ll make it a lot easier for us neglected Aussies.


  • Yay!

    Now we don’t have to wait for 2-3 weeks for it to be sent by airmail!

    Saves so much time!

  • Its a shame they haven’t dropped the minimum to be paid out. Adsense is one of the biggest, yet the minimum makes it prohibitive for the smaller publisher to ever accrue enough income to be able to receive some money.

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  • Jon

    Be careful what you wish for…they shorted us Canucks big time last month and now as they are trying to correct it, they appear to have botched all our account info…the accounts all say “payments on hold…error depositing funds”

  • great news! no having to wait for a Cheque from Sweden any more!

  • Ha ha ha. Google’s Swedish snail mail outsourcing used too be so much fun. Good times. The last two months I’ve been getting the Express Delivery and it gets sent from Dubai! Yay for the world economy and convoluted business systems to save a penny.

  • I am trying to manage a few servers and juggle the cash around. I can’t wait to get my first EFT here in Australia, it will mean a faster turn around, w00t.

  • I agree with Greg! Its great to have EFT, now if you could work on them dropping the minimum!