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Are You a Full Time Blogger with Small to Medium Traffic? Let’s Chat

Posted By Darren Rowse 26th of February 2015 General 0 Comments

One of the biggest misconceptions that many bloggers have is that you need MASSIVE traffic to become a full time blogger.

We often hear how many hundreds of thousands or even millions of visitors this or that blog has but the reality is that I’ve met many bloggers over the years who don’t have massive traffic – yet who are still making a healthy income from their blogging.

The problem is that these bloggers don’t always have the platform to tell their stories and so the myth that you need massive traffic goes on without being busted.

This year I want to smash that myth and want to tell the stories of smaller to medium sized bloggers who are making a living from their blogs.

Are you a Full Time Blogger-
If you’re a full time (or close to full time) blogger and would consider yourself to be in the small to medium category – I’ve love to hear a little about you and your blog and have set up a form to help gather your stories.

I can’t guarantee to tell everyone’s story (I’ve already had 80 responses) but I would love to hear it.

I’m looking for as many models of making money blogging as I can find. So whether you’re doing it through some kind of advertising or sponsorship or by selling an eProduct or membership or even if you’re using a blog to sell your services or to promote a brick and mortar business – I’d love to hear from you.

Note: I’m particularly looking for blogs that are NOT about making money online. While that’s a legit niche I got a load of those in previous submissions. I’d much prefer to hear from blogs who blog about fashion, travel, food, business, health, fitness, parenting, life… not making money. Sorry if that excludes you but looking for other niches right now.

Here’s the form for you to submit your details

PS: a few people have asked what I would classify ‘small to medium traffic’ as. While I’m open to your interpretation on that the examples that I’ve got so far that interest me the most are from people who have traffic from as little as 600 visitors a month (really, there are a couple of great examples) up to 20,000 to 30,000 per month (or 1000 or so per day).

Having said that – I’m open to hearing all kinds of stories!

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. I have not qualified to submit my blog since even the title of my blog is MAKING MONEY ONLINE ,but when i started my blog my aim wasn’t about making money online, i Have been an Affiliate marketer for a while now and i realized that if you want to promote Affiliate products its necessary that you MUST have a blog to create a sales funnel, so that was my aim. but my question is why create a blog regardless of the niche and you don’t expect to have readers? looking forward to that article when it comes out to answer my question really interesting topic.

  2. While ultimately the goal is to make some income (why not if the traffic is there), but many years in business have taught me to focus on the customer and the money will come. I’ve dabbled with blogging but really committed in January. I had about 40,000 views since then but so much to still learn and do. It’s the learning and doing that is what attracts me and what is necessary to succeed.
    I believe that there are good reasons to blog “not for profit” as well. For example, it can be cathartic or it can be a forum for communicating similar to FB.

  3. Hey Darren,

    Can’t like, kind of fun filling that out. Overall I hope this helps out some of us scallywags :-)


    Christopher Pontine

  4. I am going to submit my blog as it is getting a very small traffic, lets hope i am going to get living out of it one day

  5. This is a pretty good idea that you’re reaching out to people that are seeking to capitalize on transforming their traffic. It’s also a great avenue for personal online relationship building. Nuff respect to you for taking this approach to relationship marketing. :-)

  6. How many visitors you need to make a good living with a blog… this depends on niche and products that you pick to promote.

    e.g: 100 visitors/day is enough if you find an untapped niche or a product that has low competition level.
    Otherwise, you need 1K visitors or more per day for earning the same amount of profit with the blog if you pick niche and products have high competition level.

    • You can earn a living from blogging as long as you create “lots and lots of content” and keep your audience engaged. Content is king on the Internet and is a wonderful way to convert traffic into repeat sales. If you believe and “do the transformation work at full strength,” you can achieve your blogging goals and more. Just don’t forget to create [lots and lots of content] for your blog and sustain positive relationships with your site visitors that come from search engines and social networks. If you’d like to ask questions anytime about building up your site traffic, feel free to stop by the site any time and create a free account. Thank you.

  7. I forgot to say Darren – we are making the same income now with 300 people per month as we did with about 100, four years ago! Help!

  8. I have recently started a new tech blog and i want to know how to increase traffic but i have a question should i submit it as my blog is new?

  9. All submitted

  10. Just submitted!

  11. Awesome! I can’t wait for this series. I would to see someone prove that it IS POSSIBLE to make money with out talking about making money.

  12. Hey …
    Wonderful article thanks for sharing such kind of article with us….
    Thanks for this…

  13. Thanks for the post Darren.

    Got me to clean up a few things before visitors.

  14. Hi Darren, this is a brilliant idea, and it will be great to read about small scale bloggers making a living from blogging, as well as provide a real motivational boost to those working their way up o that level. Can’t wait to read some of their stories. All the best with this.

  15. Awesome post ! Core traffic is better huge traffic. Therefore, I do not worry about if my blog got less traffic per day.

  16. I am a new blogger with nascent blog. Want some tips and suggestions from problogger team regarding my blog.

  17. I’m a full-time blogger. I do hard labor on my blog but I didn’t get a good amount of traffic on my website. Please suggest me something.

  18. Anybody has the opportunity to make a blog a success. I just say “It takes time, and sticking with it”.

    This is a well written post Darren. Well done!

  19. I’d be curious to know what your thoughts are on building goals for a new blog. Mine is about 6 months old so it is constantly evolving

  20. After more than 3 attempts at blogging which all failed, I have decide to give a last shot to blogging and if its the same story i quit. But before i will do that, i will be a constant guest on this site to really know those things i have been doing wrong. For sure i know you will be willing to help in case i get stuck. Thanks for your time

  21. this is really helpful for new bloggers like me, so thanks darren thank you very much for this opportunity…

  22. Just Submitted.

  23. I am doing every thing for my blog … Like directory submission … Sharing posts ,webmaster tools but its big problem for me ….blog traffic is very low ..
    Any expert please give me best suggestion and solution ..
    Thank you

  24. I have 1200 visitors per day but income from Google Adsense is not too good. That’s still low traffic class. My goal for 10,000 per/day. So, I must work hard… Continue to learn and learn it my duty

  25. I have been blogging in my native language Indonesian but now I would like to start a blog in English. It will be about music production. Thanks for the occassion Darren! I love this and cant wait too long to get started.


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