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Are You Ignoring this Important SEO Strategy?

Posted By Guest Blogger 2nd of September 2014 General 0 Comments

This is a guest contribution from Al Gomez.

So, you have a new business – a new product to market. So now what’s next? Perhaps you are thinking about getting traffic, or how to have more visitors to your website? If so, then expect that your mind will be abuzz with terms such as social media, SEO, AdWords, videos, banner ads, articles, etc.

Or, it will be empty and blank.

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 2.09.20 pm


Search Engines are what you need, despite all the buzz about social media. Google, Yahoo, and Bing remain a main source of traffic for many people. SEO can help you get there, simple as that. However, SEO is often confused with different technical tactics. If you are a search engine marketer,the tactic sounds technical, spammy, and secretive – it’s not worth your time. One great SEO strategy that works best in search engine marketing is making your website a valuable resource. But, before going into it deeper, let me discuss first the importance of having a good SEO strategy.

SEO Strategy and Its Importance 

SEO is the first concern when talking about traffic- despite the presence of social media. But what can you do and how are you supposed to do it to have the traffic you’ve been wanting for a long time?

It has been a common trap to get caught up in various tactics. These tactics, for the most part, may hurt your reputation, and worse – won’t work. If you focus on pleasing the people as your prime concern, you’ll end up ignoring SEO strategy and still be fine. But, this is not what search engine marketing is all about! Getting to grips with SEO the right way is a major help. There is no need to complicate things, just don’t ignore them. Among the many strategies that Search Engine Marketers employ to take the business higher, one of the most ignored is to make the website a valuable resource – making the website a one-stop spot for everyone and let users leave satisfied they found everything they wanted.

The Strategy: Make the Website A Valuable Resource 

The best SEO geeks at present focus on how they can please the people first, then, the search engine. The key point is that, you can actually do well in SEO by creating content that people would want to save, bookmark, share, comment on, and make as a reference. When you can make this happen, this would indicate that they see your content to be useful and they want it to be a reference for future use. This is what the search engine is looking for and in return, it will reward your content with higher rankings.

Custom Google Analytics 

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 2.22.04 pm

To intensify this strategy, you can make use of custom Google Analytics to give you an idea of your useful content and make a difference by serving as a reference material that will be of great help in solving your readers’ concerns and needs. Being reference material is good for ranking, given that it is likely to be shared, clipped, and linked to – a long-term value for your website.

Additionally, being a valuable resource will serve as a foundation for your content marketing strategy. Being a “valuable resource” may not sound as sexy as “engaging content” or “going viral”, but sure thing, it is a much better way to spend your time on, more so when you are just starting out.

Investing a significant amount of time on using SEO the right way is a must. There might be so many strategies around, but not all of them will be applicable to what you can offer to the people. It’s time to be picky – make sure that you’ll stay immortal on the web and people will always be craving what you have in store for them.

Al Gomez is an SEO Expert – working as an SEO consultant and strategist for the last seven years. He focuses on improving website visibility across different industries, including e-commerce websites, health and technology, legal and law, consulting firms, real state, SEO in Los Angeles, and many more. He has also acquired extensive experience in the field of Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Google Adwords (PPC), Email Marketing, Web Development, and other SEO strategies. Know more about Al Gomez by visiting his blog.

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  1. Hi Al,

    Simple and powerful advice here.

    Each of my posts at Blogging from Paradise are resource style pieces, to build the blogging tips blog, for people who want to retire to paradise, into a resource that search engines will love. You’re smart to build something big, epic, and to inspire Google to rank your site higher.

    Some SEO guys and gals, let alone non-SEO types, need to see the Big Picture. Don’t create your posts thinking about only the post itself. Imagine that you’re adding a monstrous resource to a book, or some other large, comprehensive study, so that you’ll do your best job each time out.

    I’m posting 2500 word or longer posts three times weekly. I’m building my content base, forming a Go To resource for my niche and I’m positioning myself to look better in Google’s eyes.

    I don’t try to get search engine traffic but I do create big time value, target the content with a few keywords and I build friendships with niche authorities. These steps can help me indirectly in the search engine/SEO game.

    Thanks so much Al. I’ll tweet this in a bit.

    Signing off from Fiji.


  2. Yes. SEO is the main source of Traffic for a blog or site. Without SEO you can’t get organic traffic. There are lots of ways available for traffic but the right path is SEO (Organic Search). Google Analytics is the best way to optimize your site or blog. Thanks!

  3. Yes making a website best resource for every potential user is the key for every SEO strategy. Thanks

  4. Creating a new blog and having lots of traffic is only possible with Better understanding of Search Engine Optimization.The only motive every bloggers are to get lots of traffic and hence only possible with Strategy of SEO.
    Nice article.Thanks for Sharing

  5. Hi Al,

    Congrats on guesting posting at ProBlogger. I’m sure you’ll get quite a few referrals as a result!

    One would help it’s every blogger’s goal to create “content that people would want to save, bookmark, share, comment on, and make as a reference,” but sadly we know it isn’t true. Many bloggers try to please Google first, and their readers second.

    It’s an easy trap to fall into, but I’ve tried my best not to with Be A Better Blogger. I don’t always succeed, but my goal is to have each weekly post be a valuable resource for my readers. That’s why I wrote my 8,317-word post a few weeks ago, and why almost post I write is north of 2,000 words. It is hard work, but so is most things worth doing the right way!

