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Are You a Music Blogger?

Posted By Darren Rowse 17th of May 2007 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

If you’re a blogger with a passion for music then the team over at b5media are keen to chat to you about the launch of our new b5media Music Channel.

These are paid positions and we’re looking for bloggers to help us start new blogs.

There are a large variety of genres, artists and locations that we want to cover so if you’ve got an idea for a great music blog check out our call for bloggers here (and the ad on the job boards).

disclaimer: I’m VP of Training at b5media

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Thats really cool.
    Hope you get some good music bloggers :)

  2. I sent in my application yesterday after seeing the ad on the job page here.

  3. Is it OK? As long as I knew music blogs are infringement the copyright.

  4. I just sent in my application after reading this post. Fingers crossed.

  5. I sent my application in too….and while my blog suggestion falls outside what you are looking for, I am more than hoping that you will consider it to be “blogworthy”.

    I am way excited about this channel.

  6. Hii,
    I heard Music blog is good niche. I am also eager to start music blog, though i don’t know much about music. But music blogs may be targeted by RIAA…

  7. Thanks alot Darren — I’m not sure I post enough these days to qualify, but I’ll send in my app regardless. I am sure my writing is up to par, it’s a matter of how much they’ll need me to contribute

  8. I don’t understand how music blogs may be targeted by RIAA. Blogging about music doesn’t mean that you have to infringe a copyright law.

    As far as I understand, RIAA can attack @ you only if they find full length music tracks hosted on your site. Posting song samples doesn’t break their law. Am I right?

    And blogging about music doesn’t mean that you’ll only be posting sample songs. You also need to blog about the music industry, artists and bands.

  9. My application is in and I’m pysched to hear what B5Media thinks about it. I currently blog about music and love it. My fingers are crossed and I’m hoping for some good news :)

  10. It may not be the RIAA as much as the Performance Rights Organizations (BMI and ASCAP) that will have a problem with copyrighted music appearing on blogs (even in short snippets). Both organizations are very actively licensing music for web use these days, and view any unlicensed usage (especially on any site that generates any income whatsoever) to be a violation of the songwriter’s copyright, and the record company’s mechanical license.

  11. […] I was anxious when I saw on ProBlogger that B5Media is looking for music bloggers. […]

  12. It is possible to write about music without using illegal sound files.

    Music is a wide and varied field which includes performance, listening and criticism, learning and pedagogy, composition, history, and more. And you find all of these aspects within each different style of music from Baroque to Britney Spears and from Heavy Metal to Opera.

    There are enormous possibilities.

  13. I agree 100% with Michelle, she makes a great point. I’ve blogged about music since Sept. ’06 and haven’t once used an illegal sound file. I’ve put up quite a few youtube videos, however, but as far as I know, youtube would take those down if they were asked by the artist.

  14. […] to some of the comments at Problogger when Darren announced it, it’s perfectly possible to have music blogs that don’t break […]

  15. Thanks again for the tip, Darren! It would be fantastic to join B5Media!

  16. ~ Oh my I LOVE music, so much in fact I have almost 23,000 postings on Paul McCartneys official webby, is that crazy or what? what a brillant idea !!!


  17. I too have put in my application.

    I have been blogging about music since 2003 on The Rock and Roll Report and I have never posted an illegal music file. I link to legal downloads on the band’s and or labels websites all the time and that has provided more than enough music for my readers (right Mom!).

    Since the majority of the music I write about is on Indie and D.I.Y. labels, they always make a good number of MP3s available to fans because they want to generate a buzz for their artists. I always urge readers that if they like what they are hearing to go ahead and BUY THE CD and I give them an easy way to do so, usually through CD Baby or Amazon. Seems to work for me and the musicians appreciate it.

  18. Music Bloggers Search Prompts Fond Boomer Memories…

    b5media is preparing to launch a music channel and is in search of music bloggers. According to this blogging job post for Music Bloggers on ProBlogger.net’s pjobboard, “This channel will cover a wide range of genres, geographical locations…

  19. I am applying. Hope I am gonna get this ;)

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