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  • After you get one tell of your experience. I’ve read too much people disliking the previous mighty mouse because of its poor ball and the touch-only buttons.

  • I like the current wired one – there’s been a couple of moments where the ball is a bit touchy but it’s better than any other mouse I’ve had over the years.

  • Jan

    Went to the Mac-store 5 times before deciding not to go for the might mouse… After all I chose the Logitech G5. Not being a Mac compatible mouse, I use USB-Overdrive to let it function properly, but now it works well…
    Especially while browsing, being able to page-back and -forward by just tilting the scrollwheel makes it all very easy and quick.

    Other thing I found very important was the ergonomic design and the possibility to adjust the weight of the mouse, making it a less rsi-enhancing tool.

    Will check the Mac-store anyhow… =)

  • I have a wired version and I dislike the side buttons as they are way to touchy. Other than that, the scroll wheel and touch left/right click buttons are great.

  • I’m planning on getting a MacBook.. the bluetooth MightyMouse seems like it’d be a good addition — as said above, let us know if it’s any good.

  • I have the wired Mighty Mouse and am mixed about it. It always gets clogged and the track ball only scrolls up from time to time with my mouse.

    If you need to know how to clean the Mighty Mouse check out this:


  • I was in the store at 1 Infinite Loop this morning. They didn’t have any of these there. I don’t know if they sold out, or if they just hadn’t gotten any in yet. I thought it was weird though.