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Apple Release Blogging Tool – MacBook

Apple today announced their latest notebook – the MacBook. It’s pretty much like the old ibook but it’s got an isight camera, has front row (with remote), is intel core duo based, has a glossy wide (13.3 inch) screen, thinner design and comes in white or black (among other changes).

I’ve had a Powerbook for a couple of years and don’t think I’d go back to the consumer model (I’m lusting after the MacBook Pros) but this new machine would certainly make a nice blogging tool.

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  • Craig

    On a cursory glance the only real difference in the specifications is the video and no dual DVI that would drive the big 30 LCD screen. I have a PB12G4. Looking at this new one, I am ready to buy…

  • This brings up an interesting dynamic in my whole style of blogging. I do not use a Mac at all but I do use a desktop at home and a desktop at work and my laptop at home really does not have much power but I find is good for kicking back on the couch to type longer posts. I think my best quality posts come on the lpatop because my thought process on that machine is different.

  • ooh interesting Bill.

    I have a similar dynamic going. I do my grunt work from the desktop and my laptop’s work is largely two types:

    1. lighter blogger from the couch while I’m watching TV
    2. heavier blogging (actual writing in depth stuff) while I’m away from the web altogether (usually in a cafe somewhere).

  • These changes will bring some changes in my blogging also.I m looking forward for this new one. Hope it would work out well for me!

  • The problem with the MacBook is that it’s glossy screen reflects everything!


  • My wife and I are already fighting over the iBook. A second laptop with quickly become a “necessity,” and this looks like it will fit the bill.

  • My iBook has changed my entire working style– it is practically an extension of my body now, and I don’t even mind.

    I’m glad they made the new MacBook cool enough to talk about, but not so cool that I would feel bad about my relatively recent second-hand iBook purchase.

  • As mentioned by Craig, there is not much advantage to the Macbook Pro. It does have a 7200rpm, better graphics card, and dual DVI, but how often will you use any of that? With an external firewire drive this machine could be just as powerful for video/image editing.

    Also, the Macbook is absolutely amazing for its class. Unless you don’t need a remote, bluetooth, and firewire connectivity, you will be paying more for a similar 12″ or 13″ laptop with Core Solo or a Pentium M! The Macbook Pro, IMHO is not priced as competitively.

  • Matthew, you didn’t mention the obvious advantage to the MacBook Pro over the MacBook – screen size. If 13″ is too small for you, there’s no other option.

    Me, I’ll be getting a 17″ MacBook Pro towards the end of this year, after OS X 10.5 arrives and the overheating issues are sorted out.

  • Hoping this new one would be better than the earlier one.
    Changes would definately bring about positive changes in my blogging also.

  • a great notebook. i prefer 15 inch..

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  • I’ve never heard a computer referred to as a “blogging tool” before. It makes sense.