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Attend the ProBlogger Training Event Virtually

Posted By Darren Rowse 17th of August 2013 Featured Posts 0 Comments

Are you looking for a little inspiration and guidance in your blogging as you head into the rest of 2013? The Problogger Training Event Virtual Pass could be just what you need.

In March this year when I announced the 2013 ProBlogger Event I did so quite nervously because we’d book a venue with 450 seats (up from 300 the previous year) in a new location.

I need not have been nervous – we sold 200 early bird seats in a matter of minutes and the remaining tickets to the Gold Coast (Australia) event sold out two months ago.

Since selling out I’ve had daily emails from people from around the world asking if there was a way that they could attend physically or get access to the training with some kind of a virtual pass.

Today I’m pleased to announce you can attend with the ProBlogger Training Event Virtual Pass. You can find out more about it here or pick up yours by clicking the button below.

What is the ProBlogger Training Event?

#PBEVENT (as it’s referred to by many) is held on the Gold Coast (Queensland, Australia) on 13-14 September. It is an event that is designed from the ground up to equip and inspire bloggers to build profitable blogs.

We fly in speakers from around the globe like Trey Ratcliff, Tsh Oxenreider and Amy Porterfield and add in some other great Aussie speakers like Shayne Tilley, Pip Lincolne and myself (see the full speaker list here) and then run 2 pretty intense days of training.

This year we’ve got 31 sessions planned (we run 3 streams at once during most of the days) on topics including:

  • Monetization Where to Start
  • Designing Your Blog
  • Blogging and Creativity
  • Creating Your First eBook
  • Launching a Speaking Career off Your Blog
  • How to Sell Stuff from Your Blog
  • Blogging for Beginners
  • Facebook Marketing
  • SEO for WordPress
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Building Community on Your Blog
  • How to Create Your Own Products to Sell
  • Video Creation on a Shoe String
  • DIY PR to Grow Your Blog and Brand
  • Creating a Professional Media Kit
  • Google Analytics for Bloggers
  • Growing Your Social Media Network

That’s just some of it! See the full schedule here.

What is the Virtual Pass?

Our Virtual Pass is designed to be the closest possible thing to actually being there live at this sold out event.

It gives you access to:

  • Over 30 hours of teaching about building a profitable blog. You get audio recordings of all 31 sessions of training (keynotes, workshops and Q&A lounge sessions). These recordings are yours to keep and listen to as many times as you like
  • Access to an exclusive one hour webinar after PBEVENT with the amazing Jonathan Fields
  • View all slides used in sessions at the live event (yours to keep).
  • Participate in a live and exclusive webinar with myself after the event for a post-event Q&A (and get access to the recording to listen to later)
  • A stunning, visual live social media feed, aggregating all Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ posts and more from live attendees and virtual participants in one place.

Audio files and slides will be available shortly after each session happens at the event on 13-14 September and will be yours to keep forever.

Grab Your Virtual Pass Today

Normally a package of teaching like this would be sold for upwards of $500 but thanks to our friends at Yellow Pages our Virtual Pass is available for you to purchase right now for the price of $249.99 USD. That’s just on $8 per session (plus you get access to the two webinars).

So don’t delay – take advantage of this special price and Pick Up Your Pass here.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Excellent Event. I will try to attend this event and going to buy ticket right now/
    I think that this event can make you shine much more , But this ticket costs a bit more for new bie, They will not spend much amount ti join this event, What if you give them some discount?


  2. Great event! Thanks for the headsup! I’m sure it’s impossible to find a ticket this late…but I will be on the lookout for next year.

  3. Among the topics “Creating Professional Media Kit” is quit new for me; does it mean to create a media kit for blogging event or during the whole process of publicizing your blog on news and magazine media; had I been in nearer country I would have loved to attend this event

  4. Darren it’s cool that you have live events. I attend live events all the time and they are really helpful. There is some kind of an experience you get a live events that you don’t get anywhere else. Thanks for your value.

  5. For all that you get $250 dollars really is a steal. Unfortunately at the moment the money isn’t there for me. I guess I will have to get on my grind haha =)

  6. Nearly everything is offered virtually nowadays. Virtual trainings, courses, career fairs, conferences and even concerts are happening across the globe, redefining how people engage in learning, recreation and job-related activities. Virtual events are also gaining traction in the public sector due to a “perfect storm” of overlapping factors, such as extended travel restrictions, greater public scrutiny on in-person conferences and advancement of interactive communications technology.

    Kindly Regard’s

  7. Woah there are a lot of information in this event, thanks for the mashup but it’s little expensive for me. Thank you

  8. Really a Great event, and great speakers, as i am new in blogging world its very helpfull for me :)

  9. Seems like a great opportunity to learn something. I also a blogger. I need to enhance my blogging abilities. This shouldn’t be missed out.

  10. Really a Great event, and great speakers, as i am new in blogging world its very helpfull for me :)

  11. Thanks for sending out the email. I love that you are doing all this training :) It’s very cool.

  12. We need more events like this one.

  13. Wow this is the great event. 31 sessions! oh my god this is huge list. I am sure whoever attend this event he will definitely get great knowledge about blogging. Thanks for the event.

  14. Thank you for the heads up about this event, Darren!

  15. Looking forward to this event at Gold Coast!

  16. It’s worth to buy tickets if you get the all event. Forever virtual access to the material is a plus point. Is that so?

  17. Hello there!

    I wanted to join your session but it was way more expensive than I expected. I hope you will give another training sessions with cheaper tickets soon. I’m looking forward to reading the feedbacks of those who bought the ticket and joined the event. Great idea, by the way!


  18. By far one of the best conferences I’ve been to so far this year and so glad I have a virtual pass as well so I can catch up on all the sessions that I missed out on.


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