    Hope you have a great week, Al.

    – Kevin

  6. It’s imperative every internet marketer use Google Analytics and connect it to addtional analytics accounts they have on social networks, because it gives them direct demographics on what areas they are getting the most response and conversions from, allowing them to create content and online services to best suit that specific market.

  7. My hope is that producing and promoting good quality content that solves peoples problems or answers their questions will eventually result in seo traffic from search engines.

  8. Provide high quality value in every aspect of your blog business and the SEO aspect will take care of itself. Thanks Al, nice reading your post.

  9. Hello Al, thanks for sharing your tips. I really enjoyed your section about making a website a valuable resource. That is a strategy that I myself focus a great deal of attention on as I think that producing useful content that my audience finds valuable is one of the most important things.

  10. Hi Gomez,
    Thanks for sharing the simple but most effective SEO techniques. Analytical data can increase SEO score easily and quickly.

  11. There are one Rule 20% Efforts generate 80% of Reults !
    some people install Auto matic software , spin the content etc, that dont bring you traffic

    Go Slow & Steady , Add 1-2 posts weekly , along with SEO matrixs, Never target keywords with _ High competition ….

    After Analize the keyword
    then write a post
    then via Rank tracker Software , keep an eye how your efforts generating results, if ok, then same formula can be reptead . but in case you dont get successful results, dont losing your time & Money !

    Thx …

    Ati – CEO @


  12. You are right that it is so important to offer amazing content. I think that is a given hopefully. It won’t help you with SEO though if you can’t get the word out there and start to do the other things that require SEO. You need to start with the amazing content and then build out from there. Amazing content in it of itself will do nothing for you if you can’t get an audience to share your stuff.

  13. Thanks for posting. What attracts potential customers to your website is high-quality content

    In making a website should have the best resource for every potential user.

  14. Thank you for the guidelines. I am agreeing that we have to add some thing valuable which can be bookmarked for future reference. In this way, we can maintain our existing visitors and get new visitors. Today, every bloggers know about the basic SEO such as including keywords, heading tags, meta description and so on. But to get a huge amount of traffic to our blog, we have to think about SEO beyond that. Providing valuable content that can be bookmarked is one of that innovative SEO strategies.

  15. Yes. SEO is the main source of Traffic for a blog or site. Without SEO you can’t get organic traffic. There are lots of ways available for traffic but the right path is SEO (Organic Search). Google Analytics is the best way to optimize your site or blog. Thanks!

  16. After months of months of trying to build three websites, I thought I was maximizing the SEO effectively. However, after reading this article, I know now what I have been doing wrong, or better, what I have not been doing correctly. This has provided me with some of the answers I have been looking for. Thanks.

  17. Hi Darren Rowse,
    Whenever i visited your blog i found some great content which is totally different from others. No doubt you share some great tips regarding Seo which is very helpful for blogging. Thanks for sharing such an excellent post.

  18. yup.. google analytics is important tool for us blogger. It help us to get the best keyword and look at our achievement.. I’ve use google analytics more than 5 years and it help me a lot

  19. Quality content is the one that bloggers should not ignore. Delivering quality content according to the needs and usefulness, we can increase user experience and it helps in reaching our blog to the next level.

    In order to make that quality content easily discoverable, SEO is badly required or else you a high quality content will be left undiscovered.

  20. Hi I consider this point at above all ‘Make the Website A Valuable Resource’ A valuable resource is goggle & everyones favorite, You will get natural high quality backlinks which ultimately boost your organic ranking.

  21. Hello Darren Rowse,
    Whenever we visited your site i found some good content that is totally not the same as others. Without doubt you share some good tips concerning Seo that is very ideal for blogging. Thanks with regard to sharing this excellent publish.nice share

  22. Usefulness is really key as you mention in your post Gomez. Creating a resource that people bookmark and come back to more often can take time, but it is doable -and that’s where we should be aiming at every single day.

  23. You hit the nail on the head with your content needing to provide value. If you don;t provide value then what do you provide? The more value you have, the longer people will stick around, reducing the bounce rate etc. Google will see that traffic they are sending your way is warranted and then they will send more…and so the cycle continues. The crux of this comes down to providing valuable content.

    I always try the posts on my site to the point and very clear. It’s a site around blogging tips, so of course that is the value I need to provide….good, honest and reliable tips. If I start to stray from that, then people will loose interest and Google won’t be far behind!

    Whilst I am not perfect, I always strive to write for my readers first and Google second. Doing it the other way around is going to land you in hot water.

  24. Yep, I agree on the most of the point above regarding the SEO. And I also strongly believe that we must please our reader first but at the same time not forgotting the SEO part. Take the opportunity on it. The high risk when too focusing on SEO and neglecting the readers is when the search engines change their algorithm. That’s where the trouble comes…

  25. I cannot believe that post made it on Problogger. That was it? I’ve read hundreds of articles here, none less helpful as this one.

  26. Every time we have to follow different strategy because no one can read the min of google. SEO is just a myth!!! whether it is driving organic traffic to your site or getting the top of SERP always complicated.

  27. Ultimate post. Thanks for sharing.

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